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This Parliament is trashing democracy with an addiction to a mythical status quo that will kill it


We can only imagine that the MPs who voted against the Government yesterday are very proud of what they have achieved.

Oblivious to the reality that the delays, obfuscation and catalogue of attempts to do everything possible to thwart Brexit may actually achieve everything that they fear most, they blithely continue with their sanctimonious campaign, paying scant regard to the cost to our democracy caused by their complete lack of regard for it.

Make no mistake. The Amendment to the Finance Bill yesterday may be painted as a very clever and indirect route to prevent a no-deal Brexit when there has been no way for this Remain-led Parliament to overturn the Will of the People in an openly direct way. But the mere fact that MPs are having to deploy such Machiavellian tactics to get their own way itself speaks volumes about the respect they have for the People who appointed them.

The complacency and arrogance which powers this affront to everything that we hold dear will inevitably force its own end if this malaise should continue.

As the only different between what many of these same MPs project and deride as fascism and their own behaviour is they are not just one leader alone, but number some 300 and above.

Being a collective rather than an individual makes no difference when it comes to the end result.

This behaviour is simply wrong.

It is dictatorship in all but name, cleverly disguised within the machinations of a so-called democratic government system which is being aggressively manipulated in order to serve a community of autocrats who have had far too much power for far too long.

No matter how hard they try to maintain what they perceive to be the status quo, the status quo is in fact something that in the terms of Brexit extends way beyond the period of their political lives and their own lifetimes. The status quo is in fact an Independent UK and the return of that power to our own Parliament and out of the hands of anyone who puts the interests of others above those of the People that our Parliament exists to serve.

With the UK committed to its departure in 79 days on the 29th of March, the actions of these MPs makes the real Brexit that the British People Voted for increasingly likely. It does nothing to reduce the chance of it, or build the case for this mythical nirvana of the Remain faction which does little more than rely on duping the British Public who Voted for Brexit for a range of different reasons and not least of all because they have realised that they have for too long been duped by the politicians who are supposed to serve them.

The self-serving action that these MPs are undertaking will have consequences beyond their view. And whilst these consequences will be far reaching and punish the same People who are on the receiving end of all this ineptitude over and over again, the travesty is the fact that any resolution is likely to be left in the same old self serving hands for these incompetent MPs to deal with all over again.

We may have never needed a change in British Politics as much as we do today.

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