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The next Conservative PM will have to steer a difficult path to a ‘No Deal’ Brexit or they won’t stay in No.10 for very long

DTC Pic1Just like the question we were asked at the Ballot Box in the 2016 European Referendum, there is no halfway house when it comes to Brexit.

Once Brexit is done, the UK will have either Left the EU, or by default we Remain.

The complete mess and destruction of Parliamentary, Constitutional and Democratic processes that we have been watching from outside of the Westminster bubble for the past 3 years has proven that there is no fudge, compromise or middle pathway available.

If Democracy is to be respected, then restored, the only path that the UK can now take is to Leave the EU cleanly.

That means the UK Leaving the EU with No Deal. Without obligation to the EU or to any other Foreign Country. With our Independent and Sovereign Status as a Country fully restored.

Brexit has lifted the lid on everything dark that has been happening in British Politics for a very long time.

It has opened the door and created the circumstances where we can and are ready to step forward and not only Leave the EU. It also allows us to leave the old politics behind.

The junking of the Article 50 Process and the Hung Parliament that Theresa May ushered in has left very few options for a Government still working with the old politics.

This Government has been led by an indecisive and poor leadership team that still prioritises the security of MPs Seats at Westminster, rather than what they should be doing in all of our best interests.

If the Conservatives are to be the Party that delivers Brexit, they will first have to go back to the People and secure a majority of MPs that support Brexit.

That means a General Election this Autumn and before that, a series of steps that might well include an electoral pact with the Brexit Party in order to ensure that the next Government will finally be able to fully respect and secure the outcome of the original People’s Vote.

  1. Stop discussions or so-called negotiations with the EU. We have until 31st October before we have to go back and tell them what we are going to do.
  2. Create a new, inclusive and aspirational Manifesto. Involve everyone possible or engage people who can genuinely speak on behalf the many others to build a new platform for policy making that is about the best interests of everyone, so that we feel confident that we are witnessing the birth of A New Politics and we are sure that Government and MPs will now deliver on everything that they are supposed to.
  3. Build a Coalition based on delivering Brexit and then doing what’s right for us all Beyond. Be open to working with all Politicians who can demonstrate that they are committed to a ‘No Deal Brexit’ and will support the next Governmnet in any way that is required in order to get everything in place, address challenges responsibily and then keep driving on and through until Brexit has been secured and the work required as the basis for change thereafter has been done.
  4. Go to the People and ask them for the Mandate to deliver Brexit properly, so that we can begin to move forward and bridge the divide created by the animosity between Leave and Remain.
  5. With the Mandate secure, move clinicly and decisively to deliver a clean Brexit and then begin developing working relationships without obligation to the EU and all Countries across the whole World beyond.

With the options that this Conservative Government has open to it, this pathway is the only one they can follow if they genuinely intend to respect and implement the Brexit Vote.

Yes, there is a lot of risk to the MPs and their Parties involved.

But what they have been doing for the past three years has been all about protecting them, rather than our People, our Businesses and our Communities.

The time has come for the balance to shift and for the old politics to be stopped.

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