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Conservative MPs will never be held responsible for most of the wrongs they have done. Make no mistake – helping a Marxist into No10 will be very different

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The ability of MPs and politicians to do and get away with almost anything simply because so many of us have fallen in to the trap of believing that it is simply the way that things are done should be legendary.

Through no fault of their own and no more than misplaced trust on an industrial scale, most members of the Public give an almost unspeakable level of respect to MPs simply because we culturally are conditioned to believe that becoming an MP – by default – means that each of them should be respected for what it is they do. It’s as simple as involuntarily giving complete truth to the suggestion that MPs must be respectable people because of what they do.

SPOILER ALERT: They aren’t. We shouldn’t. The fact that we do just gives them a cloud of cover and the ridiculous idea that there is legitimacy to all it is that they do.

There’s no need to labour the pros and cons of Brexit right here. Theres enough of that going on elsewhere. But to suggest that it arrived from nowhere, or to blame the 3 year deal on the People for making ‘the wrong decision’ in itself illustrates that the problems we are now facing are institutional to the point of being beyond acceptance, that they are ingrained in the way that we have been conditioned to think, and that fundamentally the problems that this Country is facing – politically – is about so much more.

Politicians of all and at all levels of British Politics have been on their own agendas for a very long time.

Decisions are not made with the People in mind. Only with whats good for them, their Party and what will keep them in office, win elections or both.

This means that choices are not made for the right reasons. And the consequences of this are that the problems are being continually created and those additional consequences are all too often unseen.

The tragedy is that Politicians have been making these kinds of choices – based on whats easy and good for them – for so long, that the system itself has become attuned to this way of working and operates and delivers like some self fluffing prophesy given to us in the days of old.

The Political Party system exists to gain and retain power, and everything that feeds into it is based upon people and representation that focuses on those very same aims. Not the needs of people and not in any way doing whats right for everyone – no matter what we are continually told.

However, the oddity in all this, is that because we dont know, or rather dont understand how things really work, its the perception that rules (perception is everything), and pretty much all that these so-called representatives of the People do wrong is as such simply overlooked and just as quickly forgotten.

Because we have very self-serving people masquerading as public representatives in Parliament today, we do not have enough MPs looking at the situation that is unfolding in front of them – and us – as critically, or in fact in any way as they should.

There is no care bing given for what the consequences of their actions could now be. And in many ways, it is a fitting indictment of everything that has been and is wrong with politics that they are carrying on in this way, because to them it is how politics has always been.

The problem for us all is that with the Brexit Vote, everything changed.

The stone that had been covering all that is wrong with politics is now slowly being lifted. And things – and by things I mean politics – are never going to be the same.

There is an institutional failure in Parliament for MPs to see the risks and threats from what is going on around them as what they could really now be.

Chief amongst them is the chaos that will ensure and the very dark chapter that this Country faces if Jeremy Corbyn should even get a sniff of the keys to No10.

The problem is that when you have people running the country who believe that they are actually leaders, they do not question their own behaviour of only looking outwards for the source of their difficulties and problems, rather than looking for the solutions within. They want to change everything outside of them, rather than modifying or adapting the way that they actually respond. And that is an approach that serves nobody. And if they succeed in placing Jeremy Corbyn in No10 as what they believe will be a mere stepping stone to getting the control back that they believe they are entitled to hold over Brexit, you can be certain that they have not contemplated the reality that we will all face as a result of their ineptitude when this approach goes immediately wrong.

Corbin will not surrender power once he has it. The narrative will change. He will justify everything that he does, no matter how brutal, ruthless or ill-considered, as part of what he will keep framing and justify as a moral ‘socialist’ crusade.

Politics and what is left of democracy as we know it will be over. And the darkness that will cover the UK will have been facilitated not by a septuagenarian Marxist who cannot believe his own luck, but by the mindless MPs who opened the doors at Downing Street for him for nothing better than their own reasons – whilst ultimately leaving the whole Country completely fucked.

Right now we are all watching. And whilst may of the things that MPs on all sides have gone unnoticed. This will not be the same.

Nobody will be under any illusion about the attribution of blame if a handful of named Conservative MPs give the idealistic and impractical left the numbers to put Corbyn without a democratic mandate into No10.


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These are dangerous days for our democracy and freedoms. What our public un-representatives do now will have implications that go way beyond Brexit and could result in life changing for us all

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img_3853There’s nothing quite like a double whammy to hit home a point.

In the past 24 hours, both the Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn and Leader of the Liberal Democrats Jo Swinson have made public statements of intent for what they plan for the weeks that follow, and nobody watching all of the responses to Brexit by Boris should be under any illusion that there is anything genuinely altruistic in these highly political approaches and what they tell us these left-wing Leaders believe the opportunity it presents to be there for.

Were the consequences for us all not carrying the potential to be so severe, we might all sit back and have a laugh at everything these two, very self-interested politicians have to say.

Brexit has already been decided and the mandate given by the People for the UK to Leave the EU, come what may. There was no requirement given that there must be any kind of deal before we leave. The choice was black and white: Stay or Leave – and the choice was made that the UK must be gone.

