Conservative MPs will never be held responsible for most of the wrongs they have done. Make no mistake – helping a Marxist into No10 will be very different

The ability of MPs and politicians to do and get away with almost anything simply because so many of us have fallen in to the trap of believing that it is simply the way that things are done should be legendary.

Through no fault of their own and no more than misplaced trust on an industrial scale, most members of the Public give an almost unspeakable level of respect to MPs simply because we culturally are conditioned to believe that becoming an MP – by default – means that each of them should be respected for what it is they do. It’s as simple as involuntarily giving complete truth to the suggestion that MPs must be respectable people because of what they do.

SPOILER ALERT: They aren’t. We shouldn’t. The fact that we do just gives them a cloud of cover and the ridiculous idea that there is legitimacy to all it is that they do.

There’s no need to labour the pros and cons of Brexit right here. Theres enough of that going on elsewhere. But to suggest that it arrived from nowhere, or to blame the 3 year deal on the People for making ‘the wrong decision’ in itself illustrates that the problems we are now facing are institutional to the point of being beyond acceptance, that they are ingrained in the way that we have been conditioned to think, and that fundamentally the problems that this Country is facing – politically – is about so much more.

Politicians of all and at all levels of British Politics have been on their own agendas for a very long time.

Decisions are not made with the People in mind. Only with whats good for them, their Party and what will keep them in office, win elections or both.

This means that choices are not made for the right reasons. And the consequences of this are that the problems are being continually created and those additional consequences are all too often unseen.

The tragedy is that Politicians have been making these kinds of choices – based on whats easy and good for them – for so long, that the system itself has become attuned to this way of working and operates and delivers like some self fluffing prophesy given to us in the days of old.

The Political Party system exists to gain and retain power, and everything that feeds into it is based upon people and representation that focuses on those very same aims. Not the needs of people and not in any way doing whats right for everyone – no matter what we are continually told.

However, the oddity in all this, is that because we dont know, or rather dont understand how things really work, its the perception that rules (perception is everything), and pretty much all that these so-called representatives of the People do wrong is as such simply overlooked and just as quickly forgotten.

Because we have very self-serving people masquerading as public representatives in Parliament today, we do not have enough MPs looking at the situation that is unfolding in front of them – and us – as critically, or in fact in any way as they should.

There is no care bing given for what the consequences of their actions could now be. And in many ways, it is a fitting indictment of everything that has been and is wrong with politics that they are carrying on in this way, because to them it is how politics has always been.

The problem for us all is that with the Brexit Vote, everything changed.

The stone that had been covering all that is wrong with politics is now slowly being lifted. And things – and by things I mean politics – are never going to be the same.

There is an institutional failure in Parliament for MPs to see the risks and threats from what is going on around them as what they could really now be.

Chief amongst them is the chaos that will ensure and the very dark chapter that this Country faces if Jeremy Corbyn should even get a sniff of the keys to No10.

The problem is that when you have people running the country who believe that they are actually leaders, they do not question their own behaviour of only looking outwards for the source of their difficulties and problems, rather than looking for the solutions within. They want to change everything outside of them, rather than modifying or adapting the way that they actually respond. And that is an approach that serves nobody. And if they succeed in placing Jeremy Corbyn in No10 as what they believe will be a mere stepping stone to getting the control back that they believe they are entitled to hold over Brexit, you can be certain that they have not contemplated the reality that we will all face as a result of their ineptitude when this approach goes immediately wrong.

Corbin will not surrender power once he has it. The narrative will change. He will justify everything that he does, no matter how brutal, ruthless or ill-considered, as part of what he will keep framing and justify as a moral ‘socialist’ crusade.

Politics and what is left of democracy as we know it will be over. And the darkness that will cover the UK will have been facilitated not by a septuagenarian Marxist who cannot believe his own luck, but by the mindless MPs who opened the doors at Downing Street for him for nothing better than their own reasons – whilst ultimately leaving the whole Country completely fucked.

Right now we are all watching. And whilst may of the things that MPs on all sides have gone unnoticed. This will not be the same.

Nobody will be under any illusion about the attribution of blame if a handful of named Conservative MPs give the idealistic and impractical left the numbers to put Corbyn without a democratic mandate into No10.



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