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Sorry folks – The Brexit Party has done well, but won’t win a majority at Westminster anytime soon. That isn’t to say however, that it shouldn’t become very much involved

imagesWe awoke today to what many had suspected would be the inevitable result of the Brexit Party cleaning up in the European Elections, with margins considerably bigger than any of the other players involved.

Yet what we immediately also saw was the now culturally ingrained habit of commentators and politicians responding to what’s in front of them by interpreting it in whatever way suits them best and is in their view most likely to further their aims.

I am applying this rule universally. Because those giving opinions from all sides are attempting to interpret and propagate messages that are nothing more than wishful thinking. They don’t exist. They simply aren’t there.

These range from the collective vote given to the Lib Dem’s, Greens and Change UK being portrayed as equivocal to a clear majority for Remaining in the EU, to the cartoon picture of a giant Incredible Hulk looming over the Houses of Parliament with the picture apparently portraying that the Brexit Party is now on the rampage and Westminster is about to fall.

However it is that any of this makes you feel because of your views on Brexit, there is a dark reality about this way of conducting political business that we must now consider.

This is precisely the same process of reinterpreting events and giving them a different truth to suit their own cause that our Politicians have engaged with for the whole of the 35 Months since they first heard the European Referendum Result.

It’s a contributing part of everything that Parliament has done wrong.

It’s why democracy has been wheeled into intensive care.

It’s why everything about British Politics feels broken.

Reinterpretation of events, creating a new or convenient truth or narrative is the superbug present that makes Brexit and everything happening feel like it’s going to be impossible for anyone to be able to find a way to heal the divide that is now breaking out into an open, oozing sore.

The reality that all the Political Parties, their Politicians and the opinionati should be facing is yes, they can and are free to interpret these results any way they like. But if they all continue to pursue their own constructed narratives and present them to the Public as the truth, the situation is going to accelerate from bad to much worse.

The irony is that there is no way that a consensus will be found until Brexit has been delivered and we all share the same feeling that we are well on the way to having all these problems solved.

The Brexit Party technically won the European Elections.

The Lib Dems appeared to achieve a powerful and persuasive 2nd.

The Conservatives and Labour have left us with the picture that they are being read the last rights whilst they are putting it all down to little more than a Brexit-based cold.

Yet the reality is that this was a non-election.

It was never supposed to happen.

It’s a safe way for the Electorate to tell the Establishment that it is unhappy. Rather than it being in anyway a seismic change in constituency demographics – which as a story being put out by some this morning is only going to confuse matters further, rather than in itself giving a new form of legitimacy to any of the arguments that we are currently being sold.

It’s what the main Political Parties now take away from this Result and how they act or change their approach as a consequence of it that will really dictate how the future of our political and governmental system is going to unfold.

As things actually stand at the moment the Conservatives are still in power at Westminster and along with the Labour Party form one of only two tribal and therefore credible choices for most of us when an a Westminster Election is called. That is when what is perceived to be the real impact of Politics on our lives is actually involved.

This particular Vote has been nothing more than the People putting Westminster on Notice.

The Electorate is telling the Establishment that it wants and is demanding change.

And whilst the handling of Brexit is a big part of the change that Voters are seeking, none of this is now and has ever been about Brexit alone.

Politicians no longer have the choice of returning to the old politics, rather than changing to go forward. That is if they want to survive.

But it’s not simply because of the Brexit Party that the old order is on its way to being destroyed.

If the Conservative and Labour Parties should now finally awake from their willful slumber, they will still have a key role in our future – of that much we can all be sure.

Yet things are different than they were in the past at anytime and Party loyalty is no longer the biggest noise in Town.

The switch in priority that Politicians must now embrace fully for the People to begin trusting them again is quite simple. It’s all about delivery in every form.

And the kind of change now necessary might well mean for at least for the foreseeable future, that majority governments are not the way the destiny of this Country will be realised.

The immediate question that many will now be asking is ‘How this will all affect the make up and leadership of the next Conservative Government’. Because one thing that does regrettably look certain is that none of the Conservative Leadership Candidates now on offer look likely to be either able or prepared to depart fully from the old politics that has wrecked their Party. At least not in the timely, ruthless and clinical way that the change required necessitates.

The fate of the Conservative Party is now completely entwined with the outcome of Brexit.

If Conservatives want to survive as a Party beyond Brexit they are likely to have to accept very quickly that they will need help to win a working majority in a General Election which will be vital to secure a clean, No Deal Brexit for the longer term.

It will also be essential to sure up the necessary process and period of transition for the Party and therefore maintain the UK conservative cause.

The biggest change required of the Conservative MPs and Politicians, if they want their Party to survive, is to recognise AND accept that the Conservative Party IS NOT ‘the natural party of government’. That Conservatives don’t have a god-given right to rule.

Above all, that the Country, our communities, our businesses and OUR ELECTORATE are much bigger and much more important than anything to do with their self-interest, which has been a big part of everything wrong with Politics, the roll-out of policy and a whole lot more.

The upshot of all this is not compromising on anything just to achieve a false perception of harmony.

It’s about taking each and every step necessary to get the right results for the People.

That means working with others outside the Party, and if necessary working with the Brexit Party to win a General Election this coming Autumn, so that Brexit is not only delivered and becomes the catalyst for positive UK change that it was always supposed to be. But keeps open the door to opportunities and secures the whole thing as being what is right for everyone. A truly National cause.


image thanks to unknown


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