Labour’s plan to impose yet more regulations on business that prioritise wages and employee conditions will help nobody – least of all the employees themselves

GE2019aOne of the most regular topics that people bring up when we discuss politics is an inherent disbelief in the attraction of Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour Party for many younger people and others who seem to have become intoxicated by the socialist cause.

Sadly, calling people names or making a joke of their beliefs – however much you might question those beliefs yourself – doesn’t actually settle the issue. In fact it can be highly counterproductive and end up doing a lot of damage to your own cause.

Socialism is attractive to younger and idealistic people because everything it stands for is idealistic.

Young people are idealistic by nature, simply because the practicalities of life and reality have not yet got in the way.

There are also many adults who have also been hurt and felt pain from trying to live and make their way in a horrible world that offers very simple and obvious answers to what are actually very complex problems when they are looking around for someone to blame.

Labour and Jeremy Corbyn as their leader have, are and will continue – either by design or through ignorance of the practicalities of the world – to sell solutions to the problems we face that sound very attractive to those looking for the world to be the place that it should be, rather than accepting the world as the place that it actually is.

Idealism, by its nature, doesn’t deal with consequence.

Idealism is an easy tool for cynical politicians to use in their bid to secure power.

Idealism I’m politics peddles the myth that you can simply create perfect outcomes through legislation, whilst overlooking the real outcomes that are guaranteed to come from all the changes that would or will be involved.

One of the policy areas in which Labour have already began playing fast and loose with truth and reality in this General Election campaign, has been with their continuation of their attack on wage levels and zero hours contracts. All without any recognition of what the impact of their idealistic assault on wages would actually involve.

Let me be clear here before I continue. There is no doubt that people in the lowest paid jobs should earn enough – after the tax and contributions that each of us should fairly make – to feed, cloth and home themselves, transport themselves to wherever life requires that they need to be, and that they should be able to do all of this without having to go into any form of debt.

But that is not the result that we will experience from Labour playing politics in this way.

Yes. In this context, a promise to push up wages to a level that appears to reflect a living wage sounds like a great policy – particularly if you are one of the millions of employees currently on about £8 an hour, thinking about what an extra £2 an hour spread out over a week or month in your pay packet would involve.

But what it doesn’t tell you about is what the impact would be on the businesses who employee people who cannot immediately push up their prices to accommodate what would probably be the cost of around at least £100 per week or £433 per month per individual employee.

Most of the businesses involved and impacted by thoughtless policies like these would not be the commercial leviathans that Labour would have us all think.

They are the small and medium sized enterprises run by the self employed, families and perhaps a few partners that form the back bone of UK commercial enterprises.

Businesses that don’t have the impossibly large profit margins that these ignorant politicians think exist within every privately owned company and would in their minds eye make the rise in employee costs very simple to absorb.

The fallout for the businesses which this policy roll-out would impact the most would be the loss of jobs, perhaps even the closure of those very same businesses – whilst pushing all the business they lose or are then unable to service to the very companies that Labour want to destroy with their hate in the first place.

These reckless policies are akin to little more than putting a sticking plaster on a broken leg whilst doing nothing about the cause of the fall.

Yes, we desperately need a Government that can see and respond to the hardship and pain that People are really facing.

But Labour and their socialist idealism aren’t it.

The response from Government needs to be both appropriate and meaningful.

Getting wages to a level where the poorest can be self-sufficient in every way is a much bigger problem than simply paying people more today and then sitting back and watching the usual suspects raise the price of everything in only weeks and months ahead to the point where the wage earner will quickly wonder what or rather who the wage rise was actually for.

The harsh reality and truth underpinning all of our Political Parties today is that none of them are equipped with the policies, philosophy, understanding, motivation or direction to know what having the responsibility of being in government is really there for.

Problems like these are influenced and effected by, and influence and effect many more. They cannot be addressed in isolation and good politicians will appreciate that dealing with any and all of them requires so much more.

These problems will not be solved by clinging to any of the political tribalism or philosophies of the past.

They will not be addressed by the left or by the right and they are certainly not the preserve of the political centre.

In fact, the kind of government that will address and solve all the problems like these is not even on offer in this General Election today.

Until we have top-to-bottom reform of the political system and everything that exists within it, the injustice in our society is simply set to remain.


Boris COULD have taken the UK out of the EU today, but he chose to go his own way

The General Election Campaign is already well underway and on day 2 – or 42 days until the Polls open, the egos are already puffing up in front of the cameras and the lies, myths and general economies with the truth are now in play with full force.

