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Whatever May cooks up with Corbyn or continuing as usual with the EU, the arrangement will never be permanent unless we continue to have a PM, Government and Parliament filled with MPs that accept it as being that way

img_2930The misuse of words and terms has been growing exponentially with the upsurge in social media use. But Brexit has taken this confusion to a whole new level and whereas ignorance, inexperience and simple lack of research often lead many to utilise existing words without malice for another form, politicians have taken deliberately sewing confusion and misunderstanding with everyday terms to exploit a situation for their own aims to a completely new level.

The whole issue of Brexit is a fitting illustration of this, with Brexit itself being a polysemic term, with what was to the public a very distilled and focused response to their own interpretation of the question over Leaving Europe. It has been deliberately exploited by using the suggestion that everyone was voting for something different, when it is the politicians themselves who want to present many shades of options when the public always knew that it was simply Leave or Remain.

The power of words in the wrong hands – or perhaps I should actually say mouths, should never be underestimated. The effect of words misused or abused can at worst end with people being killed and lead to many other indeterminate and troubling forms of situations which are only ever made real by the use of those words and the ones that follow.

Problematic for us all, is the trap we can all fall into of using words that mean something to us which may have little or no consequence at all, which heard by others can mean something very different indeed.

Brexit is bringing out the worst of this form of misuse and one of the most misleading, misrepresented and therefore dangerous of the words that our politicians are using is the term ‘permanent’ in respect of whatever deal Mrs May is this week trying to make utility of to keep herself in No.10, in power and with what only she now perceives as a successful legacy left in tact.

Whilst there are many politicians sat in Westminster who are happy to support the view of a Foreign Power that we colloquially know as the EU, that ‘permanent’ means something that can never be rescinded or changed, the cold, hard reality of anything made or created in this world is that it can be destroyed or changed at any point thereafter.

This certainly applies to any obstacle, commitment or obligation that May might succeed in signing the UK up to. It is just the question of what the cost will be to us all as we step forward to finally reclaim what is already and naturally ours, which this Prime Minister is desperately attempting to give away to the EU simply because her cause has always been one committed to Remain.

With the history of recent months demonstrating that there are very few Elected Members of Parliament in Westminster today who possess either the wherewithal or strength of character to deliver on the instructions of the People that elected them to Office, the reality of the pathway to overturning whatever May cooks up might become a significant challenge, as the majority are likely to simply accept that the arrangement is permanent – just as they are now being told.

But no form of Remain or Brexit in name only will be permanent. And the politicians and figures telling us this are buying into a fantasy of their own making. One that can only exist for as long as people acquiesce in making a lie true, because they simply accept whatever they have been told.

There still exists an opportunity for Members of this Parliament to remove May and get a legitimate Brexit back on track. But we are now in a climate that will only favour our democracy if weakness and self-interest is pushed aside and replaced by the genuinely righteous and a type of leadership that is very bold.

With the anger outside Westminster over this Brexit Betrayal being palpable, the desire of the British People to write their own destiny is not going to disappear or flow away anytime soon.

We might have to wait until this joke of a Parliament has been replaced by true representatives of the people and democracy has been restored at last. But once we have the right leadership and motivation at the helm of our Country, there is no doubt that we will fully and completely Leave the EU and everyone will soon remember or discover what benefits come from having unhindered, independent a sovereign government leading the good ship UK (or Britannia) and we will once again appreciate and value being one as a people together instead of having our future carved up by the unscrupulous who are today continually attempting to exploit the divisions created by the perceived dichotomy of Leave or Remain.

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