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The Public Sector will remain unsustainable and services will continue to be cut until all the people, companies and organisations taking money from it without adding value are removed

One of the travesties surrounding the stories and soundbites that our sitting MP’s actively propagate is the myth that the problems facing the Public Sector are just about money and money alone.

Whether it’s the NHS, Local Government and the cut back of services that touch our own and the lives of the People we love each and every day, even the merest hint or suggestion that the issue of overstretched and collapsing services will evaporate if we add just add more cash is itself the biggest lie possible. It is a whopper borne only from ignorance or a lack of willingness to address the real issues on the part of the Politicians Elected to look after us, who would make honesty a priority if their priority wasn’t just getting elected again.

The hard and unpalatable truth is that as a Country, we already spend enough money to deliver very good Public Services.

The real problem facing Public Services is the way in which the money allocated to them is actually spent.

Culturally, Government has for too long been one giant job creation scheme. Not only that. It has also embraced the creation of terms and benefits for employees at a level of generosity that would not be affordable for any commercial enterprise which itself would have to provide realistic terms for any employee as a bare minimum, in order just to survive.

In return for this increasing generosity, expectations for productivity, responsibility and due diligence have lowered in a like-for-like amount and the result has been a situation where for a disproportionate amount of Public Sector roles, the Taxpayer gets a fraction of the value that it should do and there are a many multiples of roles now in existence to complete the functions that at one point – in a non-IT-assisted point in our history – would have been carried out very efficiently by no more than perhaps just one or a few.

But before you get carried away with the idea that I am suggesting our frontline nurses or other ‘technical’ or ‘at-the-coal-face’ staff are just not bothering to do their jobs, I am not. I am pointing my ire at the plethora of backroom jobs, many of which none of us will have ever heard of, which have been created rather than being required by what we would know to be practical need.

The protectionist culture that exists in Public Services, further fuelled by the insidiousness of our growing blame culture and the unwritten rule that nobody has to take responsibility for what they themselves do, has also led to the situation where decisions are inevitably passed to others and then to those who brand themselves as consultants or interim managers, being paid inflated salaries for undertaking tasks that people employed within substantive roles are more than qualified and actually have the experience needed to do.

The difference between what we should be paying for and receiving and what we are paying and actually getting is significant.

The money already available would pay for much much more to be done if people employed within jobs which are necessary were allowed, encouraged and felt free to do everything that they actually need to do.

But the problem doesn’t end there. There are travesties such as the Local Government Pension Scheme and the so-called privatisation of Public Services too.

Many People do not realise that much of the Council Tax they pay on the understanding that it will be used locally to cover the provision of local Public Services is actually used to directly cover the cost and deficit created by the Local Government Pension Scheme, which the Councils are obligated to cover and as such prioritise first before providing the services that Taxpayers both expect for their communities and people out in the real world actually need. The irony being that the architect of this evolving problem was a Labour Chancellor, one Gordon Brown, who like all Labour Politicians looks no further than quick ways to win Votes without any consideration for the consequences of such irresponsible actions when they are long gone and no longer around.

This concoction of unrealistic and unnecessary costs created through ignorance and a lack of understanding of how organisations actually work and what for decision making will actually do has only been exacerbated by the embracing of restrictive employment laws by the same range of politicians who are happy to play up to the employee-based audience by giving them freebies which look great at face value, but have unimaginable costs to the organisations and businesses which are then obligated to honour them. Not something that any politician with a real grip on practical consequences of policy making would willingly do.

The upshot of this is that it now appears cheaper to engage the services of private contractors to provide the same services that Council’s once did themselves, because is is cheaper to pay a business which will make a margin to provide that identical service, because even without making a profit themselves, the ridiculous obligations they now have imposed on them by rights this, rights that legislation has made it impossible for not-for-profit statutory Public Sector organisations to do.

This cauldron of chaos has created massive opportunities to be exploited deliberately and also without intent. Opportunities that allow more and more too be taken out of the system by individuals, organisations and companies who are gaining more and more, whilst reducing what is available for legitimate purposes, but neither being identified or made responsible for all that they actually do.

There is no better way to describe the situation facing the Public Sector than to call it a perfect storm. And what we actually need to solve the problem isn’t a fire-hose shooting money the Country doesn’t have at the problem. It is true, comprehensive and meaningful reform.

The Public Sector will remain unsustainable and services will continue to be cut until all the people, companies and organisations taking money from it without adding value are removed.




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