Of course, today is Halloween. The 31st of October 2019. The second date that we had waited months for and upon which the UK was supposed to Leave the EU.

But we haven’t.

And with the next date for Leaving the EU now set as 31st January 2020, the might of the Conservative political machine is being aimed at refuting any suggestion that Boris Johnson had any choice over the question of further delay, and that our current continuing position of what is beginning to feel like being in perpetual abeyance, was, has been and only ever will be the fault of those who want to frustrate Brexit and see the UK Remain.

Yes, in no small part, the ‘Remain Alliance’ does indeed take much of the responsibility for the position that the UK is now in.

But to say that Boris had absolutely no choice and that the decision over the UK Leaving the EU today was taken completely out of his hands is at best a betrayal of the truth and at worst an outright lie.

As we roll on through a process like Brexit, is is easy to overlook that what we are experiencing isn’t just one, but a whole series of different events. All of them interconnected. Any one of them with the potential to rewrite the pathway of everything that follows afterwards, just like the concept of the butterfly effect.

Whilst it seems like long-term history now, the reason that it is disingenuous of Boris and the spin doctors around him to suggest that there was no way to avoid a further Brexit deal, is that when the new Prime Minister took up his new Office in July, he could have chosen to go a very different way.

It is important not to overlook the difficulties and the challenges that Boris inherited from his predecessor Theresa May. Not least of all the hung Parliament constructed of a majority of MPs who have been, still are and after the General Election – if reelected – will be hellbent on Remaining in the EU.

But challenges aside, Boris’ choice was to either do the right thing, or to do all the things that he has done.

The right thing would have been to accept immediately on his appointment as Prime Minister that without a majority in Parliament of Brexit supporting MPs, he was never actually going to get Brexit done.

Yes, reaching out immediately to the Electorate would have been an imposing task for anyone at that point. But with the frustration, despair and downright anger with politicians, what politicians are and have been doing, and the clear absence of any majority in Parliament of MPs who simply want to do all the things that they should, the Electorate would have been a very fertile seed bed for new ideas, new energy, new direction – and above all, taking politics a new way.

By now, not only could Boris have reengaged a disenfranchised Electorate with a very new kind of inclusive and dynamic Manifesto, he could have actually held and won the General Election that any Prime Minister intent on delivering Brexit would have needed – and today we would have left the EU without any kind of binding deal and BREXIT WOULD HAVE BEEN DONE.

Instead, Boris chose to go his own way.

He didn’t look at the political terrain for all that it was and was likely to become.

He didn’t put the People and our Country first.

He chose to go pretty much the same way and create a Brexit in name only deal like May.

He has repeatedly taken what for him appears to be the easiest way.

And so today, on the day the UK should have left the EU, we still no nearer to achieving Brexit.

Don’t blame the Americans for doing what the Americans do. Worry about the people who have been appointed to negotiate with them – because it’s their ineptitude and self-interest that will cause us hurt

So we are straight into the 2019 General Election Campaign and somebody in the Labour Policy Office watched the Channel 4 Dispatches Programme earlier this week on the Americans hoping to leverage open the pharmaceuticals market as part of a post-Brexit Trade Deal.

Should we be surprised that this is what US business interests want? No – of course not. This is exactly what they do.

All the concerns that the C4 Documentary flagged are real. But they are also replicated in the approach and mentality of big businesses across the world covering all forms of services and goods. It is inevitable that if the people going into negotiations with others have money as their god, they are not going to care about the fallout from any deal they make or the consequences for others, no matter what they are and no matter how many times removed.

What we should be more concerned about is the lack of understanding of big business, global markets and the impact of their actions on the economy on the part of our politicians, and just as importantly the people who they and the Civil Service may appoint in future to negotiate on our behalf.

We witnessed how high level negotiations go wrong – or rather how their direction goes to a location it shouldn’t – with the negotiations over Theresa May’s failed Brexit Withdrawal Agreement.

The process was carried out by people who were purposefully looking to frustrate the Brexit result. They were working with others whose main aim was to frustrate the Brexit result. It was all was overseen by a PM who ultimately wanted to frustrate the Brexit result. That’s why we still haven’t had Brexit.

Good negotiators usually get whatever they are aiming for or walk away.

But what they are aiming for will either be overt or hidden. It will never be both.

And that’s the biggest problem we now have as we look into a world of opportunity – once a meaningful Brexit has been delivered.

If negotiations between the UK and Countries such as the USA are always carried out on the basis of considering all consequences and knock on effects – as part of the process of negotiating deals which only work in our best interests – there will never be a problem – and in this specific case, pharmaceuticals are unlikely to ever be put on the table or involved.

