If MPs are successful installing Corbyn as ‘caretaker’ PM, they’d better hope there are public servants willing to oppose and stand in the way of a Prime Minister for the right reasons, rather than for self-serving ones too

There are brilliant memes that are doing the rounds at the moment making light of the UK’s democratic demise. The MPs seeking to inflict their own ideas upon us should take note that the best jokes relate to how people really feel about the subject. They should note that the will of the majority of the People is an unalterable truth.

It would appear that we are currently being governed not by the Prime Minister, but by a quasi-government. One constructed of a Remain-collective-opposition, aided and abetted by the Courts. Effectively barricaded in Parliament, completely at peace with themselves and their reasoning, everything that they do and that they have done. Rejecting the opportunity of gaining a democratic mandate in a General Election, so confident are they that what they do is right – no matter what it is that they actually do.

Living in fear that the Prime Minister of the Government they are holding hostage could actually have found a legal loophole that could prevent them from achieving their manipulative aims, these non-representative MPs are today considering the option of putting the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn as a temporary ‘caretaker’ PM into No10.

There’s little point in protesting about the morality of what these power grabbers are doing. Or in attempting to reason with them in the hope that they would then understand that they only think they have control over events that will follow every decision they make and what the consequences might then be.

These Remain-obsessed MPs have already demonstrated very well that they are only prepared to do what they believe to be right for them. Not what’s right for us all.

The problem with such unbridled levels of stupidy and the ignorance that underpins the decisions that they have already and now intend to make, is that they have absolutely no respect for the realities of consequence – that are out of anyone’s control – from the moment that the decision has been made.

Placing a power-crazed Marxist in No10, might seem like an expedient and inconsequential idea to those who believe that this is how they can thwart Brexit yet again.

To them its just a case of how the political stitch-up of all stitch ups will come to fruition and finally be made.

Yet the example they have given Corbyn over recent months and weeks – that is when it comes to riding roughshod over every kind of constitutional rule possible to achieve their aims – will only have served to demonstrate to Labour’s Marxist Leader that he will not have any problem rubbishing the framework of rules that is now in freefall around him.

Corbyn will have seen that the ground has been well prepared for what under his premiership would be set to come. He will know that circumstances will now allow him to simply brush away any foolish notion that his time in No10 will be anything like a temporary stay.

The fools now planning to do this have no idea what drives this man or the people who surround him, and how ruthless they will be in keeping power once they have it.

These MPs think Corbyn would be responsible when it comes to respecting the principles of democracy. The very same ones that they themselves have so publicly ignored.

However, they and their officially autocratic chums at the EU would soon have a rude awakening when they wake up one morning to discover that the prospect of the capitalist gem of Singapore-on-Thames that Brussels so fears as fallout from the UK Leaving, will have been replaced by the reality of a Socialist wasteland that is Europe’s New Venezuela, twinned with the DPRK. All as a direct result of them destroying democracy and meddling with everything.

Many of the self-serving MPs who have put keeping the UK in the EU not only above the will of the people, but also above everything else they misuse their responsibility to do, do not have any idea what a man with this ideology is capable of.

If they should succeed at giving Corbyn power at any level, it is safe to assume that he and his supporters will do anything and everything to take much more.

Jeremy Corbyn is a fan of revolt and of revolution. Not as a way to change anything for the better for everyone else as his propaganda tells us. But as a method of grabbing absolute power so that he can further and completely embed his own malevolent cause.

The MPs that now consider facilitating this have neither respect for the power they possess, nor the people who entrusted it to them. They would simply gift the power that they therefore do not understand or value to him by installing him in No10.

And at some future moment after they did so, when the gravity of the mistake they have made manifests and the penny begins to drop, they may well consider themselves at that point lucky only to have been put up against a wall and shot.

Yes, it might all sound very far-fetched as we sit here reading the troubling stories from within what many do not see are the dying embers of our once democratic reality. We all still cling to the belief that nothing could ever really change.

But if these abusers of the Public trust should successfully remove Boris and make Corbyn their temporary PM, they had better hope that there are others in positions of responsibility who are in possession of the principles that they are not.

They should hope that there are public servants at the top of government, the emergency and security services and of the military too, who would be willing to oppose and stand in the way of a Prime Minister for the right reasons.

They must hope that these executives will be prepared to put themselves at significant personal risk. And that they will do so, rather than following the example that this Remain-collective of a quasi government has set them, which is nothing less than ‘this is all about me, me, ME’ and based on the example of ‘do as I say, don’t do as I do’.

The very people whom we the People have trusted to run our Country; to do what’s right for all of us and to keep us safe, are – through their own ineptitude and the abuse of the offices that they have been entrusted with – inviting in a very dark and significant change – simply through their actions and their ignorance – that they are unable to see.

Let us hope that just a few of those who have facilitated this mess by carrying the number of votes in Parliament across the opposition line, now have sense enough not to allow the ridiculous concept of Corbyn being reasoned enough to take over as a ‘caretaker’ PM go through.

Because we can be sure that a man like this will not have the responsibility, morality and self-control to leave that once respected post when his time is supposed to be through.


image thanks to the person who created it and put it out on the web





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