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Has interpretation and reinterpretation of everything just to suit the narrative simply gone too far?

UnknownIt’s been a funny week so far in politics. Not the hilarious kind, but the type that comes across as being odd. Unless of course it’s in the middle of a Political and Brexit crisis that is, when everything odd or unexplainable seem to now have become pretty much the norm.

In the space of just a few days, we have seen the result of the European Elections presented as a majority for Remaining in the EU despite the Brexit Party having actually won.

We have also witnessed proceedings being launched by Remainers against Boris Johnson for a Leave Campaign slogan on the side of a bus, on the basis that suing him is in the interests of the public good.

If either of these incidents took place in circumstances where the underlying motivations and causes were completely isolated and therefore rare if not a one-off, there would be a significant outcry from the public.

That there’s not an outcry and no more than a shrug of the shoulders in some kind of bizarre form of acceptance that this is the way things are, raises questions about what’s really going on.

It certainly suggests that the act of twisting narratives to suit a specific aim is now so common, it doesn’t make many of us feel that there is anything wrong.

What a horrible place to be.

When we feel that we are right about something, it is very tempting for some and feels like a compulsory act for others to identify and out as guilty in some way, anyone who’s arguments or standing puts their own position in the shade.

Sadly, this approach of never being the one to be wrong has become in many ways a cultural norm.

Furthermore it has progressed to a point where going out to find anything that disqualifies the person or other party from being able to make their argument or justify the point that makes you feel you have been wronged becomes the priority rather than developing a better argument if it is possible to do so, or just accepting it wasn’t personal or about you, irrespective of the form.

Simply disqualifying that other party or person for any reason will then make you right again whilst they will then automatically become wrong.

It doesn’t matter how relevant to the subject matter the wrong that they have committed might be. Its mere presence means they are the guilty bastard. Their argument is therefore written off. And then you have won.

The whole thing works because whatever the narrative that is found, identified or created about those who must be outed to be seen by everybody as the real sinner, it will inevitably include an element of truth.

And in this context of making what someone is saying or doing wrong and against your own position, any truth which implies guilt in one way, implies guilt in every other form.

Politicians and activists have developed this whole process into an art form, using any information they can lay their hands on, to attempt to destroy the credibility of an opponent rather than take them on head-to-head on the issues – usually knowing that they cannot destroy any argument that questions their own credibility in this reasoned and genuine form.

Statistics and cherry picking words and sentences from historical speeches without care for the context in which they were said or written is a very popular way to further this cause.

There have always been people that have behaved in this way. But the rise and impact of the Internet and Social Media have taken the whole thing forward by not just one but probably many levels.

Just like the technology enabling it, the problem is growing in exponential form. It has done so because politics and the issues that surround it are about taste and are personal for almost everybody.

So when your ideas are unquestionably right, without realising it you become emotionally anchored to your position and therefore see anything and everything posed publicly to the contrary to being a personal attack, made worse because it has been delivered in such an open and therefore humiliating way.

Sadly, some are unconscious of the fact that they are even doing it. Others know, but fail to see anything wrong. Few get to the point where they question themselves when they see so many others doing it. How if doing something is so normal, can it ever really be wrong?

The question they should all be asking themselves is would I rather be right or happy?

But of course most will automatically conclude that the only way you can be happy is if you are proven right and that means that those who disagree must therefore be proven wrong.

Back before it became fashionable to attack the person, rather than simply playing the ball, there was a concept called the principle of charity, which relied on the reader or listener giving the benefit of doubt to the speaker or writer, looking at the whole message not just parts of it, or rather considering the picture made by the complete forest and not just that by a selection of trees involved.

Sadly when even journalists are open with the fact that they read and reread passages to see how they can spin messages different to create a new story, our information-led society is fast approaching a situation where it will be considered impossible by almost everyone to be scrupulously honest, if you actually want to get on and win.

Unfortunately part of the default make up of the human condition is that we run and hide from the real truth at every opportunity that we can.

That’s why facing up to accepting we have ‘lost’ an argument or accepting outcomes that we don’t like makes it easy to reinterpret the outcome, whatever the form.


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The Brexit Party May well end up hoisted by its own petard if the UK Exits the EU BEFORE we have a General Election and a Brexit-backing majority of MPs has been secured

img_2163Beyond all the infighting and arguments over who actually won the European Referendum and how the results can be reinterpreted to suit the needs of vested interests, the Brexit Party could be getting a bit carried away with the pursuit of a 31st October EU Exit. That is unless they can accept that a fruitful outcome to this argument could have a lot of pain for them and all Brexiteers hidden in store.

