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Self-serving politicians and the whiff of ‘fingers in the till’ remind us regularly how little credibility they actually have. But we are creatures of habit and nothing will change until we all agree that we have reached a place called stop…

downloadCredibility or rather the lack of it forms part of one of today’s greatest paradoxes. Many politicians simply seem to have none, but still they keep on getting elected.

No matter what the level of Government; no matter what they all do, we are still stuck with a majority of politicians who identify and remain sitting within a Party Political system which seems utterly immune from the harm that any form of self-serving action can visit upon it.

Even Members of the Lords have apparently now been rumbled taking full advantage of the current Allowances system and whilst this may be Legal, we really must begin to ask if anyone who can be considered to be ‘on the take’ in public office should really be there in the first place.

Actually, we do ask this question and probably often too. But the lack of any real will to consider anything other than the default political options that we have now had for so long, has so far rendered useless any meaningful opportunity for change. Meanwhile, we all continue to bitch and grow even more angry with what we have given ourselves, despite knowing that the gap between our realities and those of the people who we elect to represent us in Westminster is a very wide one indeed.

So what is it going to take to really bring about the change that we so badly need in British Politics; The change that will see us all taking the steps that we must for something better?

Like many others, I sat and watched the Paxman – Brand Interview a few weeks ago, well knowing that Russell Brand speaks many truths about the injustices within the ‘system’. He should indeed be applauded for using the platforms that he currently has to give a voice to the so-far silent discontent that grows each day.

But with this form of dialogue should also come a word of warning that voting none of the above in its most literal form is a choice for us all just the same. A choice that places even more emphasis on the views of the diminishing number of voters who will no doubt be those more inclined to vote for more of the same, come rain or shine.

Equally foolish would be the act of putting any real hope on alternative political philosophies as being the key to a better future. It is after all the constant and continuing battle between one set of political ideologies with those of others which keep leaving the needs and genuine consideration for the majority of Voters ignored.

It is quite certain that nothing good will come from adopting even more severe forms of socialist theory like the concept of wealth redistribution in its purest form as a practical way forward for us all. Real change does after all not manifest itself through the process of coercion – as has already been well proven by the rise and fall of Communism.

Genuine change will only come about by changing the way that we approach things and if Politics has to change so that we can all have something better; it is all of us who will have to change the way that we approach Politics as a necessary step to realising that change. The question of course is how?

To be fair, if any politician possessed such an ability to change our minds through speaking alone, the political landscape would not even look remotely as diverse as it does today, and it is perhaps in that fact that the greatest truth about change does lie.

The surety is that whether seen or unseen, political change will dictate its arrival at a time of its own choosing. It is likely to be a process of change that will itself begin with an event or events that will either be or have the potential to be life-changing for enough people, that a critical mass is achieved and enough of the right politicians are elected and in place to drive forward and see all the necessary changes in to being that we know will be needed right the way through to completion.

In terms of where we are right now, we should recognise that our current political options represent a status quo or a decision not to embrace change.

Both as humans and as a population, we have an inherent dislike and mistrust of conscious change, and this is why new fashions and trends may continually leave us with the feeling that they were somehow always there. Basically, because we didn’t realise that we were making a choice.

Change of the kind that will place us on the road to delivering something better for us all wont however be something that sneaks up on us in the same way that changes for worse often seem to do. It will take a conscious choice on the part of many after they have first recognised that need for change itself. It will require a leap of faith which will go way beyond the call of fashion, popularity or personal gain and one where as a majority, we have realised that in terms of how things already work, we have come to a place called stop.

Many of us are of course desperate for change right now, as Mr Brand has recognised. But somehow;

  • Extortionate rises in the prices of everything that are essential to live are still at a stage where they are considered sustainable.
  • Convoluted supply chains that add ridiculous and unnecessary margins to the cost of food go unchecked, but we are left with no choice but to buy.
  • Psychopathic bankers wreak worldwide havoc with little more than profit margins in mind, but go unpunished because of the stranglehold they have on the lives of everyone else.
  • Ministers treat the spiralling national debt like a subject not worthy of debate, but sing like songbirds when they predict a zero deficit or point where we will ‘break even’ in just a few years time.
  • Overstretched, but already overfunded public services collapse, because nobody who can be, is being responsible about driving reform.
  • And somehow, just about every decision is made on the basis of ‘what’s in it for me’, rather than what will be the benefits of us doing this for everyone else.

And so we are not there yet and it would be a good guess that stories like those of the metaphorical pigs with their heads in the troughs are here to stay, for at least a whiney bit longer. But when change does come, we can be sure that popularity will not be the driver. It won’t be those who obsess about themselves who will be in the best situation to lead, guide and drive. And it won’t be led by politicians who fear nothing more than the date of the next election.

Change will come, and it’s pretty certain that if you have read this far, you will recognise it when it does. However, it might not look how you currently think.

Image thanks to http://www.theguardian.com

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