This Political War will not be over with Brexit. It is no less than the battle to defeat and extinguish the ‘old politics’ and replace it with something new, but long overdue


Catching the speeches from the launch of the Green Party’s European Election Campaign earlier today, my focus was unavoidably brought to the glaring commonality that still exists between the Conservatives, The Greens, The Labour Party, The Liberal Democrats, Change UK (or whatever they are currently called) and yes, The Brexit Party too.

Whilst Brexit gives the default feeling that it has taken over everything, one of the most reckless mistakes that many politicians, activists, journalists and members of the public too are making, is to fall into the trap of believing that Brexit is all that this whole thing is about. And that by solving or bringing the Brexit process to a conclusion, every other problem will disappear as if arguing over our departure from the EU is the only problem that this Country has ever had.

There is significant and terrible danger in the nature of the focal point that Brexit has become. Through a process of mismanagement which involves nothing less than text book examples of what in ‘old politics’ was simply the way that things were done, the majority of our current Parliament has instigated, maintained and given sustenance to a 3-year assault on democracy and the future of the very People who elected them to their Seats, without any fear of what even now is to come.

Conservatives and Labour are still tied to the idea that all will ultimately fall before an unwritten public obligation to support tribal politics in the way that things have always have been done.

The Lib Dems and Greens, cannot step away from the impracticality of their idealism in a world where everyone likes the idea of idealism but practical reality inevitably must get in the way.

Change UK is the distillation of everything that is wrong within all those Political Parties above. Brought into the open because there is a misplaced ideal present and working amongst them that unbridled ambition and self-belief should be allowed to sweep aside all in its way without hindrance or question.

Finally, the Brexit Party, although set to stand out as the only political vehicle that has its finger on the Brexit pulse and appears ready to get our departure from the EU right, is also void of the substance underpinning it strategically and practically that is needed now to bring a new politics into being and begin the process of setting all that is wrong to right.

Brexit is the gateway. It is not the endgame.

Brexit is the opportunity to make real change happen in the UK that will last for decades and benefit us all.

Brexit will be worth nothing if the politics that brings it into being is kept the fundamentally the same as it is today.

The change required is about new and different thinking.

It is change that removes the ‘old politics’ and replaces it with the new.

Whilst the messages we hear broadcast by the Brexit Party speakers are captivating and elucidate the genuine anger and feelings of what British People are thinking right now, the People leading this popular uprising only look and sound different to the Politicians we want to remove from Westminster. Without Brexit, they represent nothing better and may even perform worse as representatives than what we have now and what we have had before.

The ‘old politics’ that all this all represents is the politics of ambition, of fear, of self-interest, of difference and divisiveness, of priortising opportunities, of power and influence being distributed to friends and those ‘in the know’.

It’s the politics of old and the one that the British People have now rejected and will continue to reject.

The truth is the truth no matter the argument that dissenters might make.

And no matter the journey before us, the British People will not be satisfied en masse until public representatives are fully representative of the public. Not biased, indifferent, simply happy once elected to do whatever they have been told or taking for granted the responsibility entrusted to them and the keys to our opportunities that in these public offices they hold.


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