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Local Elections: Just another day at the office for this sorry excuse for a political class where somehow they always interpret a win whilst we all continue to lose

img_2450Is it compulsive viewing or just a case of masochism for those of us sat watching the local election results unfold?

As I write at about 1.30pm on Friday 3rd May 2019, the Tories have already lost well over 500 local authority seats, Labour nearing 100, and the Lib Dem’s have picked up over 300.

The way it is being spun on the day-long coverage is that the Lib Dem’s are on the way back, riding the crest of a wave of a Remain-based revolution.

Labour think it all justifies their idea that a General Election is now the only way.

Then there’s the Prime Minister speaking at the Welsh Tories Spring Conference, once again spinning the whole thing as a hurry-up and endorsement for her 3-times defeated Brexit Withdrawal Agreement that nobody other than her and her coterie of intentionally deaf MPs want to use to shackle us to the EU permanently and then implement it in a flash before anyone realises what she has done.

There’s no talk of the massive rise in the number of Independent Councillor gains. Nor this Election’s very own elephant in the room, namely the absence of either the Brexit Party or Change UK on the ballot papers where any of these Seats have been fought.

The spin and dishonesty is tiring. Not only that, it is fundamentally wrong.

Yet even now, when nobody with any sense can deny that we, the Electorate have had enough, none of these politicians representing the form of politics which serves only themselves and no others, can bring themselves to do the decent thing and admit that a Government losing so many seats, an opposition unable to capitalise 9 years in, and the third party basically returning to its well known historical status of being effective as a local campaigner combined with being the default home of the protest vote when there’s no apparently credible choice – doesn’t say anything remotely good about what they have done to Brexit, British Politics or what any of it has become.

In only 20 days time, another Election will bring a result which will openly and clearly contradict everything that the main Political Parties are today trying to convince us. Yet it’s a truth – like our reasons for Voting to Leave that we already know.

If those same Parties do not take this opportunity to address their own democratic inadequacy, change their leadership, direction and accept that the People said ‘Leave’ and expect Leave to happen, rather than this foolish idea that the People will accept the alternative of some bastard child of the EU which has no power but has been called leave by name, then that change is going to happen without them.

There is an emerging reality here that things might end up looking very unlike anything that even those driving this beast of a rebellion would have dreamed of when they thought this was only ever just about ensuring that we actually Leave the EU and don’t in any way Remain.

With the Conservative Party still refusing to do anything about this disaster of a Prime Minister who looks like she will only leave office if she is carried out in a box, the last real chance of something coming out of all this with which we can all identify politics and democracy in this Country with in terms of electoral fairness and representation for us all, is evaporating very quickly indeed.

If the denial and failure to accept what the People are telling these politicians should continue, the Brexit Party may well herald a change which will not be under either theirs nor the wider public control.

We could well see the coronation of nothing more than a populist strongman – brought to power on one issue and ill equipped to deal with anything of any real value, without applying an unworldly and dictatorial approach.

It’s not what anyone actually wants. But it is looking increasingly likely to happen for the very reason that our treacherous and self serving politicians are still, even now, abusing their positions in the public limelight to at best ignore, but more often deny.

Very few local councillors do the work necessary to get elected just on local issues alone. It’s a painful truth, but connecting local people with local representatives is, in the bigger part, simply not the way that things in this rotten political system are done.

Local Elections are regrettably based on the National picture, the relationship between the People and the Political Parties they see and relate to in the media at that very specific time.

So if the MPs currently masquerading as public representatives want to prevent everything around us all from disintegrating as a result of everything that they and the many before them have inflicted upon an Electorate that has made the mistake of trusting them, the moment has come to accept that change is now necessary.

The change required is action, not simple talk or an inappropriately named political party.

This political class has nobody but themselves to blame.

The zeitgeist and all that has brought it into being has long since been just about Brexit. But Leaving the EU properly is the first and only step that any politician taking this all seriously can demand and see made manifest.

That is if  they genuinely want to head off the world of pain which is on its way if being little more than selfish bastards is all they themselves being drunk on power could ever become.

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