But if negotiations take place on the basis of simple political expediency or just the benefits on the table for the negotiators involved, we will ALL be in a depth of trouble post-Brexit, like we have never been in before.





The Leave constituency is ‘heads’, ‘hearts’ or ‘let’s back whoever is most likely to deliver’. If there is a choice of Brexit Candidates, Leavers will not all be voting the same


Something feels different about the General Election that is now coming on Thursday 12th December. But it’s not the issue fatigue we have with Brexit. It’s not the anger that so many of us have with those MPs who have been dragging out and obstructing a democratic decision for their own personal gain. It’s not even the time of year, the dark-early nights, wintery chills or the prospect of going to the Polling Station on a December night.

The thing that feels so different about this General Election is the cold, hard reality that things could very easily turn out on Friday 13th December to be a whole lot worse than they are today, and at best, that they could simply turn out to be exactly the same.

Our MPs, Politicians and their Political Parties haven’t yet really began to understand and certainly not to accept just how badly they have overlooked the Electorate that they have also so severely misjudged.

The propaganda wins that the political classes were once used to and could look ahead to during the early days of an Election Campaign as being a sure thing are no longer theirs to grab.

These politicians will never again score what now look like the mythical home-runs that only two decades ago seemed to be assured for the main Political Parties in a General Election. That is until they change the way they are approaching their responsibilities and completely recalibrate their system of respect for the concept of governance and what it means to represent the British Public and the interests of our Country at large.

No, the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats can no longer be assured that People are going to vote for them just because of who they are.

A realignment in politics is underway. And what is now going to become a Leave vs Remain General Election in December will only be the start.

Whilst Boris Johnson’s Policy on Brexit is not the clean, no-deal Exit from the EU that we Voted for in 2016, many People will approach their choice of who to Vote for on the basis that it is. The polls currently reflect this too.

But some of those who are currently backing Boris’ Conservatives have not yet woken to the reality that his plan and their aspirations are not on the same page. They soon will.

Because Boris’ deal isn’t a meaningful or true Brexit in the genuine sense, there are others who will not support the Conservatives in this Election, simply because after all we have been through since May came to power, this deal will not deliver the purists Brexit that those who believe in the power of democracy know should have always been Boris’ primary aim.

Those who believe in Brexit – either because they always have done, or because they simply believe in democracy – are not of one simple demographic.

The Leave Constituency is today more or less divided into three.

The Heads.

The Hearts.

The Leavers who will back whoever they believe most likely to deliver the Brexit that they aspire to.

And the problem that the Prime Minister now has as he stares down the barrel of this Leave vs Remain General Election, is that at this stage, he is betting the outcome on the misplaced belief that all Leavers will now support his plan and Vote Conservative on the 12th of December just the same.

They won’t.

And as the Election Campaign wears on, the spotlight will not only broaden to other issues that are of wider public concern. The differences between what Boris calls Brexit and what Brexit actually is, is likely to be brought heavily into focus with the differences opened up to scrutiny and for all Leavers to see.

On Election Day, the Heads will Vote Tory, because that what logic tells us they will do.

The Hearts will Vote Brexit Party, because it will to them be the honest and sincere choice.

The floating Leavers who Boris is already counting as in the bag, will almost certainly move in between.

With the prospect of the Leave Vote being split between 2 or perhaps even 3 Candidates across a great number of key Constituencies, there is a substantial risk that the Policy on Brexit that Boris has so far adopted will energise the Brexit Party as an alternative and polarise votes within the Vote.

At best, this could lead to the Parliamentary numbers looking almost identical to how they do today.

At their worst, it could allow a Labour majority or Labour-led Coalition into power which will very quickly leave People wishing that things actually had remained the same.

By taking the approach that he has so far, Boris has demonstrated that to him, politics is still the same as it always has been.

Taking this approach is not how he will deliver a meaningful Brexit. It’s certainly not the way that he will ultimately win.

To go forward and gain the numbers in Parliament that he must surely now want, Boris must accept that the only way to defuse the prospect of a split Vote is to bring Leave Voters together and remove any choice that currently lurks in between,

The only way to do this is to work with the Brexit Party to secure this General Election Vote and with it the working majority in Parliament that not only he, but the whole Country needs.

No matter how unpalatable it might feel to him or to other Tories by working with the Brexit Party and forming an Electoral Pact, doing so is not only necessary, it is the only way that as a Tory Prime Minister Boris will be able to secure the Votes necessary to deliver a meaningful Brexit and the legacy by which he clearly hopes his tenure in No10 will be defined.

