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Boris’ audacity might just win a majority. But with many of the same MPs returning, it will not be enough to get Brexit done

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We are no longer a Country run by democracy. Today we are a land where anything goes.

Any politician left in Parliament today who intends to do whatever they genuinely can to uphold any principle of democracy and to deliver Brexit, must now realise that the rules have changed significantly. That to survive in the long term, they themselves will have to change – that is, if they can.

The shibboleths of the old politics are no longer acceptable to the British People. They have gone for good.

And so our Prime Minister Boris Johnson is faced with some stark realities. Realities that he cannot expect to dodge.

That is if he intends to see a proper Brexit delivered. Then open the doors to the opportunities that lie beyond that have the power to bring this Country such good.

Whilst few of us are openly prepared to talk about it, there is a stark reality now at work.

A storm cloud is brewing around everything to do with government in this Country. How politicians are elected. How they should be qualified and their motives tested. How we can ensure that the people elected to represent us will do the job that was intended. How we make sure that self interest holding the levers of power is history and no longer continues to be the norm.

The leap from where we now stand to a reasoned political future can sound very simple. But when we still have a Parliament that is overpopulated by MPs who want to frustrate Brexit and maintain what to them has been a highly beneficial status quo, the realisation will have to soon dawn for us all and not least of all Boris Johnson, that focusing on delivering upon the task in hand is the first and only step that must immediately be taken.

Plans and grand strategies for politicians to take the steps now to secure their power after this, that and just about anything else has happened in the future, simply now have to be put on hold.

Brexit offers the significant opportunity that we have been waiting for, to put so many of the things that have been going wrong in this Country right.

But to do so, the Government that leads us as we Leave the EU must not only ensure that the UK Leaves without any restrictive deal, strings or ties; they must also be able to keep everything moving in the right direction. Until turbulence and the challenges that we will face as we take control of our own destiny have come to a clear end.

Regrettably, the political party model that we currently have, the dynamic in parliament and the impact of what the Remain-collective-opposition has done has ensured – not even with polls moving significantly towards Boris and ‘No Deal’ – that no one can be sure of the result when the General Election comes.

The problem isn’t just about winning seats. It’s both the number of seats and the propriety of the politicians involved.

And because many of the same politicians that are responsible for many of the problems this Country is facing right now – that only include Brexit – are seeking to return, we cannot be sure that the change for the better will come or even be possible after the General Eection, unless an unwavering commitment to a genuine no deal Brexit and all steps necessary to achieving it are now made and the decks cleared to ensure that it is delivered for everyone.

Boris and the team around him – despite the audacity of the approach they have employed – cannot guarantee that the General Election can be won with the Brexit Party still in play.

SPOILER ALERT: The Brexit Party is not going away.

The dynamic of the demographics that support both the revitalised ‘leave’ Conservative Party under Boris and the Brexit Party are different enough that if they exist on a Ballot paper as alternative options for Leave Voters in enough Parliamentary Seats, there is no way that either Party can actually win.

Boris is doing an excellent job of trying to be more Brexit than the Brexit Party. But the Brexit Party currently possesses a demographic that will remain loyal to Nigel Farage and the purist option, simply because without the Brexit Party support or endorsement, supporting the Conservatives in any form simply has too many risks for them involved.

Brexiteers are either heads, hearts or floating voters.

The heads follow the Tories.

The Brexit Party and Nigel Farage are supported by the hearts.

The significant number of Leave supporters that float between will on Election Day put a cross in the box against the name of the Party they think most likely to get the result. To get Brexit delivered. To get Brexit done.

Because of the nature of the situation we are now in, the choice that Boris has is to either cling to the wreckage of what he hoped would be the Johnson era of Conservative Glory and go down in flames with the rest of the Country. Or take the practical step of joining up with the Brexit Party in an electoral pact that can win the General Election whilst demonstrating a very different kind of leadership. So that the will is thereafter present in Parliament to whether the storm through our departure and then clear the decks for the new politics that must now begin.

This is a far from perfect situation. There are arguably very good reasons not to want the Brexit Party involved.

Boris and his Conservative Brexiteers can refuse to understand and accept that it is the utilisation of what all Leavers have in common that will equip him with everything that today he doesn’t have.

But if they do so, they must also then accept that the alternative is to be stitched up by this Remain-collective-opposition and that they will watch from the opposition benches as it emerges from the General Election with nothing less than what was an avoidable endorsement that they will sell to the public as being legitimacy. Ready and willing to weld us into the EU forever as they sweep away any ideas of real democracy every being returned to the UK aside.

Many are impressed by your leadership so far Boris. You are beginning to make the Remain-collective-opposition convulse and shake. But if you really want to get Brexit done and deliver for the People, you need to work with Farage to give us that break. 

