Catastrophic indecision lies at the heart of this Government and the Conservative Party. Yet most of those responsible are on the list to replace Mrs May

MAYTime is now up for Trident Tongued Theresa.

Yet even now, she and her coterie of friends who will be leaving Downing Street beside her, are attempting to steal victory from the large intestine of defeat and suggesting they are about to rewrite this travesty of a Withdrawal Agreement which is and only ever has been about what a Prime Ministerial legacy looks like to Theresa May.

The credibility of our system of Government could and indeed should have been saved weeks if not months ago.

There have been enough opportunities to actually lose count.

Yet it is the same Politicians in the Cabinet and in key Positions within the Government who are too fearful today of the consequences of doing the ‘wrong thing’, who have always enabled this treacherous travesty which is not only about to unseat the Prime Minister, but is about to send the whole of the Conservative Party exactly the same way.

What our supposedly responsible Politicians should have reallised long ago about the current key holder at No.10, is that the dictatorial retreat into the bunker that is underway at the moment is simply an illustration of the character which has underpinned this travesty of a Premiership from the start and all the way along.

May’s propensity for lying robustly was outed well before she even called the 2017 General Election. At the very moment she wouldn’t come clean over the Trident issue, when questioned in an interview by the BBC’s Andrew Marr.

That none of those so closely around her saw or understood the writing that was then on the wall, raises questions about the rot that is present at the heart of both the Conservative Party and the Government.

But it also explains a whole lot more. Because it tells us how this whole sorry episode has been facilitated and allowed to continue. Be under the illusion no longer. May’s pedigree chums who remain in the Cabinet have an outlook that is fundamentally the same.

With the rules and etiquette underpinning business as usual in Politics having disappeared into the ether, just as soon as the Conservative Party endorsed this wretched Premiership in December, there really are no obligations to the Old Politics remaining upon any of our Westminster incumbents if they should finally grow a pair and do whatever it will take to immediately remove Theresa May from No.10.

In fact, it might be received much more positively than they could ever now appreciate. As anything that heralds the end of that Old Politics and the ushering in of the new, is likely to be received very warmly by the Public, who today might only temporarily directing their Votes another way.

Replacing May with another Prime Minister in her image is unacceptable.

If would-be Conservative Leaders should tie themselves to the mast of the Old Politics in the form of One Nation Conservatism or any form of everything that is now wrong with our Political system, simply presented in a different form, the Conservative Party will simply be over. And with it all of the sorry attempts by self-serving MPs to keep a secure hold of ‘their’ Seats, without even the slightest idea of the impact and consequences of what they have been doing.

What we are seeing today in the political crisis that is unfolding which is going to have an unnecessary but nonetheless significant cost.

Today’s Tory Leaders simply have no credibility.

To win again the Party must embrace change in everything. Immediately and above all ruthlessly. Or the post-bunker chapter will be the only legacy that they will share with Theresa May.

If Conservative MPs at any level have any sense they will have her physically out of No.10 by the weekend and then take a leaf out of the Vatican’s book. Put aside all the petty squabbling and self-serving rivalries, lock all of their MPs into the same room. And don’t emerge until they have a reasoned majority for a new Leader who can go straight to Buckingham Palace to be appointed Prime Minister, as the white smoke drifts across Westminster and media’s way.

Many of us question why these apparently talented and otherwise responsible people cannot see just how serious things have now become.

The reality is that they must now within days change completely, embrace new thinking, a new politics and then the real and true instruction of the Brexit Vote via a General Election in the Autumn.

They must begin today by hitting the ejector switch for Mrs May.


2 thoughts on “Catastrophic indecision lies at the heart of this Government and the Conservative Party. Yet most of those responsible are on the list to replace Mrs May

    1. Thanks for your question. Regrettably something would appear to have got stuck in the system as I have checked my comments log and I haven’t been able to find your previous one.

      Yes, a new politics is something that I have referenced as a term increasingly in my recent Blogs. Just as I have also referred to the ‘old politics’ as a term to reference the no longer acceptable form of doing political business which is currently best illustrated by the (ongoing) behaviour of Theresa May, along with the Parliamentary Conservative Party that immediately surrounds her. It shows increasing signs that they believe they will be able to return to this approach, repackaged by terms such as ‘One Nation Conservatism’ just as soon as she has gone.

      A new politics is something I have been alluding to, if not using that precise term, for a long while.

      A new politics is about changing the way that politicians and the people who aspire to be politicians think. But it is also about application. It is fundamentally a way of being a politician and conducting politics as a vocation or calling, rather than viewing it as simply a job, career pathway or method of ‘getting on’, which is nothing like the same thing.

      It sounds simple at first look. But the reality is that it is anything but.

      Politicians today rarely have the level of awareness of self or of the community/social environment in which they operate either to look critically within themselves and what they are doing. Nor do they have the desire or motivation to acquire the skills that will enable them to understand better.

      The Party Political system has just reached the stage in its evolution and the management and environmental conditioning of candidates and frontline members where it is now normal for them to assume that all problems are external and that the way that they are always solved.

      Hence there is a lot of talk about things like changing the Electoral System to PR from First Past The Post and a second Referendum on the Brexit question. It is most notably present in the angry behaviour that is present in the continuing diatribe over Leave vs. Remain and who is – or was- actually right. Changes resulting from attacks on these and the change People are seeking are simply not the same thing.

      A new politics must be something that is lived and not only an idea or vision.

      It is about the example of good politicians at the top of Government influencing by example. Doing what is right for everyone. Considering the consequences of their decisions not just for those immediately affected, but like a widened supply chain for a complex product – all of those who will be impacted beyond.

      A new politics is the leadership of taking hard, and where necessary unpopular decisions because politicians have the responsibility to look beyond the horizon and be cognizant of everything not just in immediate view, but respectful of the possibilities and influences coming into view that inhabit the ground in-between.

      Above all, its seeing an elected term as the only opportunity to get things done, rather than just a term to secure the result of the next election – which is said with no intentional hint of irony, given that working hard without fear or emotional tie in to the outcome, is likely to result in the very same thing.

      Without repeating a great deal that I have already published, that is about the simplest way to describe what a new politics would actually look like.

      Whilst the reality is that it is exactly what all of our Politicians should now and always have been doing, as it would be new for the younger generations yet to come, for some or those with a more kindly interpretation or view of one of the few hard working Politicians that do exist, it may already be their experience and as such not be new at all. We will have a new politics when it is effectively the same experience for everyone.

      If you would like to read about my view of a new politics in more detail, I talked about the way to get the ball rolling in Yesterday’s Blog ‘How do you change Politics for good?’. I have also written a kindle book that is a guide for people considering entering politics with the intention of doing the whole thing properly which you can find above on the tab ‘How to get Elected’ or read for free by visiting the Website . I also wrote Mutual Aims which is a new politics outlined broadly in an essay form and is published as a Blog on this site and can be accessed by searching above.

      Best wishes,

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