Some of us are very uncomfortable with the idea of the Brexit Party gaining any responsibility or influence on Government in any form.

But to focus on sidelining the Brexit Party as the overriding issue is neglectful not only of where the politic dynamic now is. It ignores the changing terrain in British Politics which is running away from political tribalism and now seeks to put the People back at the centre of politics and make all of us together the only focus and the only cause.

The political runes are now laid out on the table in plain sight for us all to see.

Boris just has to decide whether he wants Leavers to become one, united behind him, or to watch a very different outcome for this Country unfold as he blithely encourages them to stay divided as three.




So the General Election is ON. But have any of the pennies dropped with our would-be leaders?

So with Jeremy Corbyn now having stepped in front of a camera and said that Labour is now ready to fight a General Election, it appears the game is definitely on.

But will there be any clear blue water from any of the Political Parties from what we have had already?

Regrettably, the answer is probably not.

As I wrote in my blog earlier today, Boris has a final chance now to depart from the pathway he has been taking over recent weeks – and to genuinely do the right thing. His WAB isn’t it, and whether it was always part of the strategy to get here or whether desperate circumstances have led to the same place, the fact that it is off the table and hasn’t been agreed, is, right now a very good thing.

Boris now has a choice. He can fight the General Election based on adoption and implementation of the WAB – and risk stalemate and the return of another hung parliament or worse as the Leave Vote divides between the Tories, The Brexits and the UKIPs. Or he can sue for peace, commit to a clean, no deal Brexit and get an Electoral Pact in place which might mean working with some Brexit MPs in the next Parliament, but will mean he has the numbers to deliver the Brexit that he said he actually would.

It is only in the case of the Tories working with the Brexit Party that anything really different can possibly come from this General Election.

The Labour Party, Liberal Democrats and SNP are all going to stick rigidly to form.

Labour are obsessed with power at any cost and will tell the public anything to get there.

The Liberal Democrats want to dissolve all talk of ever Leaving the EU and with it, democracy by default.

The SNP will do anything to facilitate the Independence of Scotland, simply so they can assume what they believe to be even more power by being seen to be ‘in charge’.

All this adds up to the reality that right now, with no signal that anything is going to be any different to what we have come to see as bing normal, its not going to matter what happens in this Election, because the fools in charge are going to continue behaving afterwards exactly the same way as they did before it.

This Country deserves so much more.



Boris has one last chance to secure the Exit from the EU that the UK Voted for: Forget the bogus deal and campaign in the General Election for a clean Brexit

With the shenanigans that have been taking place in Westminster now over many months, there is still a part of me – deep down – that questions whether even now, as Boris drops the WAB in a ‘last ditch attempt’ to secure a General Election in December – all of this is part of a very well thought out plan.

The question will probably settled once and for good by what happens next.

Whilst many are, nobody should be under any illusion that the WAB equates to or is the same thing as a proper Brexit, clean Brexit, no deal Brexit, or indeed the Brexit that the British People Voted for on 23rd June 2016.

It is not.

Yes, arguments can be made that the WAB provides a way out of the EU.

But ways out – when it comes to agreements of such magnitude like these, MUST be considered in the full context of what and more importantly who is actually involved.

They must not leave any outcome upon which people are depending to be left to the influence or at the whim of others at some future date.

Without the security of having the unhindered, unilateral ability to walk away from this so-called agreement with the EU at any time, this miss-mash of yet more passing the buck to someone else on another day to make it that other person’s problem is the fundamental basis upon which Boris’ deal has been laid.

It’s a dubious move that if genuine, represents all thats wrong with the way Government works in this Country and the way that politics has been used to play the electorate over recent decades. It led to Brexit itself, and with it what we are now experiencing as the destruction of our democracy.

If Boris continues with the WAB voluntarily once a General Election has been called, it is likely to be his downfall.

It will demonstrate his disdain for detail and the realities of British life whilst illustrating the EU-loving credentials of yet another Prime Minister for all to see.

Doing so will almost certainly mean that at best we have another hung Parliament after the Election, or at worst, there will be one led by a Marxist in power by Christmas.

The real and in all likelihood final opportunity – if Boris succeeds in securing the December General Election – will be for him to cut right through the middle of everything and go for the clean-break, no-deal Brexit that we had all hoped he had really arrived in No10 to deliver back in July.

By securing a General Election right now, without the bogus deal being agreed, Boris can win a General Election and secure the working majority that is needed in Parliament to deliver a meaningful Brexit.

But Boris will only win that General Election and secure the working majority that he needs by unequivocally making a real no deal Brexit his assured and only aim.

