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If this is how the best of the field to be PM already shapes up, we really are in trouble now

The infamous ‘dead mans hand’. Boris or Hunt will inherit their very own version within a month. The question is will their premiership be murdered immediately, possibly by their own side, or can they step beyond expectations and everything we now see as being so very, very wrong?

Nobody should be in any doubt that Theresa May had to go. There is also little doubt that Boris – for reasons way beyond his character alone – was and is probably still the only candidate available who could facilitate a way out this political and potentially constitutional mess.

The problem is, that in his finest hour, Boris is displaying nothing fine in terms of a soon-to-be PM at all.

And it’s not like he isn’t being given the chance.

Some of us have been concerned by what looks like Boris’ regressive steps on policy to buy off Conservative MP support for many weeks.

But with the stage now reached where Conservative MPs (other than Hunt) are absolutely no further risk to his bid, he is not doing anything to say, reassure or at the very least demonstrate that he is ready to leave stupidity like ‘One Nation Conservatism’, the old politics that has now been rejected, or indeed the worst parts in May’s tenure and her management of the Brexit process behind.

We hear of the multifaceted anachronism that is ‘One Nation Conservatism’ seemingly at every turn.

Yet the People don’t want to hear about Conservatives working just for one – i.e. themselves – anymore.

We’ve been there. We’ve done that. It’s why we are in the mess that we are now in.

Then there’s this spurious idea that May’s Withdrawal Agreement, that the EU has always rigidly told us couldn’t be unpicked, can now be unpicked. Does anyone really need to say anymore?

The only way that Brexit can be solved and the doors to opportunity opened as they should be, is to ditch the whole ridiculous waste of time that was May’s travesty of a deal, go back to the People with a new Manifesto, and if necessary a formal Electoral Pact with the Brexit Party – as any true conservative leader putting the Country above self and Party surely now would not only realise, but accept and be prepared to communicate that they have to.

Yet the biggest flaw to have now become so rawly exposed, is Boris unwillingness to come clean about what most people living in the real world would have written off as a simple domestic argument.

The politics involved didn’t actually matter, because in the age of social media it’s sadly what we have become used to.

No. It’s the lack of honesty or openness and willingness to show a human side that has now left this would-be Prime Minister so perilously exposed to an ongoing trial by media that endangers not only his premiership before it begins, but also the whole Brexit cause.

Neither Hunt nor Boris could become what we might visualise as being the perfect PM.

Hunt, because he is an ardent Remainer, who like May before him will do the minimum he perceives possible to take what he believes to be some kind of middle road, keeping us fully committed to the EU, whilst crafting some kind of fix and covering message designed to lay the foundations of the argument that the Referendum Result has been honoured, but is strangely then acceptable to all involved.

Boris, because his talents and abilities were better suited to 3 years ago, when May hadn’t already set up her predecessor to fail by walking away from the table, leaving the legacy of a brexit-age dead mans hand that will only be escapable if she is replaced by a player who can rise to the very significant needs of the occasion.

Make no mistake that the situation the next Prime Minister is about to inherit will require the capability to provide not just history-making leadership, but vision, understanding, drive and a level of selflessness – unrecognisable in todays politics – that will make their tenure a worth a whole lot more.

Yet being ‘all that’ doesn’t have to be about the person, the character, the man who will be the next Prime Minister alone.

It is the actions that the next Prime Minister will take and the people they surround themselves with who advise them, that will contribute to what history will see as their own specific legacy and no more.

If neither Boris nor Hunt can face up to the reality of the situation that awaits them, the fact is that their time as Prime Minister is already a lost cause and it will be remarkably short.

Brexit will be the legacy by which they could easily become the third Prime Minister crushed by Brexit, instantly recognisable for nothing more.

To succeed, they MUST work with that very dark hand that they have been given, and accept that the leadership they will have to demonstrate is immediately about coalition, not only with Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party, but with the People and the Electorate itself. They MUST employ a vision and robustness which will look out for the interests not only for those who Voted Leave, but also for those that Voted Remain.

