With the Chancellors story-telling now so apparent, does Cameron really think he is the David who will finally deal with the European Goliath?


However much the political elite might claim to consider the views of the electorate, if there were ever any evidence needed of the contempt with which they really do hold us, then the Chancellors statement dealing with the latest European bill will probably say it all.

Whilst Labour and UKIP will surely find great traction as they attack what has so much distortion about it, that it could easily outsell the house of mirrors attraction at the local fair, very few people will be taken in by the latest political ruse which more than adequately speaks for itself.

After all, with a bill of £1.7 Billion, split into two payments of £850 Million; dragged out one way by 8 months, and with 1 Billion Euro rebate brought forward a year by the other, most people will quickly see and understand the blatancy of this fudge of all fudges.

Even at a time when public attention wasn’t so firmly focussed on the relevance of Europe, the obvious nature of such tactics would surely lead to questions about the approach being taken by Government, and specifically about whether they genuinely have our best interests at heart.

But right now, when the UKIP really does seem unable to do a thing wrong, many will surely be asking why the Conservatives have once again failed to seize the initiative and use the opportunity to be at the very least seen to do the right thing.

However short are the memories of who does what and when in politics, the truth of the matter is that a whole series of Governments – Conservative, Labour and Coalition alike – all have responsibility for developing and nurturing the European monster, which has been given carte blanche to strangle industry and lives through the tyranny of political correctness gone wrong, and to inflict penalty charges on Member States – seemingly all at will.

Dealing with this beast – either upon the more reasoned but genuine journey of reform, or through the mechanics of withdrawal, will almost certainly prove itself in time to be akin to a tale of Biblical proportions.

Minded of this, we should perhaps ask why the Conservatives have not chosen to continue to question the right and legitimacy of this significant bill, when the very act of doing so would for many be reason enough to put the European ‘relationship’ firmly on the rack – all at a time when the Leadership are supposedly committed to an in/out Referendum – following what are hardly irrelevant renegotiations which will have to take place perhaps just s few months from now?

If messrs Cameron and Osborne were really respected by their European counterparts in the way which they would have us believe they are, it is very unlikely that the Europeans would themselves have been so very quick to pour scorn on the version of events that has been publicised in the UK, and that we are therefore far more isolated at the Union table, than our hot-coal-hopping Government will readily admit.

Great Britain has been successful in its isolation many times before. However, this has usually been more about the courage and conviction held by our leaders at the time, and on their willingness to see the right thing through to its end, rather the futility of playing politics with everyone, when the population of their own Nation and the leaders of the others involved want to hear of anything but.

Cameron may see himself as a Prime Minister who will leave a great legacy. But the nature of what that legacy will actually be will never be positively defined by actions that prove to be constructed out of little more than deceit and deception.

Options and alternatives might today seem very limited indeed, but with the Chancellors story-telling now so apparent, does Cameron really think he is the David who will finally deal with the European Goliath?


images: top – thanks to source unknown, bottom imgarcade.com 


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