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Margaret Thatcher: An agent of change; successful in giving us freedom in the form of choice

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Margaret Thatcher 1925 – 2013

You can always find something to dislike about somebody or something they do if you are determined to do so.

Sadly, all too many people seem to have also missed the point this week that something good usually comes from every situation and that Margaret Thatcher is unlikely to have ever driven Policy on the basis of the pain that it would have caused anyone on a personal level.

Some of us do of course say that perception is everything and perhaps the most regrettable thing of note about the passing of one of our greatest Prime Ministers is the misinterpretation or indeed misunderstanding of an age of Government Policies which opened many doors, but also gave each and every one of us the choice of how to respond and to take responsibility with the opportunities that we had been given.

It is easy to both see and to actually agree with many others upon the wrongs that now exist as a result of ‘Right to Buy’; the opening of the markets and the privatisation of essential services. But the point has been well-and-truly missed that Baroness Thatcher didn’t sell the Council Houses that first time property owners had bought for a profit; She didn’t make the choice for Bankers and City Traders to begin making profits out of little more than thin air, and she certainly didn’t force day-to-day people who bought shares in Utility and Power Companies when they were first privatised to sell their Shares on to profiteering Pension Fund Managers.

She did however give them all the choice to do so.

The reality and legacy of Mrs T, was the direction of travel for this Country that she successfully stewarded into being; one which Parties across the Political spectrum have now acknowledged in various ways, and one which still has its tangible affects upon us even today through the repeated fall and knock-on effects from so many different kinds of dominoes dressed as choices for us all along the way.

The Thatcher Government gave us the aspiration as a Nation that current Leaders will only ever aspire to, and opportunities for all that would and will only ever be realised by those who seek to take them.

The ethics and consideration of the impacts of their actions upon others by those who have previously done so is where things have gone horrifically wrong. But that in itself does not make Mrs Thatcher’s act of creating those opportunities a bad thing and we can all be sure that her intention of giving us that choice was always unquestionably good, even if to some it has never felt that way.

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