Before continuing I need to make something very clear. That is I would be happy for us to be out of the EU without a deal as soon as is humanly possible.

But I also want us to stay out and remain out of the EU long enough so that both Remainers and Leavers alike can start to appreciate the benefits for everyone that will only come once Brexit is completed and secure.

Right now it feels to everyone as if Nigel Farage, his newly elected MEPs and the whole Brexit Party can write their own ticket.

But this is complacency rather than realism. And it could be the first step to ensuring that the whole Brexit project – that’s UK Independence and Sovereignty – is ultimately well and truly lost.

Farage turned his ire on the EU during a press call on Tuesday. Shouting at them that we are going on the 31st of October without a deal, and that if the EU wants better Terms with the UK, it’s up to them to come running, or sit there and count the cost.

Yes, it’s all-powerful rhetoric. And it’s already isolating all of the Conservative Leadership hopefuls bar one.

Yet what the Brexit Party and all of these Conservative Leadership Candidates have in common at this moment is a lack of appreciation that Brexit has and never has been as simple as the mere action of officially Leaving.

Brexit is terrifically complicated – in some ways on purpose I might add. And to fail to do the work necessary to counter this fact and have the right contingencies in place before we take the step out, could result in much worse for the UK than if the 2016 European Referendum on Leaving the EU had simply been lost.

The Parliamentary dynamic that exists today is going to continue to be a significant and potentially terminal problem for Brexit.

If we Leave whilst the Parliamentary Balance is significantly in favour of EU Membership rather than the UK being outside of it, these Remainer MPs will use every opportunity, every story, every fear present to ensure that the overwhelming numbers they have with the weak-willed who will then support them, will not only frustrate Brexit from the location of our short time outside of the EU. But will then be used to turn the UK around and go straight back in. This time on what will be ridiculously unfavorable terms, such as adopting the Euro and committing our Armed forces to a permanent, sitting EU Army.

This really should give every Brexiteer pause for thought.

I am aware that Farage is bigging up the chances that the Brexit Party will win big in a General Election post-Brexit.

But if a no deal Exit is fucked up by a lack of good leadership in a weak, Conservative Minority Government, combined with a Parliamentary Majority being there for Remain (or by this time Return), the public emotion will by this point have surely shifted from outrage against democratic injustice to what the perceived impact of the problems of the transition will be for the short, medium and long term. They will no longer be holding out for any hero unable to give surety to solutions in an immediate and tangible form.

It would be a mistake for any Conservative Leadership hopeful to consider this scenario and take any kind of comfort. Because the fate of the Conservative and Brexit Parties is now inextricably linked.

If Brexit should unfold this way, it will have been under your watch and your leadership. And that will mean that regardless of how strong and pertinent the warnings over Marxism and what the reality of a Corbynista Government will be, People will by then be looking for the first port in the storm and send their votes straight over to him.

Jeremy Corbyn and the henchpeople around him may well have read the political runes and this would explain why even now Labour seem unable to behave in any kind of joined-up way.

But make no mistake. If any of you would-be Brexit Leaders should succeed in pushing for or even allowing a crash out, no deal Brexit in October by apparent default, and have done so without going to the Country first, believe me when I say that Brexit blowing up in your face will be the least of your problems, because for all of us, things will be about to get a whole lot worse.

There are few who would call themselves fans of the current Conservative Party hierarchy. Conversely many will admire and respect what Nigel Farage has done.

But if the two entities don’t take a step back and see how they now need to work together and very closely, the war they are squaring up to fight – based only on Brexit alone – is not one that will be won.

The Brexit Party has the power to capture hearts and minds very widely over Brexit, but no ability to unify its followers beyond the Brexit question, with policies or indeed a party machine that can bring them all together as a credible, long-term political cause.

The Conservatives have forgotten what it is to be conservative and must embrace far-reaching and fundamental change. But they already have the structure and experience that with new thinking can bring A New Politics into being, be used as the vehicle to reunite us all and remove our divisions, then take us forward as the UK becomes an Independent Sovereign State and walks onto an entirely different world stage.

If the leadership of both Parties can now find a way to work with each other and respect that they can fill the gaping holes of each others Party structure at a time when to go forward there are simply no other options available or way they can deliver Brexit, succeed or remain involved, they CAN and WILL deliver on the Vote of the 2016 Referendum AND benefit everyone who has become involved.

