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Brexit: We fear change – but only when we are aware of it


We’ve heard an awful lot of Politicians and Activists tell us that a No Deal Brexit would be a catastrophe. But who exactly would a No Deal Brexit be a catastrophe for?

When we start to look more closely at the reasons people have for not believing that Leaving the EU is a good choice, it is usually because they have a job, income or some other form of beneficial relationship with someone or something that they expect will be affected negatively in some way when we Leave.
More often than not, many other people who Voted for and support the idea of Remaining as a Member of the EU do so, simply, because the UK being a Member of the EU is all that they have ever known.
The misconception about Remaining within the EU, is the idea that things will always stay the same.
In fact, things are always changing in the EU and have been doing so right from the time it began some six decades ago.
The most obvious sign of the changes in the EU has been the name changes and the introduction of the Euro to all the other Member States.
But underneath the façade, things are changing and being changed all the time. Laws which have been developed undemocratically by bureaucrats in Brussels as part of a plan to harmonise everything throughout the EU Member States have simply been adopted by the current UK Government and many successive Governments before them because we are obligated to do so.
Often, as was the case with Devolution in Scotland and Wales, our Governments have kept more controversial changes pushed on us by the EU quiet, by portraying or rather selling them as being their own.
The funny thing is, when we don’t have a choice about change, we rarely notice what’s actually going on.
Brexit was different, because we were actually given a choice.
Yes, Leaving the EU was a choice and it will represent a lot of change.
But change is happening to and around us all the time. Change is a natural thing for us to do. And Brexit is a change that will give us back the power to choose the changes we make and all that as a Country we do.
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