It’s time to take that leap of faith.




Disregarding the will of the People is bad enough. But colluding with a foreign power to continue doing so is treachery at best

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The false outrage that the Remain-collective opposition have been demonstrating against Boris Johnson and Brexiteers this week is a Trojan horse campaign for them. Simply because it has become useful for them to brand words that accurately describe their actions truthfully as being offensive – just so the MPs actively engaged in wrecking this Country can continue their malevolence unhindered and without any hint of shame.

Boris was being much more honest with his words than the would-be-government-in-waiting has been with everything they are doing when he used the term surrender to described what would be the overall outcome from the fruition of their plans.

So with the suggestion now circulating that their ‘leaders’ have been colluding with French Officials and the EU to draw up a new strategy to secure a further delay to Brexit, to appoint a stooge EU Commissioner and empower the Speaker to bypass No10, it is time to accept that such action is the behaviour of traitors. And treachery has long been the unspoken undercurrent of this whole sell-out to the EU game.

The EU has intentionally and very effectively drip fed us the concept that they are the true nation state that we should all be looking to. That the UK is just a collective of insignificant Regions and nothing more.

For the ambitious and self-serving amongst us – of which our political system and Parliament is now full – there has been no question of loyalty when it has come to identifying the ‘nation state’ to which they should align their own selfish cause.

Our system of Government has trustingly allowed them to do not only this, but to also facilitate the backwash of legislation and change that has helped to condition people unconsciously into believing that full alignment with the EU is not only inevitable, but is doing the right thing – all via what we didn’t realise was a legislative open door.

There is no question that we should be able to expect far more from the people we have elected. Loyalty to the UK itself above all.

What has happened instead is they have become intoxicated by the idea of the power and the glory that the EU offers, whilst overlooking the practical consequences and impacts that an autocratic government cause. A system of governance that takes power further away from the people whilst using little more than bribes and emotional manipulation to suggest that all of us are getting much more.

The inescapable truth is that the United Kingdom is still a Nation State.

We are a Country with our own way and ways of doing things.

Above all, we the People believe in our democracy. Our right for it to be honoured and maintained. And we have trusted that we would not be robbed of our democratic control.

But the people elected to lead us only recognise what has become their own alternative view of what democracy means. That is why our system of government is in such a mess today,

The EU has always been successful because it is driven by idealism in strategy and in the bureaucratic lawmaking that originates at its Brussels core.

Idealism appeals to the metropolitan elites and those shielded from the harder realities of normal life. People who want nothing more than a warm and snuggly feeling of self-righteousness as they go to bed at night that can only come from the arrogance of believing that only the academically educated and financially rich know what’s right for a whole Country which their behaviour suggests they see as a commodity that they own.

Such levels of idealism wheeled out as public policy have serious long term consequences for us all.

And it’s the real people out here living lives that these MPs have neither an appreciation of nor the will to obtain it – when they were given the opportunity to tell the Government how they feel – voted democratically as a majority to Leave the EU.

We voted to Leave the EU, not with talk or endorsement of any deal or of any ongoing obligations.

The British People said we want out. That’s what’s we expect. Nothing more.

The impact of our long-term membership of the EU has in no small part led to and created Brexit. Yet this Remain-collective-opposition is so fixated on its own superiority of thought, they believe they have the right to commit a whole Country – without any mandate – to not only the same, but a lot more.

Treachery at any level is driven by self interest. That’s why in this case, the reality of what MPs are doing has now become so easy to define.

These MPs are so sure of the justification and legitimacy of their actions, they have broken cover an are now completely in the open. Showing the people who gave them power, nothing more than complete and utter contempt.

The process of becoming indoctrinated by the world and the information around us is excusable for those who have busy lives and no time to think.

But we elect MPs and politicians to know better. To read, research and understand the implications of everything that happens at government level. To put all of our interests first – because outside of Parliament we don’t.

They have not only failed us. They are actively selling us out.

This means they are either too ignorant and unlearned to understand what the EU represents or what it is doing. Or they are knowingly betraying the people they represent to further what is nothing less than a Foreign Power’s cause.

Either way, these MPs are unfit to govern or to represent the British Public in any way.

We may have moved on from the time when traitors were hung, drawn and quartered. But letting them continue to destroy our Country by continuing to have any further influence on the destiny of our Country is simply not something we should allow them to do.

We must rid ourselves of this unconstitutional, sell-out and insidious Parliament as quickly as possible.

We must replace them with leadership that actually loves, respects and believes in this Country and accepts that the pathway and destiny that the People of the UK have democratically chosen for us all in the UK will not be as a member of the EU.


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