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Brexit was the lifting of the stone that covered everything wrong with Politics and now we are witnessing all of the darkness exposing itself to light

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Politicians would still like us all to believe that Brexit is the reason that everything is going wrong with politics.

SPOILER ALERT: it’s not.

There has been a downward spiral at work in politics and within the political parties for a very long time. Brexit was a symptom of it rather than being the cause that many politicians would like to suggest. And what we are experiencing now – on every side of the House – is the manifestation of what happens after many years of the wrong people being in politics and people being in politics for the wrong reasons.

We have a leader of the opposition who will not accept a general election unless he can fix the result. MPs who after having the whip withdrawn for not supporting the democratic instruction of the people threatening to take their former party to court in order to let them stand as candidates again. A prime minister who thinks Brexit itself is the only thing he needs to do to achieve a result. A regional government with a disastrous economic record being underwritten by the rest of the country obsessed with independence at any cost. private citizens suing the government to overturn decisions and legal processes they don’t like, simply because they can afford to do so. And even the new parties on the scene are full of wannabe politicians who look good and can reel off their media-trained sound bites to an audience of media magpies whilst they too possess no depth, understanding or real connection with the people that they are telling us that they are fit to lead.

This is not the way that things should ever be done.

This old politics is now coming to its end. It may still dictate the outcome of the upcoming general election – if the self serving interests of incumbent MPs get their way. But it is in it’s death throws one way or another.

Things may get worse before they get better. But in the long term they certainly will.

It won’t be identity politics or any rehash of the politics of old that will achieve this. For none of them are capable of being so bold.

It will be a new form of politics which brings real balance, fairness and consideration to everyone, no matter whether you are old or young, rich or poor, educated or not educated, black or white, whatever your religion or politics, whether you voted Leave or remain. This is a new way of doing things that will really break the mould.

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