Nothing is going to happen until the end of May in June. The Tories should use this time wisely and elect a new Leader now – because change cannot come too soon

download (26)Our democracy is disintegrating. The People are frustrated with everything political. The world that looked up to our once model Parliament cannot believe what they are watching. Together, everyone outside of Westminster is in a state of complete and utter despair.

Yet the Tories think this is the right time to put everything on hold whilst they run a  Leadership contest. And they aren’t even going to start it for a fortnight – just so they can save the feelings of the outgoing Prime Minister, who has been a contingent part of creating the whole mess in the first place. It’s either a catastrophic level of ignorance at work, or arrogance at the highest degree.

Time really does wait for no man. And with the next deadline for our exit from the EU booked for the 31st of October, they have a responsibility to get on and deliver a Parliamentary Consensus that will facilitate our clean Brexit.

It will not help to bring the two sides back together, if they cannot appoint a Leader who is able to lead us all and takes what might look like an attractive option of simply letting us ‘crash out’.

The Brexit Party has demonstrated how quickly a winning Election Campaign can be put together and will gain traction, if the messages and content is right and clear.

If the Conservatives now appoint the right Leader – one not been compromised by stupidity such as being tied to the ideas of the old politics like One Nation Conservatism, they can win a General Election by the end of October comfortably.

But its only by changing their thinking and accepting that a working majority can be secured and won to facilitate Brexit.

Such an outcome will not be possible, if ambition and the ridiculousness of a drawn out Leadership contest is indulged, whilst the Country is in the middle of a crisis and demands a new and robust form of political leadership. Change will certainly not be modelled on how well a bunch of out-of-touch Tories can remodel and market the old way of political thinking and what still looks very much like a self serving cause.

All the rules of this old politics have long since gone out of the window. If the Tories still want a chance to be taken seriously, they should overcome this untimely desire to stick to a foolish protocol, which is simply making them all look like a bunch of clowns.

If these Conservative MPs have any sense left and any desire to change as the Electorate is shouting loudly and telling them with the march of their feet that they should, they will use the time between now and the end of May in June wisely. Shut their MPs away and not emerge until they have selected a new Leader, who can then take over immediately from the outgoing PM immediately in early June as they should.

They will then have over 4 months to do everything necessary to turn the tables on this chaos, on the EU and start to deliver the People’s Brexit – which rather than simply saving their Party, should now be their only real direction and cause.


image thanks to unknown



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