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As we see the decision of MPs to override the will of the People over Brexit made manifest, now with the support of the Courts, one can only wonder if any of them are self aware enough to ask themselves was it worth it?

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Many of us have suspected if not already known that the Country has been in trouble for a long time. Since before Brexit in fact. And that it’s been the political class and their very own brand of self interest that has been the root cause of it all.

Since the Brexit Vote in June 2016, we have seen a great many questionable things taking place in Parliament. Made all the worse because the Public’s attention has been increasingly drawn to what our so-called representatives of the people have been doing as time has moved along with nothing meaningful actually going on.

Over three years in and with a series of delays to the departure date for the UK Leaving the EU and the non-responsibility of a political class that genuinely believes it knows better than the people that put it in power, one thing has been made crystal clear to us all.

To this Parliament of MPs that as a majority have no regard for democracy, all options are open when it comes to achieving just one thing: The overturn of Brexit and our permanent subjugation to the EU – which make no mistake is a foreign power, albeit one dressed up as being all manner of seemingly attractive yet very misleading things.

Of course, breaking the system of Government in the UK always part of the EU’s bigger agenda, as it is still the case within the structures of other Countries that have chosen to remain part of it.

The aim is the control of everything. All under the cloak of trade and lip service paid to a more enlightened form of democracy that under this regime of autocratic empire builder has and never will exist.

We have need to look no further that the damage that their plans has caused the UK through the devolved ‘solutions’ in Scotland and Wales that were put into being by New Labour and Tony Blair.

Make no mistake, it was the EU that loaded the gun that brought questions of ‘independence’ to the united parts of our great Land. It was just the very ambitious Blair who fired it and in all likelihood still doesn’t understand what the whole exercise was really for.

In recent months and years, the reality that almost our whole political class is ready and waiting to sell us out to the EU has become increasingly clear.

Whether it’s fear, ineptitude or their simple inability to actually lead with the power they have been entrusted with, it is perhaps only time that will enable us all to understand what the purpose of this great betrayal and sell-out was actually for.

Today, the joke that was never funny has gone a step too far.

The question of who actually rules our democracy has openly come into question. Yet the answer has been focused on the Courts and not the EU.

Our democracy – or rather the lie that has been for many years coercively forced upon us has formally been undermined.

Whilst the result of this action might not become immediately apparent, we can be sure that it certainly will.

The only way that the problem can now ever be resolved is if we remove ourselves completely from this rotten form of government and the politicians that have created it too.

The defining step has to be a full, clean and uncompromised exit from the EU.

Change is coming – that much has never been so sure.

We can only hope that the road we take to get there doesnt soon start to affect us all in very non-political and potentially hard hitting ways.

If Brexit had been accepted and managed properly by Government and all of the MPs we have elected from the moment that the decision was made, the inevitable challenges and difficulties that we would have faced by choosing that the UK’s destiny goes a different way would have been kept to the minimum and could have been mitigated in many well-thought out ways.

Instead, the selfishness of this political class has inflicted unnecessarily all of the bad decisions, challenges and difficulties that may befall us – simply because there have forced upon us undemocratically the decision to go a completely different way.

With Brexit now having been used as the excuse to bring into question our existing system of Law, and we see the decision of MPs to override the will of the People made manifest, one can only wonder if any of them are self aware enough to ask themselves was it worth it?

The Supreme Court has lit the fuse on a time bomb sitting under our democracy and whole system of government too

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The legal profession in the UK has been its own worst enemy for a long time.

Whilst reform has been long overdue in probably every area of Law, like most devices linked to the rule of Government in this Country, the breaks have been plastered over again and again and the system has repeatedly failed all of us.

Like politics itself, the people with responsibility have either forgotten or overlooked what’s right for everyone and replaced it with whats right for them in some or other mitigated form.

Perfect judgement of anything is rarely possible, because it is impossible to be aware of or understand all of the facts. And by facts we must not exclude non-material evidence, because thinking itself would also be taken into consideration if the perfect judgement were genuinely the aimed-for thing.

For practical reasons that include the functioning of what we consider to be a ‘normal‘ or civilised society, it is necessary for the Law to work set against a framework of Laws, precedents and past Judgements as a guide to identify the milestones and benchmarks of legal circumstances and know that a decision is being made against the ‘right’ things.

When it comes to matters that sit outside precedent or the Law making of our Government, it stands to reason that the highest Court in the Land which is now the Supreme Court, should be consulted and be asked to consider what precedent to set upon  those things.

Yet the dynamics of the relationship between primary Law makers (Government, ultimately representing the People) and the administrators of the Law (The Judiciary, ultimately representing the Government) is one that should never be impinged.

To do so brings into question where the power of our democracy ultimately falls.

The ruling by the Supreme Court today against the Government that the current Prorogation of Parliament was unlawful has stepped over a fundamental fault line in the way that our system of Democracy has previously been successful and worked.

Laws have been created under the power of the electorate via the ballot box, through the election of representatives of the people.

Until today, we have not been a Country that has been under the rule of the Courts.

As I outlined in a recent blog, there can be no suggestion that Boris Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament was absolutely right. But the circumstances which led him to the place where he made that decision were simply unprecedented too.

There should have been acknowledgement from the Supreme Court that the nature of the circumstances that have led to the Prorogation have themselves led to the experience for both the Government and the Courts.

