Compromise on Brexit is a choice that MPs have never had

MANDATE 1Finally it appears that Theresa May is on her way, albeit with a delay that suggests once again that the Parliamentary Conservative Party is at best in a state of denial about their responsibilities, the situation the Country is now in, and what is yet to come.

In amongst the hypocritical platitudes that are spilling out, now that the PM has outlined her departure, is yet another upsurge in statements telling us that MPs now have to look at their position on Brexit and accept that they have to compromise.

Yet, there is an elephant in the room here. A significant unspoken, ignored and deliberately hidden truth.

That is that MPs have NEVER had the option of making a compromise over the kind of Brexit that we as a Country have.

Because the People decided that we are going to Leave the EU. And that means compromise on Brexit itself and therefore that means changing its form – is a choice that MPs HAVE NEVER and WILL NEVER have.

Yes, they can attempt to do everything possible that they can deny that a clean, ‘no deal’ Brexit has to happen. They can obfuscate. Get in the way. Delay and pretend that the People didn’t know what they were Voting for.

But that is a created truth. It is not the real truth. And the truth will always be the truth, whatever the argument or obstacles that they try to put in the way.

A change of Prime Minister is not a green light for the Conservatives to forget that People are demanding change in how our Politicians behave.

If they want to have any hope of staying and then returning to power, they and their new Leader MUST now lead all of our incumbent MPs in respecting our democracy.

This means accepting the Will and Democratic Choice of the People to Leave the EU cleanly and without obligation to anyone or anything, whether or not they consider it wrong.

Anything else is a compromise that We, the People didn’t vote for or authorise.

And a proper Brexit WILL be delivered either by Conservatives in the Government that will soon be formed who have re-found respect for democracy under their new Leader, or after the inevitable General Election that will otherwise quickly follow, then led by a genuinely People-centric cause.


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