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The Government needs to take a leaf out of the Remainers book and deliver Brexit – no matter what it now takes

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One of the oddest things about The UK – bearing in mind that we have what was previously known as the mother of parliaments – is that things have worked well for a very long time, based on little more than respect, a deference for fairness and a metaphorical handshake thrown into the mix somewhere too.

Regrettably, when you fill a Parliament with MPs who don’t understand the realities of genuinely doing what’s right and fair play, we should perhaps guess that it was inevitable that they would abuse this age-old system just as soon as they felt it was too important to do their own version of the right thing.

Put simply, the Remain-led Parliament that we have has broken with convention, simply to try and force through anything that will stop Brexit, despite everything that the People demand.

The government- that has a mandate from the people to deliver the Brexit that the Remainers are still trying to deny – should now respond by doing the same in kind.

When this is all over and we are finally out, there is no doubt that the question over a UK formal constitution must be answered.

We cannot step off into the future with the risk that fearful politicians filled with nothing but self interest can walk over our democracy and for reasons based on nothing but selfishness see a good future for many others, wilfully denied.

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