Boris must unite the Leave Vote if he is to prevent the Vote being split in far too many Constituencies for there to be any comfort for him involved.

To do this, Boris must ensure that every Constituency only has one identifiable Brexiteer Candidate on the Ballot Paper.

The process of doing so requires acknowledgement that the three demographic parts of the Leave constituency will always at best be split between the Conservatives and the Brexit Party – if the two separate entities are there as a choice on the day.

The heads will vote conservative.

The hearts will vote for the Brexit Party.

The floating Leavers in between, will vote on Election Day, for what they believe will at that point turn out to be the winning team.

It’s only be being united and working together that a General Election win for Brexit can readily be assured.

So Boris’ working ‘Brexit’ majority will be dependent upon other Brexit-orientated Parties agreeing a pact with him or otherwise simply stepping aside.

They are not going to do this if the WAB or anything that resembles it in the Conservative Manifesto is involved.

It’s time for some humility and real leadership from Boris and the recognition that it’s only a clean-break, no deal Brexit that will remove all the problems in the next Parliament that he is experiencing right now.

How he plays it now is purely down to his own personal choice. But it a game that could result in significant costs for us all.



This Parliament is a ship of fools, focused only on their own future

I’ve lost count how many time I have read a Tweet or short update on Facebook that has openly demonstrated the breakdown of our system of Government and shown just how poor and self-interested the people who populate our Parliament now are.

Name calling, lies, story-telling, myths, fiction and just about every form of fake news you could imagine is pretty much all we now see dripping from their lips.

And this is not just one Party. Its not the Conservatives, the Brevets, the Greens, Labour, the Lib Dems, the SNP.


We elect others to represent us in parliament on the understanding that they will do the research, the thinking, the discussion, the debate and the decision making ON OUR BEHALF that we will not.

Yet the MPs that we have today are doing nothing like this or indeed any such thing.

This Parliament is filled with the self-interested. And with it the politics of fear, greed and hate now rule the day.

The MPs that we have are intoxicated by their own power and have no relationship with the truth in any way. They have neither concept nor understanding of what their responsibilities require or involve.

They see everything in terms of their own position, how it will effect them and what the impact on their own personal future will be from everything they do with their office.

These MPs are nothing but fools, sailing on a doomed ship. Drawn on to the rocks of the EU, by hollow calls of warning, threat and disaster from sirens who are cast in their own image and of their own making.

We don’t know how long they and the Parties that propagate them will remain in power.

But of one thing we can be sure.

Sooner or later these charlatans are going and going for good.

And when they do so, only then will there be a chance for real democracy in this Country to be restored.

A General Election is the only realistic step forward. Whether or not it will change anything is an entirely different question with Boris’ ‘deal’ as it is

Our Politicians today like to follow a script. They don’t do ‘original’ thinking. That’s why MPs + Brexit = such a fucking mess.

Whilst everything going on in Westminster today resembles the actions of a pantomime cast at a Christmas Party where the punch was spiked, the reality is that at almost every single twist and turn of everything that has happened since June 2016, the MPs that we currently have, have had a range of different, alternative and yes, better choices that they have simply decided not to take.

Of this number, the most notable wrong choices have been made by Theresa May and now by Boris Johnson too.

The problem with this political class and the whole culture that envelopes it, is that the politicians who have developed within and now inhabit it are simply too used to saying, doing or acting in any way necessary to get what they want. They do so, believing they only need to be seen to be doing the right thing.

Theresa May clearly thought that as Prime Minister she would ultimately get everyone to do what she wanted – just because it was her turn to be in that role.

Boris, sadly appears to be no different.

Whilst he could have taken things a very different way, he has ultimately decided to do exactly the same thing and sell out to the EU – even if he isn’t aware thats what he is doing.

The only difference Between May and Johnson is his animal magic, or whatever this form of malevolent fairy dust it is that he possesses and is sprinkling across everything he is touching. Boris has succeeded where May didn’t so far, simply by getting Leave MPs to see Remain as Brexit in a very different and seemingly convincing way.

Regrettably, Boris approach to Brexit leaves a General Election unlikely to deliver the result that we so desperately need and are now looking for.

Whether Conservative, Green, Labour, Liberal Democrat, Plaid or SNP, the MPs that represent each and all of these Political Parties today are now, by default, knowingly or otherwise, committed to forms of Brexit which are Remain with just another name.

It is therefore no small problem for this Country that whilst Boris has this current momentum behind him, he is unlikely to make any meaningful concessions to the Brexit Party – who are committed to the delivery of a clean Brexit – or send out an invitation that will bring them on board.