None of this can be achieved without a late September or early October General Election based on Leave vs. Remain.

And to achieve the desired outcome, the Manifesto that is created must sell the benefits of Brexit as well as to promote A New Politics in order to achieve wider buy-in to win over the Voters who support the EU and Remaining with them – because to them that’s just the way that things always appear to have been done.

As Farage has proven with the success in the EU Elections in the space of just a few short weeks, a General Election Campaign can be conducted and won over the Summer, just so long as all those fighting for a real Brexit understand and accept that the political world has already changed around them and that General Elections are fought under a very different kind of sun.


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It may well be in the EU’s interests to let the UK crash out in October with no deal. Because without a change of Parliament, they know this Remain majority of MPs will use any panic to lever us straight back in – and strictly on the EU’s terms


Even though we are only a few days into the phony part of the Conservative Leadership war, you would be forgiven for thinking that at least some of the growing number of Candidates would have by now indicated that they are embracing radical change.

That they are not is not only disappointing. It points to the reality that we have good reason to be concerned about a whole lot more.

I say this because none of the Candidates are proposing any kind of approach to Brexit that is going to minimise the risk from any problems likely to arise during the transition. Or more importantly, to then keep us out of the EU thereby making the decision of the people a permanent one and Brexit therefore completely secure.

Those Candidates insisting that they will go back and negotiate further concessions from the EU have no evidence to suggest that they will meet anything in Brussels, other than a TV opportunity that covers up a very thick brick wall. This has been emphasised yet again by Jean-Claude Juncker in the past 24 hours.

Then there are those Candidates insisting that deal or no deal, we will come out of the EU on the 31st of October. Yes, this is a message that plays up well to a big slice of the Brexiteer audience. But in all cases, thinking that Brexit could after this long be so very simple, is likely to be a terminal flaw.

It should be obvious to everyone that the majority of MPs in this Parliament are hell bent on stopping Brexit, and even the Remain-charmer Speaker is now rowing back on his commitment to leave the post in June.

That means that if we should crash out without a deal and apparently find ourselves Independent on All Saints Day, they will relish the opportunity to use any panic that follows as a result of the issues and challenges that will inevitably follow to do everything they can to point us back at an even more oppressive form of Membership of the EU by using fear again to point us the other way.

The EU are very clever at what they do. They already know this.

And they know that without the Parliamentary dynamic changing, all they are likely to be required to do in order to end the whole Brexit question and put the UK’s perceived intransigence to bed, is to sit tight and wait for the Remainers. Who like May in these circumstances will do all their work for them instead.

We know that the Conservative Leadership Candidates are focusing on the job they want and putting the continuation of this Conservative Government at the heart of what they are doing.

But this is not what the Country has asked them for. It smacks of the very same old politics that we are collectively telling them is now over.

They clearly all share the same expectation that avoiding a General Election before Brexit will save their Party and this is the first thing they need to change.

They must also forget the idea that they can now deliver Brexit without a Leave-led Parliamentary majority. A working majority that will be needed to weather the inevitable storm the UK will be required to sail through immediately after the date that we Leave in order to reach the blue skies and clear water that lies the other side.

A Parliamentary majority will not come solely from People voting Conservative. Or at least not before Brexit is over and done and the issue is completely settled, and the friendships that have forged the Brexit movement have moved back to their tribal homes because that battle has been won.

So the next realisation that the Conservatives must face up to and accept is that a coalition with the Brexit Party is inevitable if delivering Brexit, keeping their Seats and saving the Conservative Party is actually what they want to do. Once the penny has dropped that a Parliamentary Majority that includes them being attained BEFORE Brexit is the only way they will ever be sure that the Public will elect Brexit Party MPs.

To give Brexit the best chance of success possible, foolish ideas about controlling events that are uncontrollable must be quickly swept aside.

Party loyalty and tribalism is not going to be important for the foreseeable future.

It’s about delivery and that’s all.

And to deliver Brexit, the Conservative Leader will have to go forward with Brexiteers of all backgrounds stood by their side.

It is silliness bordering on inexcusable ignorance to believe that leaving without a deal under any circumstances on 1st November will answer all of the questions being asked of our Politicians.

Because if a no deal Brexit happens without a majority of MPs who are ready to have wax poured in their ears whilst the Prime Minister straps themselves to the mast of a true and unyielding Brexit, the whole plan will quickly get smashed up on the rocks.