The alternative to doing so is simple and the direction of travel will not be a choice which either of them will have.

If they fail to recognise the direction that they sill soon have to take, we will either all suffer at the hands of a Marxist Government that wants to crush everything that encourages success and individuality for anyone and everyone. Or we will be thrust back into the hands of the EU on punitive – not just surrender terms – that will very quickly demonstrate what bad choices the Conservative Party and a series of Prime Ministers have consistently made.

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Brexit is the doorway to change

June 23, 2019 2 comments


Brexit is the only way that the UK can access all the opportunities that are now open to it. Not only for our economy, but for us to ensure that each and every one of us has real equality of opportunity in life, in education and in the workplace, so that together, we, our communities and the whole Country is then enabled to realise everything that it has the capability to become.

As people, as individuals, as who we alone really are, we like to have the freedom to make choices when it comes to the decisions that will affect what we can do, what we have, where we go, who we are friends with, who we have relationships with, what we believe – to choose who we actually are.
The UK as a Country and Nation is no different.
Those choices and decisions are just scaled up and instead being about each and every one of us as People, are instead about us and our identity as a whole Country.
Its about who as a Nation, its community and businesses together, that we really are.
Just as we cannot make choices as children, when we are subjected to a controlling relationship of any kind, or placed in any situation where we do not have the freedom to respond to the world around us freely as the people that we actually are, the UK has been and is currently in this very kind of relationship with the EU. Its holding us back and we don’t know who we really are.
By Leaving the EU properly – which is what a democratic majority of as has already chosen to do, we can take back the choices which make us free, and will allow us together as a Nation, to regain our confidence and make the right decisions that will reflect our communities, our people, our geography, our culture, our economics, our relationship with the whole world and besides all of that, a whole lot more.
Whilst we will always have things in common with every Country in the World, the reality is we are in the majority of ways simply not the same.
To get the best out of everything and be an influence for the better we must respect the limitations of a corrosive relationship where values are being set for us under the premise that we can only get the best available if everything is the same.
Our strength lies in our diversity. That the UK is different to every other Nation on the Earth. Just as the internal strength within will get stronger as we respect and make the best of the differences that we have between all of us as people, thriving together, but independently within our different lives and roles.
We can only be the Country and Nation that we are supposed to be if we have the freedom to choose what we do.
Released from the shackles of rules that are undemocratically imposed, our lives will begin to improve immediately as a balance comes back in decision making that makes sense to us and the localities involved.
This isn’t idealistic thinking. Idealism is the premise that everybody can be conditioned to be the same when we clearly are not.
We have something much better lying ahead for all of us and Brexit is the Doorway to Change.

The EU’s stranglehold over the UK: How impractical idealism created a real-life straightjacket


The attraction to Membership of the EU is not something that can or should be easily dismissed. It is highly deceptive.

We have been continually sold solutions to gatekeeper issues that sound very simple, are usually highly appealing and play to the idea that being part of the EU is a one-way street to improved quality of life for everyone involved.
The problem is that behind those gatekeeper issues, such as the Working Time Directive of the Social Chapter, sit many knock-on effects and consequences that are not talked about but will almost certainly impact many areas of life and business that actually make lives for many if not most much harder to live.
Again, it’s a case of idealism hurting the many whilst glorifying the ideas of the untouched few.
The nature of the relationship with the EU and its forerunners that the UK was obliged to sign up to when it became a Member means that the many rules that follow as the result of opening the door to one of these ‘big ideas’ simply get created in Brussels and then rubber stamped by our own Government and our Civil Servants.
The reality of Law and Rule Making in Brussels is that we and our Parliament get no say. Rules and Laws created in the EU are simply sent across the Channel and then imposed.
So in the case of something like the Working Time Directive and the Employment Laws that surround it, the impact on our businesses of rules made by bureaucrats that have no understanding of running or managing businesses is to restrict working practices very tightly. The result is that businesses can becomes less profitable, less productive and for employees it might well mean less opportunity in every sense possible – that’s it they don’t actually lose their jobs.
This nanny-state management is actually representative of undemocratic coercion at best.
It is probably already a lot worse and would get increasingly so, if for any reason we were to end up having to Remain.
We should never hesitate to dream about creating a world which is better and works fairly and without prejudice for all.
But this is itself a dream with many steps to get there and there is the practical reality of how the real world works standing in the way before any journey can be planned to get there, or the downside of forcing this idyllic upside will hurt a lot more people than it will ever help along the way.
The EU and its direction for the future is based solely on impractical idealism.
Yes, the UK needs powerful aspiration for something better for all.
But the journey to our future must at every step be based on practical reality and understanding of how the world and human behaviour actually works. Nothing more.

