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May: The PM who tried to prove that she has been right all along and that everyone else will agree given enough time

The political anoraks amongst us usually have a good choice of words to read from the commentariat and the opnionati which reflects a reasoned view of where things are going in Westminster. Not any more.

The debacle of the great Brexit Betrayal continually unfolding as I write, has removed the ability of even the most clues-up and intuitive analysis of where things will now go. And this is to the point where it would be stupid to risk the stake on betting where they will.

Of course, in an age where news content is little more the condiment spread upon a main stream and social media discourse of 95% opinion or more, this won’t stop any of them trying.

The habit of changing the words without care for the content is certainly a sign of the times. But is it any wonder, when our Prime Minister is the epitome of words without action and an over reliance on the assumed trust that goes with her position. Trust, which is itself fundamentally gone.

If there were a difference between the opinionati and Theresa May, we might like to think that the PM does st least have a strategy or plan, rather than just being all about being s public figure dvd remaining fully in the frame.

But if she does, what exactly is it and how does it fit with the whole concept of democracy and the Westminster Parliament which today?

after the latest waste of several days and big words about working with MPs to break the Brexit impasse, May is entrenched just as deeply as ever, working under the unspoken pretence that it will only ever be her deal or the highway.

What can be certain, whether this was always part of a grand strategy cooked up and driven by the EU masters of a Trojan Horse Prime Minister, or simply the misguided cause of an over ambitious politician who only ever saw No.10 as an opportunity to create a legacy and the kudos that comes with such a role, May is certainly taking every attempt possible to prove that her cause is the only right one and that everyone else will come to agree – if they can only be given enough time.

With so many opportunities missed by the Tories around her to take control and set Brexit on an altogether different course, people around the UK will already be asking themselves whether the real responsibility lies with those who could have now repeatedly intervened but chose not to, or the Prime Minister herself and what drives her, whether that be borne of ignorance, ineptitude or malevolence on behalf of a Foreign cause.

Either way, the come what may that she is coercively and irresponsibly hellbent on inflicting upon us will come at what cost.

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