As we see the decision of MPs to override the will of the People over Brexit made manifest, now with the support of the Courts, one can only wonder if any of them are self aware enough to ask themselves was it worth it?

Many of us have suspected if not already known that the Country has been in trouble for a long time. Since before Brexit in fact. And that it’s been the political class and their very own brand of self interest that has been the root cause of it all.

Since the Brexit Vote in June 2016, we have seen a great many questionable things taking place in Parliament. Made all the worse because the Public’s attention has been increasingly drawn to what our so-called representatives of the people have been doing as time has moved along with nothing meaningful actually going on.

Over three years in and with a series of delays to the departure date for the UK Leaving the EU and the non-responsibility of a political class that genuinely believes it knows better than the people that put it in power, one thing has been made crystal clear to us all.

To this Parliament of MPs that as a majority have no regard for democracy, all options are open when it comes to achieving just one thing: The overturn of Brexit and our permanent subjugation to the EU – which make no mistake is a foreign power, albeit one dressed up as being all manner of seemingly attractive yet very misleading things.

Of course, breaking the system of Government in the UK always part of the EU’s bigger agenda, as it is still the case within the structures of other Countries that have chosen to remain part of it.

The aim is the control of everything. All under the cloak of trade and lip service paid to a more enlightened form of democracy that under this regime of autocratic empire builder has and never will exist.

We have need to look no further that the damage that their plans has caused the UK through the devolved ‘solutions’ in Scotland and Wales that were put into being by New Labour and Tony Blair.

Make no mistake, it was the EU that loaded the gun that brought questions of ‘independence’ to the united parts of our great Land. It was just the very ambitious Blair who fired it and in all likelihood still doesn’t understand what the whole exercise was really for.

In recent months and years, the reality that almost our whole political class is ready and waiting to sell us out to the EU has become increasingly clear.

Whether it’s fear, ineptitude or their simple inability to actually lead with the power they have been entrusted with, it is perhaps only time that will enable us all to understand what the purpose of this great betrayal and sell-out was actually for.

Today, the joke that was never funny has gone a step too far.

The question of who actually rules our democracy has openly come into question. Yet the answer has been focused on the Courts and not the EU.

Our democracy – or rather the lie that has been for many years coercively forced upon us has formally been undermined.

Whilst the result of this action might not become immediately apparent, we can be sure that it certainly will.

The only way that the problem can now ever be resolved is if we remove ourselves completely from this rotten form of government and the politicians that have created it too.

The defining step has to be a full, clean and uncompromised exit from the EU.

Change is coming – that much has never been so sure.

We can only hope that the road we take to get there doesnt soon start to affect us all in very non-political and potentially hard hitting ways.

If Brexit had been accepted and managed properly by Government and all of the MPs we have elected from the moment that the decision was made, the inevitable challenges and difficulties that we would have faced by choosing that the UK’s destiny goes a different way would have been kept to the minimum and could have been mitigated in many well-thought out ways.

Instead, the selfishness of this political class has inflicted unnecessarily all of the bad decisions, challenges and difficulties that may befall us – simply because there have forced upon us undemocratically the decision to go a completely different way.

With Brexit now having been used as the excuse to bring into question our existing system of Law, and we see the decision of MPs to override the will of the People made manifest, one can only wonder if any of them are self aware enough to ask themselves was it worth it?


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