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Will decriminalising non-payment of the TV License Fee simply pass more power to unelected profiteers?

Passing the buck is actually the phrase that comes to mind when I read about Parliamentary plans to decriminalise non-payment of the TV License fee and devolve the administration of non-payment to become a civil matter. But beyond the risk to the BBC – which may indeed be a far more politically motivated result than maybe immediately apparent – there is a far more sinister reality that parks itself firmly behind this move, even if it may never have actually been intended.

This pathway does after all open up a whole new set of commercial possibilities for companies that profit from the misery of debt, with the added bonus that very few households exist in the UK without having at least one TV.

The smell of profit in such circumstances will surely motivate a whole new approach to the way that License Fees are obtained. With the help of what are likely to be almost guaranteed Government backed options that have simply never been available to the commercial stations or even the entertainment powerhouses such as BSkyB, this move could really prove to be a payday bonanza if you are in the debt collection business and out looking for a ‘bombproof’ contract.

We today find ourselves living in a culture where the true power lies in money; what we do or don’t have, but most importantly, the information and therefore credit rating that companies – YES commercial companies – often hold about us.

I’m not signed up to the idea that there’s some kind of rich vs poor conspiracy at work in this Country, but would be stretching the truth if I weren’t to then say that there is something fundamentally wrong with the way that enslavement through debt seems to be a much better and successful form of social control than religion or draconian laws ever appear to have been throughout history.

Government – for all that it is worth, appears to be sleepwalking into awarding yet more and more power to the people who make great livings out of the profit that comes from keeping people as slaves to debt, whilst they surrender more and more of the responsibilities they have to us, to private companies and individuals as they do so.

Simply because of idealist, often politically motivated and self serving priorities on the part of those who we have perhaps mistakenly thought we elected to govern responsibly, our lives are becoming ever more controlled on the basis of the profit margin that we represent to somebody, rather than having our freedoms and basic quality of life preserved and protected as we should all quite rightly have been able to expect.

Changing the rules in this way just to keep desperate people out of one prison is just going to put many more into another. It’s a form of servitude from which none are likely to escape whilst Politicians continue to value the quality of life of others they don’t know and understand so very cheaply.

picture thanks to http://www.theguardian.com

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