The pretence that the UK MUST have a Deal with the EU to Leave is a myth

On Thursday 23rd June 2016, UK Voters made the democratic choice to Leave the EU.

The choice was very simple. It was binary or rather ‘choose one way or the other’.
The choice was Leave the EU, or Remain a Member. There were no other options. No dependent options, or depending on this or depending on that of any sort.
There was no instruction to MPs to go away and then create many shades of Brexit, based on their own view of whether we should Leave or Remain.
Above all, We did not give authority to our MPs to go away and create, decide upon, or agree terms with the EU in ways that suited them, depending on how they got along.
The decision of the People was clear. The decision of the People was to Leave the EU without any strings attached.
Even the suggestion that the UK must have a deal before it can Leave the EU was, is and always will be a myth.
We will always have a relationship with the EU and We don’t need or require an obligatory deal before we actually Leave to have one.
 It’s healthy and normal to walk away at the end of a marriage without either party dictating how the other must then behave.

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