Using Twitter to get Elected

Twitter is a multipurpose election and campaigning tool, which has a broader focus that Facebook – but is just as good in getting your news out to the people who count.
The key to twitter is being able to get your news out in as short a space as possible, either as a sentence or as a link to another one of your Social Media accounts, where you have a lot more information ready for your readers to visit and find out. Always remember to keep the Social Media rules in mind.
To set up a Twitter Account, just visit Twitter and follow the instructions.
Your Twitter Address or ‘Username’ should be something that is easy to remember. Ideally your Username will be your own name. But as more and more people join Twitter, it is possible that someone else, perhaps from the other side of the World will already have that name and be using it on Twitter too!
Your Username will be limited to no more than 14 digits, so you may need to be creative. If your own name isn’t available in full, perhaps it could be something like @David_Village. You will have choices – and it’s worth taking your time to decide.
You may be required to confirm your account with an e-mail confirmation or by providing your phone number, but this information will normally remain private and just between Twitter and you.
To begin with on the profile area of your Twitter Account, add a picture of yourself along with a brief description of what you are there to do. 
An address for your blog is a great idea, as you will quickly pick up interest for your published and pre-prepared material too.
On the Twitter Account for this site – which you can find @How2GetElected, you will see that there is a logo and a background. 
You can do something like this too, but remember that this is all about representing other people and as such, the focus in this sense should be about you. 
Have a quick look at my own Twitter Account @AdamTugwell to see what I have done there.

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