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May’s Elephant Trap meets the Elephants in the room – again!?


No. This is not Groundhog Day. May’s ‘deal’ really may be on its way back to the Commons next week and the result could precipitate a lot more than a phantom EU Withdrawal.

Although it is becoming disturbingly clear that many of our MPs still cannot or simply just refuse to see it, the majority of Voters are as frustrated as they are disturbed as they are angry about what our elected representatives have already done.

But this understanding is not based upon the premise that we all believe that MPs should have unequivocally supported May’s bastard child of a Withdrawal Agreement.

No. The anger, frustration and open questioning is present because the many that have trusted so few with the responsibility for seeing Brexit delivered, cannot believe that those elected to represent us have pretty much all played a part in frustrating our Exit from the EU.

A decision that was made democratically.

An instruction from the Majority of People.

Yet so far prevented by the now mistrusted few.

We know and understand that May’s Withdrawal Agreement is not Brexit. And any MP who now, after all that has happened, chooses to support it, will be remembered for their betrayal of the British People by supporting this sell-out.

It is a plan and strategy that could have been changed at many points over the past 3 years to ensure that by now, we would have together have been more than 6 weeks in to a new chapter of British history that would have been something very new and progressively set to improve.

May’s Withdrawal Agreement has not, is not and never will be an appropriate or legitimate mechanism for the UK to exit the EU.

Our MPs now have to take the responsibility that they have been given and create the environment in which Brexit can be delivered as has been and continues to be required.

It is simply not good enough to bitch and complain that there aren’t the Parliamentary numbers to go forward or to use the fixed term Parliaments Act as some kind of safety net from risk to their own positions and suggest that the General Election which is now inevitable, can be in some way legitimately delayed.

Any MP and particularly those leadership hopefuls among them, who attempts to use support for this travesty of an agreement to demonstrate cooperation and buy-in to party working will be clearly and categorically going against the Will of the People. Worse still, they will be assisting this borrowed-time Prime Minister to achieve her plan for a proper Brexit to be denied.

The underlying truth of May’s plan is the elephant in the room and the whole of the Brexit Process that May has overseen is an elephant trap for the unwary amongst our self serving MPs and particularly those of them who put the realities of genuine public feeling to one side.

These sitting MPs will not be forgiven if they fail to take the opportunity to hear the mood music and to listen to what the People now demand of them.

The People require a proper, clean and no-strings Brexit. Only after which should our future relationship with the EU be considered any further if the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels have not already changed their own tune significantly by that time.

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