The United States of Europe: Supranational Aims and Lost Identities for us all

One of the biggest lies we have and are being told, most tellingly because of a veil of silence around it, it where the EU is actually going. What Remaining a Member of it would actually mean and how the UK staying within the Bloc is more likely to help this hidden grand plan unfold.

The people who designed what we today or at this stage know to be the European Union were very clever about concealing their aims.
They knew how to play not only people, but also politicians who lacked wherewithal and vision, so they could all become manipulated by certain truths whilst facilitating the development of something much greater which was always the underlying aim.
The history of this idea is not post Second World War as many would now like to claim. It’s inception was around 100 years ago – its just the case that some of the ‘values’ that were used as a way to sell it had not by that time changed.
As any plan that we have has unfolded, for the architects of the EU the process was very similar, if not just the same.
It began with finding a way to solve a problem, then the solution opened the door to other possibilities and options and that was how a grand plan towards a United States of Europe was actually made.
The whole thing as we know it started off with controlling and harmonizing the European Market in steel as a way to prevent Countries from having the resources as their disposal to contemplate or actually go about starting Europe-sized wars.
This progressed to harmonization of trade and the creation of the so-called Common Market which was the sweetie that was used as an incentive to suck the UK in.
It has since progressed much further beyond that to the point where any law or regulation that can influence or be influenced by trade across the EU is it has not already been, will within time be included within.
The process of Europisation has been sold under the highly attractive proposition of bringing down barriers to trade, opening up markets, furthering progressive ideals and being much better for everyone within.
But the process has been one of harmonizing whole peoples, which are culturally, geographically, linguistically and in just about every way different on the false pretence that we can be forced to be the same.
It means that those who make the rules or are able to influence their creation are the ones that will always win.
Key to the successful creation of the United States of Europe, is the loss of identity within Nations or what they want to rename States within.
Many people today question why we are no longer comfortable with our British Culture and confident about our place in the world.
But this is not about guilt or an Imperial past which we still have many reasons to be proud of.
Its because we have allowed a Foreign State to take over the way we function by bringing in rules and regulations that supposedly make life better – all unseen and by the back door.
Brexit is and definitely will continue to be a challenge. But it is a real doorway to massive opportunity just the same.
We just have to get our Politicians to accept that the UK – not the EU – is the only real cause.

The Real EU Story is one that never gets told


If you work, live and function outside then world of Politics or one of the sectors or professions that are aligned with or feed into it, you are likely to struggle to remember very much about the history of the EU if you are asked.

