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Restoring Democracy Pt 4: Joined-up thinking, rather than focusing on issues on their own

Politics isn’t just broken. The whole Political System has lost its way, and most of the problem is because of the way that Politicians think about what they do.

Everything in Politics has become about the ‘quick win’.
That’s pulling the white rabbits out of the hat that have the desired effect of grabbing Voters attention drawing their focus away from what’s really going on whilst catalyzing support.
The whole approach is very shallow. It is all about dealing with the effects of problems rather than dealing with the causes. Worse still, there is very little consideration for the impact of Public Policy beyond the scope of whatever the plan has been put in place to address.
The result is that problems affecting often many more parts of society than just the one that ha been targeted by a policy change are created or made worse, whilst the solutions put in place don’t ever last in any meaningful or useful way.
Like putting a plaster on a leg break, Public Policy requires Politicians to do considerably more than they do.
Compromise is not something that should ever be necessary when Public Policy is being created for the right reasons and nobody is focusing on the wrong priorities such as if something doesn’t work out as it should, who then gets the blame.
Joined up thinking is now essential as a part of how every policy is reviewed or how every one is made. There must be consideration and action taken to address the root causes, the effects whilst they continue and then the consequences no matter how far reaching they might be, once any new policy has been implemented and the changes have been made.
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