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Yes, the ‘news’ is bullshit. Presenters and journalists are just upset because they don’t realise they are projecting their own opinion instead of fact

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The truth is the truth, no matter what your argument might be. And whilst the media love to hate Dominic Cummings to the point of distraction right now, he certainly spoke truth to power when he stated this week that he doesn’t watch the news because it’s bullshit.

With no small hint of irony, the Naga Munchetty debate that has inflamed over her BBC reprimand this week actually proves the point very well that presenters, journalists and pundits – the ‘opinionati’ – have completely lost sight of what news actually is and where their opinion begins or more importantly – should end.

At a time when fake news and the influence that it has via social media has come so clearly into question – particularly where influence on politics is concerned – it is perhaps a very timely reminder that the mainstream news channels and mediums do not receive anything like the scrutiny over the quality of their content that they should.

The reality is that fake news, bullshit and opinion have become pretty much inextricably linked.

It is now only the source and the profile that it has which misleadingly suggests legitimacy where well-known broadcasters are concerned. And made to make the dubious suggestion that they are not the same as other bullshitters or that they come even remotely close.

Just like the politicians who are currently torching our democracy, the opinionati have lost the ability to understand the difference between fact and what they themselves think.

The intoxicating effect of being elevated in the public eye has affected them all just the same.

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