Regrettably, the Judges of the Supreme Court have not done this. And our concern should now be what impression this will leave in people’s minds when we know that the way that politics works is broken and that change is an inevitable thing.

We have a Parliament that has refused to obey the will of the people by enacting the instruction of a democratic vote; refused to go back to the people when a confirmatory vote in the form of a General Election was offered – not just once, but twice, and has now encouraged the highest Court in the land to intervene in support of what at best can only be called their very questionable actions. All without the people being allowed to become involved in the process and being allowed democratically give their view on whats been happening, without Parliament first taking every step it believes that it can, to stack the deck in its favour of being returned en masse in order to frustrate once again the meaning of that original 2016 European Referendum Vote.

As those who have taken the time to study the steps and pathways that dictators take to power will already know, one of the first things they look to destroy or take control of is the system of Law and the Judiciary.

With the state of our so-called democracy being in the condition that it is and the self-serving behaviour of our MPs wrecking the whole concept of a working democracy in the way that it is, it is arguably the case that the combined efforts of all the people who should know better at the top of our establishment may have just combined to give any would-be dictator just cause.


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Qualified academically or not, we are all capable of greatness or of being complete and utter fools

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images (15)As humans we love difference. We love difference so much, we use it as a way to qualify other people by colour, gender, sexual orientation, financial and material wealth, social background, taste, appearance and in many other ways too.

Many of the benchmarks that we carry within our own personal make up as we attribute a value to others are unconscious or to the world outside us, secret from everyone’s view.

And the fact that we effectively make the judgements connected with our way of thinking behind closed doors, means that no matter how hard do-gooders attempt to legislate or rather control our behaviour, controlling other people’s thinking at a personal or very private level is a battle that even the most politically correct amongst us will never actually win.

So obsessed have we become with being able to legitimise our qualification of others when it suits us to do so, we have found it easy to use the markers that society legitimately provides to create yet another set of differences between ourselves and other people. One that stands far outside the purpose for which that system was intended, and the help that it was originally intended to provide.

For a long time, academic qualification has increasingly been used as the preferred way to distinguish the ability, attitude, application, intelligence and any number of other things about an individual that to the audience can be used to distinguish the capability of a person and whether for the purpose they are being considered, they are ‘qualified’ or not.

By-passing the cold, hard reality that academic qualifications, whether it be a GCSE, A’Level, Graduate Degree, Masters or Phd is simply another benchmark created in some particular persons (usually an academic’s) thoughts, the elephants of our society have fallen head over heels in to the trap of believing that academic standards portray the genuine quality or value of each and every individual or person. 

They do not.

Yesterday, we witnessed the power of these maleficent social anchors at their horrifying worst, when Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner was ridiculed for having what are considered to be 4 very poor GCSEs and academically speaking, no more.

Whilst Labour and their principle spokesperson for Education demonstrate little credibility in terms of the policies they have been putting forward with an eye on the upcoming General Election at their Party Conference this week, there are few of us outside of Westminster who could list with fingers on one hand, the number of politicians from any one Political Party who we could hand-on-heart consider credibly, when it comes to fulfilling their roles properly, and being good representatives of the people too.

Perception is everything. Particularly so when it comes to the influences on our thinking and lives that is played out on social media and TV.

Just because an MP or politician looks good on camera, comes across as confident, sounds competent or can boast an academic cv that included Eton, Oxford or wherever it may be from, it is simply a fact that the reality and truth may be – and in the case of many of our sitting MPs – is that they are not ‘qualified’ by or by being any such thing.

Because we have learned and increasingly been conditioned against the value of the substance of life experience and the practical understanding of people, business, community, their experiences and views that time in the real world gaining knowledge of different situations brings, we have reached a stage where we look for things that make high-profile people stand out for all the wrong reasons, mistakenly thinking that they are right.

There is some rich irony in the fact that it was the Labour Government of 1997-2010 that pushed the envelope of qualification bias to its currently accepted extreme by suggesting that it was not only possible, but should be the case that everyone has a degree.

This malignant and ill-conceived step has itself contributed the biggest change in perception about what qualifies any person.

It has pushed us all much further away from regarding each and every other individual as being equal and the same.

Furthermore, the meddling of Angela Rayner’s political predecessors when in Government bears much of the responsibility for the commercialisation of Higher Education. The rancid truth being that many young people have been condemned to financial servitude by a past Labour Government by being encouraged to take degrees that nobody in industry values.

Others are being left behind simply because they are excluded by the perversion of a system that frowns upon anyone who is not academically inclined, or because they know that a lifetime of debt is not something that they can realistically afford.

Education in its real sense, is only partially academic in its make up. No matter how any person is educated, they are equally capable of greatness or of behaving like fools. And the suggestion that people are only capable of anything great if they have good academic qualifications is a premise that is fundamentally flawed.

When we finally have a Government led by politicians who are responsible and not so easily led, the hard decisions over the way that we educate and support our young people will be addressed properly.

The focus will be brought back to the basic reality that as teenagers, we are pretty much all either ‘heads’ or ‘hands’. 

Once we value the fact that not everyone in their early teens is either ready or able to spend at least another 7 years in books, we can then get back to providing a real option of parallel educational – not academic pathways – that developed properly with business and the opportunities that Leaving the EU will give us, will mean that rewarding lives for people whatever their background and birth, will for a great many more of them be fully assured.


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