Yet without the Brexit Party, Boris is unlikely to score the working majority in Parliament especially if his deal is unpicked during the General Election Campaign.

And so the prospect of another minority Conservative Government, a minority Labour Government and either way, the Parliamentary stalemate continuing on after a General Election – just as it had before – remains very real indeed.


Get Brexit done – but don’t fall into the elephant trap of thinking Boris Johnson’s deal is it

One of the most surprising things over recent days has been the speed and apparent ease with which the MPs who we had been relying on as the policemen of the Brexit process have fallen in line behind Boris Johnson – it seems, simply, because he tells us that his deal and Brexit are the same thing.

Just for the purposes of clarity, Johnson’s deal is not Brexit.

So by all means, hashtag ‘lets get Brexit done’ as much as you like.

But don’t be under any illusion about what Brexit always was supposed to be (i.e. what the British People Voted for) and what Boris’ deal will mean it is.

They are simply not the same thing.

If we want anything like normality back and the type of Government we deserve in this Country, we need a General Election where none of these MPs or the existing Political Parties can stand again

Pretty much everyone is now awake to the reality that the MPs and the Politicians that we have in this Country will do anything they believe they can get away with.

Brexit was their opportunity to be different.

Instead they have used it as the beginning of their last stand.

What we can be sure of – now that Boris Johnson’s colours are tied to the mast and there for all to see – is there is simply no combined group of MPs in this Parliament today who are, as individuals, prepared to do whatever would be necessary – irrespective of risk or personal cost – to step up and do the right thing.

This is not how public or elected representatives should ever be.

With a Party System in place that now exists and operates in such a way that it has made entry to Parliament a closed shop for anyone who actually wants to represent other people in a meaningful way and with the integrity that is required, this Country is now facing a watershed moment that reflects on issues much deeper than the pantomime that is taking place in Westminster today – apparently just over Brexit.

This is now about our democracy, governance and how this Country is actually run.

The closed shop appearance of the system can easily lead anyone to believe that there is simply no way that the system can now be fixed.

The Politicians appear to have everything wrapped up and bolted shut in such a way that even The Brexit Party is just another caricature of a system that ensures that anyone elected to public office is destined to behave in exactly the same way as those who have gone before.

But it doesn’t have to be so.

Appearances can be deceiving. All it takes is for People to look at all of this, understand, accept and then to be brave enough to embrace the reality that there is a different way that won’t give us results that turn out to be just the same.

If we want Politicians who are ready and able to fix the problems that we have – whether it’s the climate crisis, housing crisis, poverty, the polarity of wealth, the failures of public services, our education system, Brexit and our relationship with the EU, or indeed our relationship with the rest of the world – we the People must be the ones who stand up, are brave and are ready to instigate and be that change.

The Politicians we have are the relics of this broken system. It is time for them to go.

To be the change that we want, need and deserve in the UK, these politicians need to be removed from their posts or at the very least be prevented from standing in an election ever again. And the Political Parties must be prevented from fielding any Candidates – as without change and reform of the Parties that monopolise the system and select them, these new politicians will surely be just the same when they have been elected as all those we have had before.

Just because there doesn’t appear to be a mechanism for this to happen doesn’t mean that it isn’t a situation that cannot or will not come.

If we do not open ourselves to the possibility of doing things a very different way and are not brave enough to take the risk necessary to be that difference too, we will only have ourselves to blame when this injustice simply continues on indefinitely whilst we all miss out in some way and some how end up getting the blame.


Gove threatens the DUP with the exit of Northern Ireland from the UK if they don’t support the same deal which makes it all but inevitable anyway

Never underestimate the ability of our current MPs to reach deeper into the depths of unscrupulousness in order to achieve their own aims.

Whilst none of the media outlets or MPs themselves are playing up the reality of the outcomes that would underpin the implementation of Boris’ deal, it is clear that the DUP have refused to back the Prime Minister in no small part because it will make it all but inevitable that Northern Ireland will break away and become part of the Irish Republic and by default, part of the EU.

It is with no small hint of irony then that Michael Gove appears to have been threatening that very same outcome, if the MPs from Northern Ireland do not fall in behind Boris’ Trojan Horse Brexit deal and vote it through all the same.

This is just one aspect of a deal that is nothing less than a complete sell out of Brexit. It’s Brexit in name only. It’s worse than May’s deal and worse than Remain.

And that we now have Cabinet Ministers attempting to push the only MPs in Parliament who are doing the right thing into being the turkeys that vote for Christmas just goes to show how seriously broken politics in this Country now is.