And this time we really will be at the complete mercy of the EU – which is all the bureaucrats running this autocracy could pray for.

It will force us to give them all they could ever want.


A No Deal Brexit will only be a threat to the EU when it’s real. That’s when concessions worth more than words will come, yet none of those who would be PM show any sign that they will do what must be done

Minion BrexitBoom!!! – Apologies, I meant to say ‘Boom Soon!!!’

May fires the starting pistol (with a delayed charge) and the Conservative Leadership hopefuls have started falling over themselves to out the open secret of their career ambition and destroy the credibility of the other candidates over Brexit. As if all of them had a faultless record left anyway.

The elephant in the room is that they have all immediately and unceremoniously returned to type. And the problem with all the playground nonsense like ‘I’m best because’ is that it is not what we now need from a Political Leader.

This behaviour simply doesn’t represent the change or direction of travel towards everything that has become the prerequisite necessity from ALL our Politicians. That is if Brexit and ALL of the problems that the UK is now facing have any real chance of being resolved.

Setting out a sales pitch with what amounts to little more than a wish list that illustrates little more understanding of how to succeed at anything without a blanket of political ambiguity doesn’t help anyone. It gives no inspiration and no hope that any of these would-be Prime Ministers are ready to even attempt to grapple with the heady requirements of delivering a reasoned future for this Country in the immediate term. Never mind the aspiration we want to experience that would reassure us all that we would have the right person stewarding us through it and from then on.

The Leadership contest, or rather the appointment of our next Prime Minister should not be just about personalities.

The priority MUST be the best option for the Country.

With the restriction and limitations of having to choose a replacement for Theresa May strictly from the MPs currently available, the question we should be asking is which of these Politicians is the most likely to have what it takes to make progress where May either couldn’t or wouldn’t, and then take the steps necessary to begin getting things done.

Regrettably the early signs are far from good.

Cross-the-board talk of renegotiating May’s Withdrawal Agreement, despite the EU making clear that there is no renegotiation to be had, might fuel the collective delusion that a Brexit that works for everyone can be delivered without the need to call a General Election.

But this is an approach that will quickly prove meaningless. It is a waste of time. It is highly dangerous. Above all, it demonstrates that none of the Candidates think there is any issue management required of them beyond the act of actually Leaving the EU itself when they can get up on a podium somewhere and declare ‘there we are – we have left!’.

A new Prime Minister pursuing this approach will crash and burn. Just like Theresa May.

All this nonsense and lack of direction towards embracing change tells everyone outside Westminster that the Tories are still stuck with the same ideas. They are fearful for their positions and are in no way ready to embrace the different approach to politics that everything and everyone outside of their bubble is telling them that they now should.

These who would lead are not taking the opportunity to demonstrate that they have vision and wherewithal enough to look at and consider the terrain beyond the immediate horizon.

They are looking at precisely the wrong fault-lines within the whole Brexit process and falling into the trap of thinking the only impediment to getting the mythical deal that would be acceptable to everyone was the approach taken by Mrs May.

The reality is that May’s tenure was a key part of the problem. But May’s time in Office was also symptomatic of the many problems and deficiencies with the approach of successive Governments to the whole Brexit process and to our relationship with the EU.

The fundamental flaw to dealing with the EU over Brexit has been the failure to recognise and accept the reality that you cannot ever negotiate effectively when you are looking backwards.

Yet this what May and the Remainers in Parliament have been doing and yes, the Brexiteer Candidates are now trying to do with their approach to what they will do after winning the Conservative Party Leadership.

The problem with it is that it is exactly what gutless and self-serving Politicians have been doing all along.

The only way that the Brexit can be delivered that will honour the Referendum and Vote properly and then bring all sides back together is the one that steps off from No Deal.

It is little more than laziness at best and poor leadership at worst to think that having No Deal as the aim or in reality just a threat, is the way that meaningful concessions leading to a fair relationship with the EU will be won.

May began her tenure by thinking the same way that most of those who want to be her successor are indicating they are today. That’s heading into the situation paying lip service to No Deal and framing it as being a realistic outcome. But behind closed doors behaving very differently and having a deal agreed before anything happens as the aim.

A deal means compromise and compromise is an option that MPs don’t actually have.

Compromise will always end up with obligations to the EU and rule taking of some sort. Because the very nature of a deal dictates that you have to give or put something on the table, when and if its the only route to getting the result that you otherwise wouldn’t have.