Yet to hear Jo Swinson speak this morning, you would be forgiven for thinking – and yes, even believing that events had actually turned out another way. You cannot fault the Lib Dem Leader’s passion for stopping Brexit as her cause. That is if you had been in some parallel universe where the result to the 2016 European Referendum was actually different; a majority of British People voted to Remain, and the side that Swinson and her not-so Liberal Democrats had actually won.

Just to confirm, they didn’t. It didn’t happen. And what we are seeing is a political master class in storytelling and reinventing the narrative. The very same reasons that when it came to Brexit, the People Voted to Leave the EU and on the part of these MPs, the so far shameless excuse for acting upon democratic instruction and dragging it out for over 3 years was begun.

Swinson will clearly be the darling the EU and fill the vacancy in the public spotlight of British Politics that was vacated by Theresa May. On their own, the Liberal Democrats represent everything that the hopes and fears of a political no-mans land can offer, where idealism can bounce around unhindered because practicality never gets in the way. Yet their thirst for power is real, and with the hope that they can break the stranglehold of the only electoral system that works for a democratic majority, they may soon decide that a deal with the devil in the shape of a coalition with Corbyn’s Labour isn’t something that will actually hinder their way.

Although the tabling of a No-Confidence Vote in Boris’ new Administration has been the talk of the Town since he arrived in No10, the publication of Corbyn’s request to all opposition Party Leaders and those MPs opposing Boris to make him Prime Minister temporarily, should be the wake up call and warning bell for everyone that we could now be a matter of days away from having a Marxist Prime Minister.

And whilst those MPs that remain hell-bent on overturning the will of the People at any cost may now feel that giving Corbyn the keys to No10 would only be a stepping stone to finally getting their own way, their selfishness would only be outdone by the stupidity of them giving power to someone that once they have it, will never respect the will of the people or our constitution – assumed or otherwise – ever again.

From that point of view alone, for those who have done so much to frustrate and overturn the will of the People, the outcome for them might be viewed as being very sweet.

But these MPs and the Corbyns and the Swinsons and all the other objectors to democratic reasoning amongst them are only a matter of a few hundred in number, whilst their actions will impact upon 60 Million People or more.

The problem is that Boris is doing nothing to counter the problem that the Remain-led Parliament presents. And he is instead doing everything that he possibly can to bait them. That’s people who on this side of power have egos that are aflame as the result of such intransigence and on the other side, are likely to be ultimately responsible for having a gun put to his head.

A General Election has now gone beyond being favourable for the right outcome. It has become a necessity instead.

And within that it is essential that those lined up against those who have become intoxicated by what they see as the promise of power, have their arguments devalued by the promise of a new politics that shows capitalism – whilst essential to any country that wants to get on – can also be caring and considerate, and that there are ethical ways for people and businesses to behave that mean everyone has the opportunities that are right for them. But above all, that there is a much better and inclusive way for politics in this Country to be done.

If none of our politicians now see the risk that all of their behaviour and choices not to be responsible has created, it may now be inevitable that this Country is about to experience a period of significant darkness – all because our political classes think that they are in post by god-given right, and that when you have power, they are the only ones right about anything and there simply is no other way.



Politicians created the fake news culture and only want to tackle the narratives that are out of their control

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Yes, you read that right. Politicians created the fake news culture and they did so, because they made fake news publicly acceptable when they embraced the concept of spin.

There is a vicious circle at work where the problem has become as bad as it has because on one side of the argument the political classes speak out vociferously about the dangers of fake news and the negative impact that it is having on democracy. Yet on the other, the very same politicians continue to create stories and narratives to increase or improve their own electability that does precisely the same thing,

What this all overlooks is the two edge sword that is the failure of education to teach young people critical thinking skills so that adults can discern between what they should trust, what they shouldn’t and where they should attribute value in between, and the other, where the distinct lack of public figures who speak openly, honestly and treat everyone as if they are all adults in the same room leaves the whole population without the leadership role models that demonstrate what right looks like in a world which is telling us so much is now so wrong.

Plans and efforts to force social media outlets and companies to crack down on fake news sound like very laudable goals. But in reality, there is very little out there that should or rather would need to be banned or removed from circulation, if politicians weren’t making it impossible for people to trust what they should be able to trust in the first place.

The debate or issue doesn’t end there, because mainstream news production and output is now so predominantly based on opinion rather than basic news itself.

Whilst it makes uncomfortable reading, the reality is that opinion and fake news are pretty much the very same thing.

Regrettably what began as an institutional problem within politics crossed to the mainstream media and then social media too.

It is now a cultural malaise and the attempts to wrest the problem at the feet of social media companies does little more than make light of the depth of the problem that now exists and what steps really need to be taken if the so-called war on fake news is actually to be won.

What is sure is that tackling the fake news problem wont be achieved by simply shutting down narratives which make politicians uncomfortable – usually because they simply put their own roles and situations at risk.

It would simply be hypocrisy to do so.

It basically says that fake news is fine as a propaganda tool to influence the electorate – so long as the fake news in question is based on a narrative that we and only we actually own.

This isn’t to say that nothing should be done about fake news being spread about and treated with the same value as truth.

It most definitely should. But the real question is about how this is actually done.

The best place to start would be for Politicians to simply start being open and telling the truth and for the media in general to start reporting news as news rather than what is little more than the personal opinion of reporters and journalists as fact.


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