These MPs like Gove do not realise it yet, but the People of this Country are in despair.

As what was one of the worlds leading democracies, there is simply no way that things should have ever been able to get this bad.

But that’s what happens when you have people running the Country who prioritise themselves rather than all the needs of the People they represent – as they should be.

Could Bercow actually end up doing the right thing for the wrong reasons too?

Bercow 1Watching the disaster unfold which has been Boris turning out to have been not only as bad as Theresa May but also the same as all those MPs who have been so obsessed with Remain, is an exercise that has provided little in terms of comfort for those who love this Country. It certainly has not been any fun.

In recent days, all the hope that we few still had that Boris – for all the misgivings and warning flags that have flown – would turn out to the the shining knight on a white charger, have been well and truly dispelled.

Boris’ deal is no better than Theresa May’s. What is more, it is certainly worse than Remain.

Worse still, for whatever reason, whether its simply issue fatigue, stupidity, ignorance or just the reality that the People are getting very wise to their self-serving behaviour and are about ready to call time, MPs have been flocking to support Boris’ Trojan Horse Brexit – and now he’s had time to realise it will give him all he ever wanted, even Oliver Letwin has jumped on that same train.

The answer to the Brexit problem is not going to come whilst we still have any of these current MPs behind or indeed anywhere near the wheel. They are simply the wrong people to be undertaking such a responsible and public-minded role.

This means that whatever happens in the coming days, weeks and months, and whatever stunts these miscreant MPs pull, the real Brexit that the British People voted for is not going to be delivered anytime soon.

That however, doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be awake to the further damage that any of these MPs have the capacity to do to our democracy and to the Country or our future itself. For as long as they remain in power, they remain able to continue doing all then damage that they have done, they are doing and that they will continue to do.

If Boris’ deal were to be passed and implemented, the damage it will almost certainly do to the Union itself will be its destruction.

That is before we contemplate the reality that underpins what will be the continuance of shared alignment and rules – which under this so-called agreement would continue to be directed fully by the EU, simply because they will still hold all the trump cards that will prevent gutless politicians of the kind we have today from Leaving the EU as they were directed by the People in the European Referendum at any time.

Whilst Lewin has very quickly returned to his normal form, we may yet be able to look to one of the other destructors of democracy, who has done so much to destroy our Constitution already by misusing his power to do the wrong thing at every turn – simply because there is such an horrifically large ego involved.

Yes, as the Government contemplates going back to the Commons today with what is basically a request to re-run the Vote on Boris’ deal that should have concluded on Saturday, The Speaker himself could be the one key player left who could this time legitimately stop the Government from doing the wrong thing. Just because he wants to use his last days of power to gain more glory, he might actually adhere to the very conventions that he overridden so tirelessly previously, all for the wrong reasons, whilst doing the right thing.

If he does so, it may well turn out to be the case that with no small irony, we will look back and thank him for preventing the same National travesty from manifesting that he has himself done so much to facilitate and cause.

Let’s just hope that John Bercow keeps to his predicable form.

Letwin behaves like a complete tool most of the time. But for all the wrong reasons he might just have thrown the right spanner into the Brexit works

The Remain-collective-Opposition have had the monopoly on being the EU’s useful idiots for many months. That was until Boris cane back with a deal that may sound different to May’s version, but is a sell out just the same.

The glad handing emanating from Westminster over Boris’ apparent ‘achievement’ is very loud and has been coming at us from almost every direction.

With even the ERG Group on board, you will be forgiven for believing that Boris’ deal is – in Brexit terms – the real thing.

Boris’ deal isn’t Brexit.

Boris’ deal will not be Brexit.

It is now clear that Boris’ deal was never going to be Brexit.

And Boris’ deal is the straw that will finally break the camels back of democracy in this Country – that is if it should be put to a vote and it wins.

So as those who are not trying to short cut the requirements of the Brexit that the British People Voted for will know, we find ourselves in the rather strange position of being thankful that the Letwin Amendment has passed in Parliament on Saturday by 322 votes to 306.

Thankful becuase Remainers in their fervour to try and control Brexit so it can itself be stopped, may have taken the biggest step to stopping yet another so-called deal from going through that is Brexit in name only. One that is ironically no better, if not worse than Remain.

Most regrettably, Boris has now tied his true colours to the mast.

It is not what many of us had hoped.

Boris is not a genuine Leaver nor Brexiteer.

He does not adhere to the principles of democracy.

He is only looking for ways to shore up his own position and to secure the legacy that like May before him he now so desperately craves.

Boris is as bad as the rest of the MPs around him. He is not the agent of change and the herald of a new politics that we have been waiting for. Boris is the champion of the politics of old.