Our departure is and never was dependent upon us striking a deal with the EU that would allow us to Leave.

Leaving the EU only once a deal has been agreed wasn’t an option on the Referendum Ballot Paper.

Our Politicians have invented this outcome as the answer to the leading question they would have liked, but in fact we were never asked.

The relationship that we will have with the EU after Brexit is not dependent upon striking a deal of any kind before we have Left.

As it is now very clear that May wasted the opportunity to negotiate effectively with the EU, we can only achieve a sensible, reasoned and fair dynamic to trade and to our future relationship with the other EU Countries if we begin that discussion once we are actually out.

We MUST be looking forward to the future and have the strength and advantage that will only come from being an Independent and Sovereign Nation once again.

The Independent Status of the UK at that very moment is essential for negotiating a working relationship that is fair to us all.

It will be about a relationship, not a deal. Yes, we will almost certainly have time-defined contracts as part of that relationship that will be based on true partnership. But without being outside of the EU already, thats an option that we will simply never have.

The only priority for a new Prime Minister should be getting the UK out of the EU as quickly as possible, whilst putting all the necessary building blocks and resources in place to ensure that once we Leave the EU we will not immediately be turning around to go back.

With Brexit done properly, our PM will convince us that we are only going to look forward, even at those moments when some might be tempted to look back at the phoney safe harbour of the EU and use the siren call of transitioning back to our state of independence to smash Our Exit on the rocks.

For us to be confident in them, they must believe and convince us of the belief that together, we can weather any storm and and that they are also ready to embrace each and every opportunity for the future that would not be open to us if we had been tied to the EU by any deal, with costly obligations to outside Country continuing to be the norm.

Promising that we will simply leave the EU without a deal on 31st October sounds appealing and as if it is the right direction to take.

But it is too risky to undertake deliberately on the part of any serious Candidate, if there is the genuine desire to make Brexit permanent. Because the majority of MPs in this current Parliament will do whatever it takes to keep us within or then return us to the shackles of the EU.

Without preparing the ground, the weeds choking the Brexit seedbed are just going to carry on shutting out the daylight to our post-Brexit freedom until their own cause wins and the UK Remaining shackled to the EU is the result that comes out from the other side of this storm.

There is no option for a Leader taking delivering Brexit seriously to avoid calling a General Election in the Autumn.

Before doing so they must take every step necessary to demonstrate that they and the Conservative Party are embracing A New Politics and are ready to live and breathe a very new kind of Manifesto, dripping with change. One that inspires and builds confidence with ambition for everyone right across our Nation. And it will have UK PLC as the primary cause.

To do this means that the time of Politicians putting the electability of their Party or the security of their own seat in Parliament is over.

The new Conservative Prime Minister must accept that their role as a Representative of the People is about something much bigger and that sometimes they must be open to the possibility of their own or their Party’s loss.

That might well necessitate building a coalition based on the delivery of outcomes and not compromise or job security, so that they can then do what’s right for the Country and everyone.

Only then will they have a true legacy that they can always know is theirs to own.

A real Brexit is coming one way or the other and it will start with a true No Deal at its root.

For the new Conservative Leader the only alternative of options available will be to step up and do all that is necessary to win both Our Brexit AND the Peace. Or to continue with all the talk and just delay Brexit even further as they finish off their Party as an electoral force.

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Sorry folks – The Brexit Party has done well, but won’t win a majority at Westminster anytime soon. That isn’t to say however, that it shouldn’t become very much involved

imagesWe awoke today to what many had suspected would be the inevitable result of the Brexit Party cleaning up in the European Elections, with margins considerably bigger than any of the other players involved.

Yet what we immediately also saw was the now culturally ingrained habit of commentators and politicians responding to what’s in front of them by interpreting it in whatever way suits them best and is in their view most likely to further their aims.

I am applying this rule universally. Because those giving opinions from all sides are attempting to interpret and propagate messages that are nothing more than wishful thinking. They don’t exist. They simply aren’t there.

These range from the collective vote given to the Lib Dem’s, Greens and Change UK being portrayed as equivocal to a clear majority for Remaining in the EU, to the cartoon picture of a giant Incredible Hulk looming over the Houses of Parliament with the picture apparently portraying that the Brexit Party is now on the rampage and Westminster is about to fall.

However it is that any of this makes you feel because of your views on Brexit, there is a dark reality about this way of conducting political business that we must now consider.

