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Dear Prime Minister,

I can’t make any apology for feeling like I do, but like many others – whether they identify with conservative principles or not, it’s safe to say that we do not have confidence in your ability to continue representing us.

As a lapsed conservative who left the party which for me for a long time was, as it has been for you a political home, I am under no illusion that the problems that you and the Party are now facing are not only of your own making. They have been a long time coming and your premiership has itself been on the back end of everything wrong with what the Conservative Party has become.

The trouble is that the Conservative Party, being the self-propagating leviathan that it now is, behaves only in ways which are reactive.

And so, whilst you may be justified in complaining about the lack of support for your Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, it is in fact your own behaviour, your style and your actions that have precipitated everything bad you are experiencing from your own MPs and those supporting your plans from other benches.

All of you who support your idea or rather your interpretation of Brexit are far from representative of how real People outside Westminster perceive your tenure.

The disquiet, concern and fear out here adds up to a considerable sum and of a size that it is no longer safe for any serious-minded politician to interpret if it is something they cannot understand.

We don’t know whether you genuinely believe that your Withdrawal Agreement constitutes a real Brexit. But to those of us who see the EU for what it is and have the benefit of understanding the nuances of government, the parlance and the deliberately grey areas laid out as traps within policy documents and the language that supports it, I can most assuredly tell you that we categorically know that it does not.

Yet the disagreement with your principle and position that we have, is something that is shared much wider amongst the Electorate still. Because normal, everyday, REAL PEOPLE, intrinsically know and viscerally understand that what you have created is not Brexit.

Together, as a majority, we know, understand and intuitively sense that it is a trap that will keep us shackled to the European Union. An agreement that is fundamentally worse in both words and in its terms than simply Remaining as we were before the European Referendum of June 23rd 2016. We have no doubt that your position is at best misjudged and that you are, innocently or deliberately completely wrong in your actions, your interpretations and what it appears to be that you believe.

Today we are all observing the results of yesterday’s local Elections.

Whilst sitting MPs from all sides are out there painting the results as being positive in the most creative of ways possible, they are nothing compared to what is about to come.

You alone now have the chance to head off what could be a disaster for this Country.

It will be a disaster, NOT because of Leaving the EU without the wholly and categorically unnecessary ‘deal’ as we should have done on the 29th of March – which would have and will ultimately turn out to be very good for us.

It will be a disaster because your tenure and actions from within it are about to unleash a genie of gargantuan proportions.

The Brexit Party, which as it stands today will not be a vehicle for good governance, nonetheless carries with it the hopes, fears and anger of all those who have become frustrated by the sell-out and betrayal of Brexit that you continue to lead and in no small part hold responsibility for.

The frustration that we all feel should no longer be denied.

You and those obsessed with power and their own careers around the top table of Government must accept that this populist vehicle – however well intentioned – will soon have the power and ability to precipitate change to the way that government runs in this Country that will leave everything you now and your like appear to value, a considerable way behind.

If you genuinely care for your Party and for the whole Country that you were gifted the opportunity to lead from No.10, please take the hint and step down now without delay or attempt to defer authority.

Do this now, so that the votes this May will never be any more than the protest and wake-up call that it needs to be – right now, before the democracy which sits within your gift to guide back towards us all is surrendered and maybe even permanently lost.

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