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Get May out before May’s out or you will be out with her

img_3344Is this all truth or a sick parody?

That would be a fair question for anybody looking at this whole mess within our political system who hasn’t been touched by it in any way from inside.

Sadly, history is unlikely to pass on the detail of the experience that we are all living right now, and the feeling of utter disbelief and yes, despair as we together witness bad decision after bad decision being taken by a political leader framed distinctly worse than the coterie of self interested sycophants around her only by the fact that she is the only one with the address of No.10.

Even the politically uninterested could now elucidate effectively and tell you that this Government is not working. That until a new one which is ready and prepared to be representative of the wishes of the whole Electorate is operating and fully installed, the impasse and political log-jam that we identify with Brexit will not be removed and something resembling democracy returned for us all.

The point when any well thought out plan or strategy was going to work around the Brexit Process evaporated the moment that the Conservative Party crowned Prime Minister May. From that point on we have all been destined to have our whole democracy and democratic process brought into question, as the lid has been lifted on everything bad about our establishment and system, and the darkness underpinning our supposedly democratic form of governance has been brought kicking and screaming, fully into the light.

The irony is indeed rich that a political class now fully borne of a culture of self-interest has instigated its very own end. Whilst the clock is about to run out for those occupying seats in this specific Parliament to take the options left open to them to allow the change to be ordered, rather than for it to be left to everyone outside of the political system to oversee this rancid form of governance’s demise.

The Local Elections provided the backdrop of an opportunity for the Conservatives to finally oust the tyrannical leader they were collectively responsible for bringing into being, and have failed to remove on so many lost opportunities since.

But with the situation and circumstances now being out of any reasoned forms of control, it is only good leadership in its most pure and unadulterated sense which can take us from the place and position that the Country is now in, to where we need to be, in order to resolve the EU membership and Brexit question satisfactorily for everyone AND to bring together everyone in this Country, no matter the politics or what view of Leaving the EU was for them involved.

May’s disease has infected all of those who are now around her. No new Conservative leader or Prime Minister who previously sat and supported May within this Cabinet will be wholly acceptable to the People. Simply because this political travesty has only been able to continue due to the levels of ambition and self-interest involved.

The Conservative Party must now decapitate its leadership, no matter how distasteful it might see the process necessary or how it might feel.

Doing what is right and what is necessary for a cause which is so much bigger than its own future has now become essential for them both, as they are two futures that are intricately entwined. No less than democracy and fully reenfranchising the People with Government itself.

If the prospect of May working with Corbyn to avoid going back to the People has not knocked sense in to the Conservative MPs who have been blocking change from taking place around them, they truly deserve everything that they will otherwise have in store.

The months ahead between now and the end of October offer the chance for a new leader to lead, to revitalise the reason and purpose and the value for being conservative.

To embrace those it has alienated, bring them back to the table, deliver a new and aspirational manifesto, and then ask for and win a new mandate that will catapult a new politics and way of thinking into the position where Brexit can be delivered, a new workable and fair relationship with our EU neighbours created and the UK set perfectly for all the opportunities that our Independent and fully Sovereign Nation will then have in store.

The time has come for Conservative MPS who have lost touch to realise what little you have left of an advantage as Parliamentarians is not just yours but a responsibility that you owe to us all.

Please do the right thing. Grab the opportunity to get rid of May and replace her before May is out. Before you are all out and a form or politics unrecognisable to this Country is born.


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