This is precisely the same process of reinterpreting events and giving them a different truth to suit their own cause that our Politicians have engaged with for the whole of the 35 Months since they first heard the European Referendum Result.

It’s a contributing part of everything that Parliament has done wrong.

It’s why democracy has been wheeled into intensive care.

It’s why everything about British Politics feels broken.

Reinterpretation of events, creating a new or convenient truth or narrative is the superbug present that makes Brexit and everything happening feel like it’s going to be impossible for anyone to be able to find a way to heal the divide that is now breaking out into an open, oozing sore.

The reality that all the Political Parties, their Politicians and the opinionati should be facing is yes, they can and are free to interpret these results any way they like. But if they all continue to pursue their own constructed narratives and present them to the Public as the truth, the situation is going to accelerate from bad to much worse.

The irony is that there is no way that a consensus will be found until Brexit has been delivered and we all share the same feeling that we are well on the way to having all these problems solved.

The Brexit Party technically won the European Elections.

The Lib Dems appeared to achieve a powerful and persuasive 2nd.

The Conservatives and Labour have left us with the picture that they are being read the last rights whilst they are putting it all down to little more than a Brexit-based cold.

Yet the reality is that this was a non-election.

It was never supposed to happen.

It’s a safe way for the Electorate to tell the Establishment that it is unhappy. Rather than it being in anyway a seismic change in constituency demographics – which as a story being put out by some this morning is only going to confuse matters further, rather than in itself giving a new form of legitimacy to any of the arguments that we are currently being sold.

It’s what the main Political Parties now take away from this Result and how they act or change their approach as a consequence of it that will really dictate how the future of our political and governmental system is going to unfold.

As things actually stand at the moment the Conservatives are still in power at Westminster and along with the Labour Party form one of only two tribal and therefore credible choices for most of us when an a Westminster Election is called. That is when what is perceived to be the real impact of Politics on our lives is actually involved.

This particular Vote has been nothing more than the People putting Westminster on Notice.

The Electorate is telling the Establishment that it wants and is demanding change.

And whilst the handling of Brexit is a big part of the change that Voters are seeking, none of this is now and has ever been about Brexit alone.

Politicians no longer have the choice of returning to the old politics, rather than changing to go forward. That is if they want to survive.

But it’s not simply because of the Brexit Party that the old order is on its way to being destroyed.

If the Conservative and Labour Parties should now finally awake from their willful slumber, they will still have a key role in our future – of that much we can all be sure.

Yet things are different than they were in the past at anytime and Party loyalty is no longer the biggest noise in Town.

The switch in priority that Politicians must now embrace fully for the People to begin trusting them again is quite simple. It’s all about delivery in every form.

And the kind of change now necessary might well mean for at least for the foreseeable future, that majority governments are not the way the destiny of this Country will be realised.

The immediate question that many will now be asking is ‘How this will all affect the make up and leadership of the next Conservative Government’. Because one thing that does regrettably look certain is that none of the Conservative Leadership Candidates now on offer look likely to be either able or prepared to depart fully from the old politics that has wrecked their Party. At least not in the timely, ruthless and clinical way that the change required necessitates.

The fate of the Conservative Party is now completely entwined with the outcome of Brexit.

If Conservatives want to survive as a Party beyond Brexit they are likely to have to accept very quickly that they will need help to win a working majority in a General Election which will be vital to secure a clean, No Deal Brexit for the longer term.

It will also be essential to sure up the necessary process and period of transition for the Party and therefore maintain the UK conservative cause.

The biggest change required of the Conservative MPs and Politicians, if they want their Party to survive, is to recognise AND accept that the Conservative Party IS NOT ‘the natural party of government’. That Conservatives don’t have a god-given right to rule.

Above all, that the Country, our communities, our businesses and OUR ELECTORATE are much bigger and much more important than anything to do with their self-interest, which has been a big part of everything wrong with Politics, the roll-out of policy and a whole lot more.

The upshot of all this is not compromising on anything just to achieve a false perception of harmony.

It’s about taking each and every step necessary to get the right results for the People.

That means working with others outside the Party, and if necessary working with the Brexit Party to win a General Election this coming Autumn, so that Brexit is not only delivered and becomes the catalyst for positive UK change that it was always supposed to be. But keeps open the door to opportunities and secures the whole thing as being what is right for everyone. A truly National cause.


