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‘One Nation Conservatives’: Borrowing a blanket from history to wrap the same ideas and me me me principles that led to Brexit in the first place


I’m not sure if it’s Theresa May being off on one of her now infamous walking holidays. Perhaps just the many pretenders clinging to the Conservative Party wreckage desperately trying to regain credibility. Or maybe the idea that the Easter Story can conjure up success where all original thinking is at best absent, but realistically has been lost.

Whatever it is, talk has began lapping on the shores of ‘One Nation Conservatism’ again, as a significant part of the Conservative Parliamentary Party attempts desperately to paint itself out of a corner of its own creation. One where it chose to ignore democracy and focus all efforts over the past three years to stifle progress on Leaving the EU. To nullify Brexit and instead to ensure that the UK would in words say otherwise, but in deed would only ever Remain.

Borrowing from history is nothing new to a political class which in its majority has become so inept as the one that we currently have inhabiting the corridors of Westminster.

But living a lie in words is also what these politicians do with their deeds.

And whilst many of us would applaud a genuine attempt on the part of today’s Conservative Party to emulate thinking like Disraeli in just the smallest of ways, the MPs driving this resurrected take on ‘One Nation Conservatism’ are simply hijacking the brand of something which they not only do not understand, they also embrace that which is the very antithesis of what much of this particular form of 19th Century Politics was actually about.

Many of the Westminster Conservatives clearly still have no concept, idea or appreciation for all the things that they have and continue to get so wrong.

They think that Brexit, like their own reality, is contained within a kind of bubble. That things will simply return to ‘normal’ once they have removed talk of Leaving the EU from Parliamentary Business and the many forms of media which are prominent and the only reason it remains in the public eye.

But Brexit wasn’t, isn’t and will never be a matter which can be contained in isolation.

Brexit was never a single issue, but a collection of many others distilled into a common area where all the experiences of wrong that are peculiar to us as individuals came together to make sense in what appears to be a single issue, only to those obsessed with dealing with the effects of problems but never having the fortitude to address the causes.

The situation we are now in has been many years, in fact decades in the making.

It is the responsibility of politicians from Parties on all sides.

But the biggest responsibility falls squarely at the doors of many conservative politicians who have identified themselves with the EU as an aide to their own career pathway. Politicians who have invested themselves heavily in the world of ‘big business’. Have neoliberalism as a base philosophy and are so obsessed with the righteousness of their own ideas that they have experienced Brexit as nothing more than a personal affront that must be stopped at whatever the cost.

As the Conservative Party now fights for its survival, it is likely to split into two parts. At this moment we would easily identify them as being Leave based or Remain.

The ‘One Nation Conservatives’ as they call themselves do and will represent what we today recognise as the old order. The Establishment Tories. The way that anyone in ‘the tent’ will tell you that this is how things in the Party are done.

They are lip-service conservatism painted up to look good and caring. But they behave and act fundamentally the same. Slaves to every story that the EU sells them. But individualists at heart and through-and-through, simply masquerading the politics of fear and envy just under a different name.

If they or any candidate that they are promoting in the first instance should replace the Prime Minister when she is either forced or will finally accept that it is time to step down, the Conservative Party will cease to have a meaningful future and soon become permanently sidelined and overlooked as a political force.

This in itself may prove to be catastrophic. As a future which is good for everyone in this Country will not be borne from the structures of the political parties which have risen to prominence to address the affront to democracy which those obsessed with remaining in the European Union have caused.

No. Our future has to come from a place of reason, consideration for all and a respect for cause, effect and consequence. Certainly not anger, which when the driving force of any movement – even when apparently justified, will lead to policies and thinking that will also hurt and overlook people. All at a time when we so desperately need a political philosophy which is practical in outlook as well as delivery and fundamentally inclusive for all.

Nobody in politics right now is speaking with this real honesty and driven fully by the principle of something better for all.

They are just telling the truth of their own ideas which in some respects echo a step in the direction of democracy and justice. Whilst for too many others like these ‘One Nation Conservatives’ the root of everything they do is still all about them. And they continue to chase a re-wrapped form of politics where they are the only true beneficiaries and cause of whatever they have done, are doing and will continue to do.

Whilst it would be difficult and indeed foolish to identify with their every idea, the only part of the Conservative Party which exists today and has the ability to take it forward as a force beneficial to us all is that coalescing around the ERG Group and Brexiteers.

Because it is they, whom for whatever reason are still driven by ideas which are respectful of democracy. Basic principles that will form the basis of our new democracy going forward, perhaps as soon as Theresa May leaves No.10. Or at sometime in the future if ‘One Nation Conservatism’ has temporary success in frustrating the will of the People further by stopping the only Party currently capable of establishing a new independent and self-governing future for the UK which will never come from leadership aligned with Remain.

There is an open secret to calling out those who would have us believe they represent others when they only represent themselves.

It is the same one that those who know where they need to lead us to but have no tangible ideas or policies to offer will soon find momentum and an unwritten direction for their cause.

It is about recognising that basing what you do or what you say on the words and actions of anyone and anything from history is and only ever will be a lost cause.

After all, leaders like Disraeli, Churchill and Thatcher didn’t have themselves to model themselves on when they started and as they moved along.

They just did whatever they thought was right at that exact moment in time and left it to history, the opinions and words of others to identify them with meaning and cause.

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