The EU will have to be faced with implementing their hard border before they will compromise in the way that a reasonable organisation would

To say that Brexit and negotiation with the EU has been mishandled since the Referendum in 2016 would be a considerable understatement indeed.

What Margaret Thatcher called being Frit, has been the overwhelming modus operandi of the Government up until this Summer. It is behaviour that has, is and until we have a General Election, will continue to set us up for fall after fall.

Whilst Boris’ impact in the past month has really started to make the UK think, it has also began to filter out a lot of the noise that continually comes from the EU and now suggests the pathway for Brexit this Autumn that is most likely to come.

During the past week, it has become openly clear that the EU is working on the basis that only two very defined options for the basis of Brexit after the UKs departure exist. That’s a relationship which our politicians are free to call whatever they want, but will always include the unrescindable elements and characteristics of Remain, or to accept that the only alternative is a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.

The EU has always banked on the premise that a hard border would never be acceptable to the UK and that as such, we would never do it. Ergo, the UK would have no choice but to accept arrangements with the EU that retain most if not ultimately all of those that our relationship does with the EU now.

What they have overlooked is the fundamental reality that the standards and regulations which the EU holds so dear – and deems either of these binary options as being essential to guaranteeing the integrity of what they are supposed to do, are one of the key – if not overwhelming reasons that a majority of British people voted to Leave.

To Remainers – that’s those who are really committed to the EU cause, rather than most people who simply want to avoid anything dressed up as change – that free-flowing border on the EUs terms is the only way they believe that it can operate and that a relationship with the EU is not available to the UK in any form.

But a hard border isn’t necessary in the minds and eyes of Leavers either. And whilst the Frit or rather the Frightened Remainers who cannot see any other way forward for the UK than being under ru control look set to impale themselves on their own ideas as the fight for something that is not theirs to own, we know that free flowing trade is not a problem for us, that we continue to hold our relationship with the Irish dear, and that a so-called hard border and the imposing infrastructure that goes with it, is not something the UK is set to impose.

The EU has counted on those Amongst us who are committed to their sins and ideals to see their own version of Brexit through. And with the Brexiteer Prime Minister now in situ that we really should have had in the incumbency before, the stark reality that both he, We and the EU faces is it is only through their actions in the coming weeks that it could ever still be argued that there is any need to Remain.

Boris’ ‘negotiations ‘ with the EU in the coming weeks is not going to work. Any concessions from Brussels will be aesthetic at best. And it is only when they can accept that a) the UKs departure is inevitable and b) it is only they that will implement a hard border, that the EU will accept that their relationship with the UK is not ever going to be the same again.


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