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Jailing a Prime Minister because he refuses to act on laws which conflict with democracy will open up a Pandora’s box – but it won’t make him wrong

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The crash of our political system has been a long time coming. And after the erosion of democracy that has taken place over many years – from which Brexit is a symptom and not the cause – it has been inevitable that a system that works only for itself and not the people would come to an end.

The endgame is arriving now.

Whilst the rotten core of British politics has been out in the open for many months, it is in the past week that the public has seen the wretched nature of its fully exposed core.

For even the most disinterested and switched off in society can now see the cynicism of MPs on all sides. It is clear that the majority work and operate for nobody but themselves. And that with the refusal of so many to now go back to the People and allow us all to break the stalemate that they themselves have created, we can now see that in the minds of our political class, the path of the UKs future is exclusively theirs to decide.

Yet nothing could be further from the truth. And the laws that they have cooked up and created this week to tie the hands of the first government prepared to attempt to go the distance on our behalf to enact the result of the Brexit result, shows nothing but contempt for the political system they claim to be protecting, but much worse, for the public they were democratically elected to serve too.

To even threaten to jail a Prime Minister who suggests that he is prepared to stand up against such injustice is already madness in the extreme. But to actually do it would be to open the door to nothing this country is truly prepared for. And it will hurst everyone as well as the politicians who are culpable, up to their necks in this shit and completely involved.

The question they should be asking themselves is this: Why should anyone else respect democracy when Parliament has demonstrated that it refuses to do the same?

Through this very act, these parliamentarians are legislating against their own people. Themselves. They are wantonly choosing to relinquish responsibility for the future and there is now a serious danger that power will fall into a vacuum and end up hurting us all very badly, simply because selfishness has made these people will fully blind.

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