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A No Deal Exit from the EU without a General Election and working majority may be the quickest way to Brexit failure and to taking us straight back in

StupidityI am not quite ready to backtrack on my feeling that Boris is the best option available from the Tory Leadership Candidates on offer so far. But it has to be said that his first shots of the campaign have been fired straight into the dark.

Yes, the suggestion that he would oversee a No Deal exit if nothing else is in offer on the 31st of October is going to resonate with many Brexit Voters. It might even bring back some Conservatives who have lent their Vote to the Brexit Party so far.

But bouncing out to Switzerland and making a big speech telling everyone that you will secure the concessions you want just by preparing for a no deal exit is not a sound strategy. Especially given the history of the past two years; how the Parliamentary dynamic is one of crystallised entrenchment, and how the EU has in effect been playing us like amateurs wearing straight jackets on a golf course whilst they have been hitting every shot completely under par.

None of us have anything to fear from a No Deal Brexit.

That is as long as it is both managed as best as the circumstances will allow AND the direction of travel is clear and above all obvious to everyone who has to be taken along.

The circumstances of our departure from the EU cannot simply be left as the knee-jerk plan of a new Prime Minister who fails to look beyond what are merely the highlighted issues facing them in isolation. Issues that are only perceived to be the specific driving force behind an overwhelming but nonetheless populist surge.

Such an approach will surely only be to secure their own position, rather than to demonstrate the leadership and strategic skills that will be necessary to navigate an effective EU Exit and then oversee the beginning of a new future for the UK and our return to a fully functioning democracy. An outcome that will only come by conducting Brexit as the Public expects before using it as a springboard to what lies beyond.

It is the action of either a fool or of a tunnel-visioned Remainer that will countenance an immediate approach to the EU in any circumstance upon their appointment, without changing the political deck of cards that those leading government have.

There is no doubt that creating a situation where there are once again unknowns present for the EU negotiators – so that they then have no choice but to respond appropriately, is one of several key elements necessary to facilitate a workable way forward.

There is no low hanging fruit that is not already rotten dangling from this tree.

The real risk in this immediate use of the deliberately crowd pleasing rhetoric that Boris has used is that it makes no allowance for the reality, process or political games that are involved in seeing both an outcome and solution based Brexit all the way through.

It’s not even simply a question of Brexit just being fully implemented.

In the hindsight of everyone, whether we were originally Leavers or supported Remain, we must all be able to look back in the years to come and see that Brexit was the doorway that led to a great many of this Country’s problems being solved.

No matter the arguments to the contrary that anyone presents, the reality is that the People Voted for a No Deal Brexit.

The only thing that remains is that there have never been other options or shades of Brexit in between.

We don’t already have Our No Deal Brexit because there are too many Politicians in Westminster who put their own priorities first. They have done so continually since the Referendum, rather than consider the democratic will of the people following the Vote.

The turbulence that is almost certain to envelope a so-called ‘crash out’ from the EU at the end of October would play into the hands of these fearful but still influential people very well.

Without a General Election there simply won’t be the parliamentary numbers available to take all of the steps and decisions that will be needed, and provide cushion enough to ensure that whatever happens during the process, the government is ready and able to effectively respond.

Yes, it could all work out well anyway. But it’s an irresponsible level of reliance upon chance alone to expect things simply to work out perfectly, and there are far too many variables in the mix that could too easily make it all go wrong.

To counteract this real possibility, there has to be a clear outline of what Brexit means in terms of benefits that demonstrates that even though the Vote was won, the reasons for Leaving the EU were actually undersold.

It will be unwise for any Prime Minister to rely solely on the anger of the Electorate over the Brexit betrayal, which although very real and justified, would soon evaporate when the temporary difficulties that will accompany our divorce from an overpowering entity like the EU become manifest.

Riding what may be percieved and portrayed by the media as a tidal wave of problems that will be noted for their possible impact, rather than the reality and the very short time involved, will require a different mindset from our Leaders.

That means a new narrative, which encourages everyone including Remainers to buy in to the benefits of what comes after we Leave, rather than gifting them the opportunity to derail our exit and blame it on chaos and no way forward other than the safe haven of returning to membership of the EU.

Believe me when I say that it will be a complete travesty for our Country, and the end of democracy in any real form for all of us if this is then what the heralds of fear succeed in making us do.

No new leader of the Conservative Party who takes Brexit and the obligation of the Government to the Electorate seriously can fail to see that a General Election is now firmly on the horizon.

There is a step-by-step process to getting there along with very different way of thinking. Above all, there is a lot of work involved.

