Delivering Brexit – in steps

Here are the steps that to achieve a proper Brexit this Government and the new Conservative Leader must take.

It’s no longer about them alone, and if they continue to think so, they will be making a terminal mistake:

Forget the EU 

Yes, counter-intuitive as it may seem, the EU is not and should not be considered as being important to the next steps and how the UK moves ahead. 

No, we don’t need to consult any further with them whilst we are sorting out the mess and if the right steps are taken as soon as the next Conservative PM has taken over, the time between now and 31st October could still be time enough. 
What those in a panic need to remember is that for the EU, a no deal Brexit will have far more negative consequences for them than it will for the UK – and that is why they have done everything possible to make it sound so tough. 
The EU will not allow a situation to arise where they would be seen to take responsibility for a no deal Brexit. 
It won’t work for them with any of their Member States and would destroy their advantage in the situation that they are hoping for which is that we Leave on a no deal whim and then go to them, cap in hand, and on their terms go straight back in. 

 Build a Grand Brexit Coalition 

Delivering Brexit is a cross-Party issue. 

It is not one that any one Party can own. 
There isn’t one Party that can alone win a General Election with a working majority as things stand right now, and certainly not one that can command a majority of Brexit-backing MPs that will support whatever the steps are that will be necessary to get the job done. 
The Tories will have no choice but to embrace working with the Brexit Party to form an electoral Pact before holding a General Election, and on the basis of working together as a partnership in coalition Government when they have put together a formula and Manifesto that will go way beyond Brexit itself and get the Election won. 
This coalition must not be tied to old politics or political ideologies and there must be open arms to MPs who are committed to Brexit that currently sit with other Parties but accept that our future is no longer based on the tribal boundaries created by the Party System – its all about delivery for the People. 

 A New Manifesto: A New Politics for All 

‘We know best’ is not a conversation. 

And it’s a conversation with the People and what comes from it that must now be had. 
Winning a General Election with the working majority that will support Brexit will not be achieved if the Political Parties involved will not embrace the need for change in politics that is now required and that everyone can now see. 
This winning manifesto must be about representing the needs of All Our People, not just those that are heard because they have their own voice. 
This inclusive manifesto must speak loudly about the realities that we all face in our lives today, be ambitious about the steps that will be taken to address them, but also realistic about the obstacles that will need to be addressed along the way. 
Above all, this, Our Manifesto must be very positive about Brexit and talk up the real benefits that will come for all of us, once Leaving the EU is done. 
The best of Our future will come from then focusing power back to the People properly, not paying lip service to what needs to be done. 
The People do not need to be sheltered from reality. 
Understanding what is wrong, how we are going to fix it and then how we are going to go forward together is how majority support from British People is going to be won. 

 Getting the New Mandate

If Brexit is to be delivered and be the Doorway to Change that it really now can be, it is essential that it is done properly, is permanent and that there is no reason for us to take a backwards slide towards the EU from where we have come. 
With the right Manifesto, messages that show the direction that we are going, Leadership that inspires rather than concerns, and Confidence that all that our Politicians are telling us can be achieved because we are in control of our own destiny and not dependent upon world events, external influences or some other Foreign cause, the People will give the Mandate required to deliver Brexit and open up the doors to a whole lot more. 

 The Brexit Government 

The New Government will be all about Brexit and what comes after. 

Its immediate priority will be getting on and getting Brexit done. 
This Government will go back to the EU and tell them We are going. That we are Leaving the EU without any negotiations, restrictions or obligations getting in the way. 
It will then be up to the EU to be reasonable and realistic about why a two-way dynamic relationship with the UK is as important if not more so for them, and that they have to decide if they want pettiness to get in the way. 
To the World our borders MUST be open to every kind of trade that doesn’t undermine our own production and manufacturing abilities, the provision of services that we are good at and what we need to have in place to be safe, secure and confident of our place.
Above all, this Government will be about action and not just talking. Without the restrictions of being an EU Member, we will be able to change, modify and create rules, regulations and laws that will allow Our Country, Our Communities, Our Industries, Our People to develop, grow, thrive and be happy with our place in the World.

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