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The legacy of May’s Brexit in name only will destroy the credibility of the Conservatives who do nothing to stop her, just as surely as she has obliterated her own

img_1739-1There are a growing number of accounts in circulation today that outline different ideas and conclusions covering the descent of politics into the deepening depths of the abyss in which it currently resides.

These articles, essays and books speculate on the whys and the wherefores of what the political classes have or have not done to aid, instigate and fuel this downward journey that they have taken us all on. Yet these writings overlook the influence of the human condition, and try instead to convince us that the problems are all systematic.

The problem with these views is that they have been based upon reading the effects of action, non-action or misdirection as the cause itself. They have overlooked or perhaps neglected to observe or detect that which still seems either too simple, or perhaps too unpalatable to accept as being the true origins of the problem.

From this point of view, it is actually important to say none of the writers are wrong, as from a certain perspective based on only some of the facts, what they say is certainly true.

By overlooking the genesis of the problems, they unquestionably fail to recognise that almost every political problem we see manifested is the result of a series of falling ‘decision-dominoes’. Whether it be just one or two, or many more, there is certainly no recognition of the infinite possibilities of where events could have headed either accidently or deliberately, simply because of a directional tumble, located in the chain somewhere in between.

Whilst this often unseen and unrecognisable mechanistic reality gives cause to suggestions of conspiracies and malevolent forces being at work, the chaos Politicians are now causing is rarely attributable to any such truth. The real impact of human motivation and error is as such somewhat foolishly overlooked.

Hanlon’s Razor speaks a rare and quantifiable truth about the reality of the political mess which we have above us. Yet it is difficult to imagine that the behaviour of people who have been gifted such power and responsibility on trust, could in fact be explained by simple stupidity rather than some form of malice. And in terms of the whole myth which surrounds politics, it is this regrettable dynamic upon which many of the issues of disenfranchisement lie.

In what may not actually feel like the rare circumstances due to the none stop bombardment of news which has accompanies it, the Brexit Process provides a magnifying glass of public-wide proportions where the true motivation of otherwise influential politicians can not only be observed, but has been amplified under a very bright spotlight.

Many of our Politicians and in particular our Parliamentarians, have become so ambitious for themselves and their own ideas, that they have simply forgotten why they were elected in the first place and what a Representative of the People is actually in office to do.

Whatever the level in Politics reached, it is sadly true that in all too many cases, as soon as somebody is elected, their beliefs transform and the buy in to the fallacy that now in possession of a Seat, they know better about everything than the electorate, even when through a Referendum, an instruction and conclusion has been handed to them in plain sight. They are certainly unaware that their role is to be no more than a channel, a hub, an interpreter and a voice, and that their true value is in making the best decisions and fighting for change based on information which by its nature must be sourced continually and from a great many different things.

Yet power at all levels in politics is intoxicating. It is too easy for good people, when exposed to the realities of the political bubble, to believe it is their own ideas and decision making which makes them special in the roles that they now have, and that what they think themselves is therefore representative of what everyone else who is sensible and to be taken seriously really thinks too.

So when it comes to reaching the highest levels in politics and that possibility of becoming Prime Minister is now apparently in clear sight, it is then, as we have now for many months been witnessing, that Cabinet Ministers, who might be very capable in other circumstances, have become so blinded by the opportunity that they perceive as being before them. The real chance that they could at any time have the door opened to run for the Conservative Party Leadership and ergo, get an immediate ticket to see the Queen and move into No.10.

They simply have no idea how serious the consequences of their deliberate decision not to be seen as the one who actually stops Theresa May from delivering a Brexit in name only are likely to become.

Whilst the realities of the Westminster bubble are blinding MP’s who at other times we might have good reason to respect, there is now a complete lack of understanding and connection with the outside reality for the people outside of politics.

Real people, with real lives and real common sense who are looking on at the melee that is unfolding, know and understand that what many MP’s and particularly those at the top of the Conservative Party are doing is not what their Representatives were instructed democratically to do.

People know intrinsically that what Theresa May and those placed intimately around her are trying to achieve through manipulation and outright deceit whilst hiding the evidence through mealy mouthed words and lip service to the concrete ambiguity of interpretation is simply wrong. The history of blinding people to the truth of the EU and its disciples is over and the British People will not be conned by self-serving and career-minded Politicians anymore.

The misjudgment of what the Electorate actually thinks, based on a complete misunderstanding of what people are genuinely experiencing and how they really feel about things is what led to the Brexit Vote itself.

These same and unchanging deep-down and experiential views are now – involuntarily I might add – slowly but surely being redirected against the Conservative Party.

Under May’s continuing Leadership and decision to deceive us all by coercing us into Brexit in name only, The Conservative Party is currently destined to cling on to power only through the use of ridiculous deals or compromised coalitions. We should be under no illusion that Conservatives across the Country will be doomed to electoral oblivion, the minute that Jeremy Corbyn is removed by the Labour Party and they elect a Leader who is both credible and genuinely involved.

That Politicians have contempt for the understanding of the Electorate over what being a part of the EU really now is, when they do not themselves understand the insidiousness of the whole Project is in itself damning enough.

That many Politicians are now not only prepared to ignore the Public Instruction to remove us fully from EU Membership, but to tie us up to ensure that the UK will not technically be able to remove itself thereafter borders on politically suicidal and resembles nothing that can even remotely be labelled sane.

The selfishness and naked ambition which is ruling over Westminster is now very clear. Intellectually or viscerally, the People see all that is going on for what its and the most senior of our Politicians who have the ability to head off this catastrophe before it happens, must now put the Country first, remove May and accept that Brexit DOES NOT mean Remain.

Conservatives are going to pay a very high price for this insular and insidious self interest, as will the whole Country itself, if the return to democracy which is now required by the leadership of those who would be king is not facilitated very soon.

Time is running out.

Image thanks to clipartxtras.com

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