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Nothing will change by delaying Brexit. It’s time to embrace the what could be’s rather than obsessing over what can’t

Had the European Referendum and it’s follow up been facilitated by better political leadership, the UK would today be feeling like a much different place.

Instead of scare stories about lack of medicines, lorry parks on world war 2 airfields in Kent and the myth that we will never survive alone being the mainstay of our daily media diet, we could instead of been experiencing the true reality of what awaits us as a truly independent and confident nation, embracing all of our worldwide partners and opportunities wherever and whatever they are.

The arrogance and self-aggrandisement of the Establishment denied us this path. One which would have been much easier and significantly less harmful to our own People, if our Politicians then, since and now had only been prepared to put the Country they are supposed to represent first.

Respect for democracy in the UK has been discarded.

Not by the People who Vote.

Democracy has been discarded by the Politicians Elected to act upon it.

This much is clear. Democracy being the most effective tool to create a consensus where there is none. But itself dependent upon those involved respecting the legitimacy of results when a decision has been made where otherwise there would have been none.

The position that we have now reached, little over 80 days until we are scheduled to Leave the EU is that amongst Parliamentarians, there is simply no consensus on what Leaving the EU actually means.

Yet the ambiguity being used to form the basis of their arguments is something that they themselves have created.

It is an ambiguity that is theirs alone.

This ambiguity is in fact a very clear question of the principle of democracy. It states that democracy is open to interpretation and that it can be rejected if the result is something they don’t like. Something that they cannot themselves own.

Within a countdown of the Politicians own making, they have realised that the time has run out to manipulate others to embrace their own interpretation of democracy. They now want to extend the time allowed for them to change others minds.

But delaying Brexit, its process or the date that it will be enacted will not do this. It will only delay the inevitable, creating even greater levels of public mistrust in government and politicians.

Delaying Brexit has the potential to destroy democracy completely, as the political class abuses its position of responsibility to attempt the overturn of an historic result which very clearly spoke and told them ‘NO MORE’.

Extra time will not change the outcome if democracy is to be respected, its results implemented legitimately and enacted with the integrity that the British People are entitled to expect from the Politicians that we have Elected.

Spun and framed as a ‘no deal Brexit’, Leaving the EU without any form of ‘membership’, ‘partnership’, obligation to do or accept whatever might be required by a Foreign Power is exactly what the majority of the British People Voted for democratically in 2016.

The rich irony is that events may now lead the path of the UK in the way that the Politicians were Elected and therefore supposed to lead us and force them into taking responsibility in a situation which could have been much easier and well managed for all, if on 24th June 2016 the Establishment had respected and lived by the Result of the European Referendum and then gone on to deliver upon it as it should then, since and now have intended.

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