Any PM who respects the Will of the People has a ‘No Deal’ Brexit mandate. Boris’ Achilles Heel will be tying himself to the mast of ‘One Nation Conservatives’ in an attempt to secure a Leadership ‘win’

Old PoliticsWatching the Conservatives very own comedy of errors unfold would be hilarious, were the consequences not as likely to be so very serious for us all.

As I wrote only yesterday, the ability of the Members of the Parliamentary Conservative Party to distance themselves from reality in the middle of an evolving National crisis really is in itself a story to behold.

For instead of reading the messages that the Public are now giving them, that change is not just a request but a requirement, they have instead been using their time unwisely to look for the most suitable scapegoat to blame for their current misfortune, with the intention of immediately going back to their default setting with the clearest intent that they will continue with the same Old Politics that has been their undoing all along.

Over a period of months, we had been given some reason to hope that once May had gone, the New Politics that we want is immediately possible, because a new Conservative Leader would have read the political runes and changed theirs and the thinking of the whole Conservative Party in order to look forwards and be ready to address all that is to come.

Yet recent days and the promise of an imminent Leadership Contest has sadly blown this hope clean out of the water, as we have seen the mealy-mouthed lip service paid to a new beginning, all-too-quickly set aside with the unquestionable aim of securing MPs Votes for the Leadership, with scant regard for the real issues which are delivering a proper No Deal Brexit and facilitating the work of a Government enacting a New Politics.

They forget that change is the requirement. It is not a choice.

And whilst I have several times argued that Boris Johnson is the best choice amongst them, it is clear that anything that can make him different, will, if he ties himself to the Old Politics of One Nation Conservatism, be immediately neutralised and therefore any benefit from electing him Leader will be lost.

Whilst our incumbent MPs might be too close to the mess that they have together created, to comprehend what that change might actually look like, they are truly deluded if they really think that the only problem with Brexit is May; that Brexit is a stand alone issue, and that Brexit itself has nothing to do with the decades-long assault on our democracy that is now fully in the open and will not be considered to have been dealt with until We can not only hear, but also see and above all experience in daily life that we genuinely again have a real Voice.

Any Prime Minister who can accept this and work with this requirement and respect it both spiritually and materially as the Will of the People will have the genuine Mandate for a No Deal Brexit, as it was given when We chose to Leave the EU on 23rd June 2016.

Boris, nor any other new Conservative Leader will be in any position to do this, if their sole aim going into the Leadership Contest is to get elected by aligning themselves with the Politics of Old.

One Nation Conservatism is nothing more than words, broken promises and a one-way ticket to being hoisted by their own petard by anyone that chooses to get involved.

To deliver the Brexit that the People Voted for will require any new Conservative Leader to cast aside this old and meaningless way of working and embrace a New Politics that will provide the tools and machinery to deliver a real Brexit, and open up the doors to all the opportunities that lie ahead for a new and engaging form of British Democracy that lies in our future beyond.




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