In fact, we generally don’t consciously think about the history of the EU in any way at all.
There is a reason for this. It’s deliberate. It’s why so many of us walk around with the unrecognised belief that the EU is an entity that always existed and simply was.
If we were to all be taught the EU’s history as a proper text-book style topic, it would raise too many questions from too many people who would have too many reasons to then doubt that Membership is in no way what is all cracked-up to be.
That Membership is an ongoing assault on democracy, identity, freedom, business, community, ideas and everything that pipes right down to the level of each of us as individuals.
It’s simply not the way that things should be.
This history would also explain to the masses, that the EU is continually developing its reach in every way. Whether its simply through the addition of new Member States or what are actually Countries, through Laws, Regulations and just about every other way that the reach of Government and the Public Sector can be used to change and condition lives on the basis of harmonizing or making everything the same across a whole Continent. Not based on the simple alternative of facilitating and encouraging a common good.
We cannot expect everyone to learn, know and understand the reality of what the EU is, it’s back-story and motivations, and more importantly, what the EU actually does.
We can or rather should be able to expect our elected MPs and Politicians to do this for us. But they don’t.
And because most of them see and understand the reality of the EU no better than any normal person would when they simply have no problems with the world around them, this is why we have been watching so many of them stand in the way of democracy, behaving like they know the real truth around the question of Brexit, when nobody that Voted to Leave really does.

Brexit is the symptom, not the cause

June 23, 2019 1 comment

It was once said that a week is a long time in politics. It’s a saying that carries a lot of truth. Especially as we all seem to forget what has happened very easily and just as soon.

Whilst we would probably all share the view that it feels like there has never been anything other than Brexit happening in Politics, the reality is that it is only a feeling. And one that is far from true.
In fact, the term ‘Brexit’ wasn’t even around before the European Referendum in 2016. Yet we all feel like it must have been the first word that the language specialists had on the list when the first dictionary was made.
Yet because Brexit gives us the feeling that it has simply taken over everything to do with Government, it has becomes just as easy to conclude that Brexit is responsible for all the problems that we are having, when the truth is that it is not.
Brexit means different things to different people, because it has brought an identity to solving what for everyone might be a different view of the problems with Government, neatly packaged up for a solution or remedy in a way that identified Leaving the EU as the way that it could all be cured.

That focus, distillation of ideas or coming together over a common cause has also made it easy to blur the edges of the contributory issues and causes of those experiences that we have all had just the same. And this has meant that those looking for a source of their own anger about Brexit happening have simply concluded that every problem and issue that Members of the Public have are synonymous with Brexit. And that with Brexit stopped, they will simply disappear and everything will return to being the same.

They won’t.

The issues that we have with Government and Public Services, the old politics based on self interest, the malign influence of EU Policy on almost every part of life, all came into being and have been developing as significant contributory factors that prompted a majority of the British Public to Vote to Leave the EU in 2016. This is how Brexit was made.

Brexit is a symptom of many problems. Brexit is not the cause.

Brexit: We fear change – but only when we are aware of it


We’ve heard an awful lot of Politicians and Activists tell us that a No Deal Brexit would be a catastrophe. But who exactly would a No Deal Brexit be a catastrophe for?

When we start to look more closely at the reasons people have for not believing that Leaving the EU is a good choice, it is usually because they have a job, income or some other form of beneficial relationship with someone or something that they expect will be affected negatively in some way when we Leave.
More often than not, many other people who Voted for and support the idea of Remaining as a Member of the EU do so, simply, because the UK being a Member of the EU is all that they have ever known.
The misconception about Remaining within the EU, is the idea that things will always stay the same.
In fact, things are always changing in the EU and have been doing so right from the time it began some six decades ago.
The most obvious sign of the changes in the EU has been the name changes and the introduction of the Euro to all the other Member States.
But underneath the façade, things are changing and being changed all the time. Laws which have been developed undemocratically by bureaucrats in Brussels as part of a plan to harmonise everything throughout the EU Member States have simply been adopted by the current UK Government and many successive Governments before them because we are obligated to do so.
Often, as was the case with Devolution in Scotland and Wales, our Governments have kept more controversial changes pushed on us by the EU quiet, by portraying or rather selling them as being their own.
The funny thing is, when we don’t have a choice about change, we rarely notice what’s actually going on.
Brexit was different, because we were actually given a choice.
Yes, Leaving the EU was a choice and it will represent a lot of change.
But change is happening to and around us all the time. Change is a natural thing for us to do. And Brexit is a change that will give us back the power to choose the changes we make and all that as a Country we do.
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