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The establishment is crowing about the ComRes poll – but this is the tip of how people really feel and we want our democracy back

It makes interesting reading to compare views on the ComRes poll that has been published through the media channels today.

It tells us that Boris is riding the crest of the public opinion wave which would at other times be called a honeymoon period or perhaps the Boris Bubble.

Most importantly however, it tells everyone who should now be listening that the British People want real democracy back.

But polls of a little over a thousand people is no story. Even if it is from the polling company that called the result of the 2015 General Election right.

The real story is that these figures may themselves be far from right. That people outside of Westminster and beyond the scope and role of activists or any other organisation that could have some bias or other tainted argument about Brexit, real People aren’t changing their minds about Leaving the EU. In fact many who voted Remain in 2016 are now lined up in support of Brexit – contrary to what we are repeatedly being told.

When it comes to doing what the People feel and believe to be right, it will not come wrapped up in holding up Brexit any longer. In cabinets formed only of those who see themselves as being more equal than all others. Or by Boris himself if he continues to resist the reality that politics cannot continue in the form that it has been and that it is not only time to deal with the effects of problems, but also the real deep down causes if he or anyone who would lead us genuinely wants to succeed in getting things done.

People out here in the real world know and understand practically, logically and at wholly visceral level that Brexit was never about a deal and was only about Leaving the EU.

We see the actions of the majority of the sitting MPs in Parliament for what they really are and that Brexit has not been held up because of the need for a deal.

We know that Brexit has been held up because MPs have no respect for democracy, only think of themselves and have no will to actually do the things that are required of them or what democracy demands of public representatives when challenges have to be overcome.

The eyes of the Public are now on all of our MPs. What they do in the coming weeks – whether they are supposedly intent upon Leave or Remain – will be seen and judged in the sense of exactly what it is they do, how they vote and the actions they take.

The People expect our MPs to deliver an unhindered, non-obligatory Brexit without ties of any kind that will leave us in any way subjugated to the EU.

Above all, we are now looking for leadership that doesn’t just talk, firehose money into policy black holes or try to inflict ideology upon us all and then shout loudly that this is what we actually voted for when the European Referendum was won.

The tide of the old politics is about to go out. And the behaviour and integrity of these MPs will dictate whether they have a place in the new politics that is about to arrive when the tide of democracy finally starts to come back in.


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