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Brexit: What must happen

We’ve heard lots of suggestions, plans and strategies for ‘delivering Brexit’ or ‘getting Brexit done’.

But right from the start, after We Voted to Leave without any ties, MPs and those with influence within the Establishment have done everything possible to confuse and complicate what should have been a straightforward process. That is if everything that should have been done by the Politicians and Civil Servants had been done when and as was necessary.
They didn’t.
And thinking – or rather anticipating or inventing the worst outcomes possible from Brexit and Leaving the EU has become for them, the order of the day.
The meddling that has taken place, whether it has been to create the narrative that the UK cannot Leave the EU without a Deal, to call the 2017 General Election to improve a majority that achieved a result that went the other way, or to negotiate without legitimate purpose, this has all contributed to a complicated mess that we now need great leadership to get us out of.
Putting a meaningful Brexit back on track and saving British Democracy in the process is no mean feat with all the crap that is now spread out in the way.
The delay, or rather inaction that has been caused by the ineptitude and fear of Conservative MPs, supported by MPs from other Political Parties, has already compounded the challenge of having a sensible and timely dialogue with the EU, as the next ‘deadline’ for Leaving the EU starts to appear out of the Brexit fog.
Part of Theresa May’s legacy was to set up a deal with the EU which is so good for them – with all the politics involved, that there really isn’t a way back to find a position which as a compromise deal – such as the removal of the now infamous Northern Ireland Backstop – would be acceptable for everyone involved in the debate over Leave vs. Remain.
The truth is that a good leader going into Downing Street after David Cameron who had intended to do what the People has instructed, would have embraced the fact that the stepping off point for Leaving the EU was always a clean or no deal Brexit, rather than looking backwards and prioritising anything that the EU wants.
Whilst many MPs have accepted this, there is a dangerous reality to the circumstances that Parliament is now in.
 With the balance of MPs still being Remain-led and the same ones that have done everything to help frustrate Brexit all the way along being present, the no deal Brexit that the Conservative Leadership hopefuls have been touting – literally just by dropping out or by proroguing Parliament to make it happen by October – is almost certain to end with the whole Exit from the EU thing going very wrong.
MPs on the Conservative benches still don’t accept that the problem is so much more than being just about Brexit. That things won’t just go back to being the same as they always were just as soon as the next PM steps out in front of the Cameras in Downing Street and tells the World that ‘Brexit is done’.
Brexit has to be completed meaningfully and secured as the default position for the future of the UK too. Even with a clean or no deal Exit, that means thinking everything through.
‘Crashing out’, as some people call it, without doing anything other than changing Prime Minister before we do is the easy way rather than the right way. And for the Conservatives it doesn’t end in a win.
From the moment that we Officially Leave or have Left the EU, there are current MPs and other people of influence who will be shining a very bright light on everything that we as a Country then do.
There will be challenges to face and stories that follow in the media that will be unsettling for many and used to play on the fears of us all.
There will be a very clear and apparently credible message that we should never have contemplated Brexit and that we can only survive if we return to being a full and completely committed Member of the EU.
It won’t matter how ridiculous the claims and fear mongering will be. It will certainly be compelling, but with this Parliament left untouched, compelling will be all it needs to be to see us quickly returned to the EU.
And make no mistake, that return will be on very punitive terms or terms of surrender that will only become apparent to everyone outside Government when what we lose as the result has then become a problem too big to easily be solved.
Although we shouldn’t have to – because any MP is a public representative and should automatically do what the People have instructed and therefore want – it is imperative that we have a General Election and that we Elect a Parliament full of MPs that will not only deliver Brexit, but will take all the steps necessary to make it permanent.
That means supporting the Government to do whatever is necessary to get us through to the other side of any post-Leaving storm.
With the Conservatives still clinging to the shell of their Party wreckage and the idea that Brexit is still something that they alone can own, we are set to have massive problems.
The Political Party structure is now so flawed, that it will be impossible to do Brexit properly AND make it stick, if they continue to work alone.
Brexit and our future beyond it is so much bigger and better than anything that can be defined by loyalty to any party political divide.
If our MPs are serious about doing as they have been instructed and is required by the People, they must now put Brexit and what comes after it before anything, and sweep the corrosive old politics that is all about them and their Party, quickly to one side.
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