They must not and cannot even consider compromising on the steps that are necessary to achieve what the People are now requiring of Government.

No matter what level of risk they may or may not perceive as there being to their own role.

The steps to be taken, once the Conservative Leadership question has been settled in overview are simple but unavoidable with this Parliament and the MPs that we current;y have. There are no better options involved, even though it could and should have been started weeks before now.

If the new PM wants to stop this mess from going irreparably wrong:

  1. Forget talking to the EU. We have until Halloween before they need to know what’s happening. Use the time wisely. There isn’t the time for the foolishness for a drawn out Leadership Election. It’s vanity at the worst possible moment and it’s simply getting in the way.
  2. Embrace A New Politics. A way of working which is about everyone. Not just the Politicians involved. This may involve taking what looks like a very different approach politically as well as ethically. It may require a different kind of partnership. But this IS the time to really be very bold.
  3. Create a new Manifesto, involving real People through engagement of a level where is is clear that they have ownership.
  4. Publish and discuss the new manifesto. Communicate the real truths of our history with the EU, the tangible benefits of Brexit and demonstrate a genuine ambition for our Country and for everyone. This is OUR shared future after all.
  5. Go to the People, secure their Mandate and a working majority in Parliament that is all about everyone, delivering Brexit and returning the UK to a world leading democracy as the primary cause. This aim must never be undersold.
  6. Finally go back to the EU and tell them that we are Leaving with or without their support. That the doors to the UK PLC will he left wide open to the world including and beyond our European neighbours. They then have a legitimately unilateral choice to decide whether they now want to be stupid in the way that they respond

The easy way for a new PM to approach Brexit following their appointment is the one that that will most likely lead the UK to disaster.

There is the right way, which will be hard but will be worth it. Because Brexit can AND will be both delivered AND secured.

Being brave and having confidence in the legitimacy of what the People really now want would ensure that the legacy of this coming Leadership will have been to open the doors fully to the new opportunities that await us as a result of Brexit. As we step into the brave new world for all of our communities and businesses as we look out beyond.

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Nothing is going to happen until the end of May in June. The Tories should use this time wisely and elect a new Leader now – because change cannot come too soon

download (26)Our democracy is disintegrating. The People are frustrated with everything political. The world that looked up to our once model Parliament cannot believe what they are watching. Together, everyone outside of Westminster is in a state of complete and utter despair.

Yet the Tories think this is the right time to put everything on hold whilst they run a  Leadership contest. And they aren’t even going to start it for a fortnight – just so they can save the feelings of the outgoing Prime Minister, who has been a contingent part of creating the whole mess in the first place. It’s either a catastrophic level of ignorance at work, or arrogance at the highest degree.

Time really does wait for no man. And with the next deadline for our exit from the EU booked for the 31st of October, they have a responsibility to get on and deliver a Parliamentary Consensus that will facilitate our clean Brexit.

It will not help to bring the two sides back together, if they cannot appoint a Leader who is able to lead us all and takes what might look like an attractive option of simply letting us ‘crash out’.

The Brexit Party has demonstrated how quickly a winning Election Campaign can be put together and will gain traction, if the messages and content is right and clear.

If the Conservatives now appoint the right Leader – one not been compromised by stupidity such as being tied to the ideas of the old politics like One Nation Conservatism, they can win a General Election by the end of October comfortably.

But its only by changing their thinking and accepting that a working majority can be secured and won to facilitate Brexit.

Such an outcome will not be possible, if ambition and the ridiculousness of a drawn out Leadership contest is indulged, whilst the Country is in the middle of a crisis and demands a new and robust form of political leadership. Change will certainly not be modelled on how well a bunch of out-of-touch Tories can remodel and market the old way of political thinking and what still looks very much like a self serving cause.

All the rules of this old politics have long since gone out of the window. If the Tories still want a chance to be taken seriously, they should overcome this untimely desire to stick to a foolish protocol, which is simply making them all look like a bunch of clowns.

If these Conservative MPs have any sense left and any desire to change as the Electorate is shouting loudly and telling them with the march of their feet that they should, they will use the time between now and the end of May in June wisely. Shut their MPs away and not emerge until they have selected a new Leader, who can then take over immediately from the outgoing PM immediately in early June as they should.

They will then have over 4 months to do everything necessary to turn the tables on this chaos, on the EU and start to deliver the People’s Brexit – which rather than simply saving their Party, should now be their only real direction and cause.


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