We do not know how things will progress or how events will unfold in the coming days and weeks ahead.

For however long we remain under the leadership of any of these selfish and self serving MPs, it would be better for us to stay at a Parliamentary standstill, rather than for either of these self-serving ‘sides’ to succeed in pushing through what will be a completely bogus Brexit deal – either way.

We will not have the Brexit that we voted for until we have a very different type and quality of politicians in power in this Country. We are now desperate for top-to-bottom reform.

Until we have it, it will surely be a good thing if any action that has will get us to the right place in the end takes place, even if the wrong reasons for the politicians doing so have been involved.

If MPs pass this Trojan Horse of a deal, it’s going to cost us a lot more than a Referendum to get out of it once we all wake up

article-2383977-0B66F6C300000578-983_310x466There is still a glimmer of hope that the ‘deal’ Boris has agreed with the EU was only a sprat to catch a mackerel. That it was only ever intended to be a device that would ultimately – by default – bring us to the no deal Brexit that the British People actually Voted for.

But with the big smiles and finger pointing covering the newspapers today – as if Boris now sees himself as latter day Kitchener, merely a century on – it must be said that the glimmer of hope is quickly diminishing with only 24 hours to the vote left in Parliament to go.

Whether its issue fatigue, fear, political expedience or simply an attempt to save their own necks and their jobs on the part of MPs, it looks increasingly like Boris might just get the majority necessary to take this Trojan Horse of a deal through, even if it is literally by just a couple of votes.

Whilst many commentators and members of the opinionati are playing up Boris’ result in negotiations with the EU and telling us that his deal is going to deliver Brexit – having gone a different way to May, the fact is that it isn’t any different in the sense that it still has the same fundamental flaws.

Boris’ deal will never allow the UK the trouble-free exit from the obligations to have agreements with the EU in place, without someone driven by their own agenda holding all the trump cards that are involved.

That in itself is travesty enough.

But there is more.

As I wrote on this Blog yesterday, there will be significant costs involved in the ‘UK’ Leaving this arrangement with the EU in the future. Costs that could extend well beyond anything that we would hope to imagine at this point – if it is passed into Law.

Whilst the self-serving politicians that we have today will hope that once ‘Brexit is done’, things will simply go back to being as they always seem to have been, with them and their kind continuing to run this Country without the political change and reform that we need, we are more likely to see the UK returning to the out-of-sight, out-of-mind process of ‘ever closer union’ with the EU, once the deal and transition process is complete.

I say this because they these politicians are not leaders. They will only ever continue to do anything and everything necessary to shore-up their position and make sure that they win the next vote.

Such pretenders shy away from real, hard decisions. The decisions that mean results and change for the better.

This shying away from responsibility can only mean one thing.

When we do have the political reform that is overdue and that many of us now know is coming to this Country, the miscreants who fill the benches in this Parliament today will have done nothing more this Saturday than to by-pass democracy and at the same time tie our future leaders hands.

The cost of Leaving this shoddy, hollow plan will almost certainly be the surrender of Northern Ireland, which this agreement effectively gifts to the EU and the Irish Republic, unless that is we continue to agree with all the things – now and in the future – that the EU wants – and we can be certain was always their plan.

But the cost could go further still.

With the EU still having just enough of a presence from the point that the dust from Boris Johnson’s deal settles, they will be able to continue drip drip dripping their very clever propaganda that the weak minded charlatans we have in Parliament today will pick up and chew like candy as they return to doing everything that Brexit stopped – the great UK silent giveaway.

We simply do not know what politicians who have shown they cannot be trusted will continue to giveaway behind closed doors.

That means that without the comfort of a relatively strait-forward exit device like Article 50 for this Country to use in future, the only way to reclaim UK Sovereignty and Independence – which is ours and in our hands to take back today – it could only then be regained by the UK fighting outside powers and yes, by going to war.

It is both beyond parody and very very sad indeed, that the people we have elected as politicians to represent us have reached the point where they are the best representatives that the EU ever had.

The only way to deliver Brexit was, is and will continue to be the way that the British People instructed Parliament and the Government to do so in 2016.

That was the democratic decision to Leave the EU without ties, obligations, both cleanly and without any form of Deal involved.

That option to Leave the EU remains on the table for at least the next 24 hours ahead. So we must hope that both the DUP and Remainers in Parliament stand firm.

Sometimes it is a most simple fact, that to get to the right place, we all have to take steps that at that point look very wrong.


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Back this ‘Brexit deal’ if you want to. But with these politicians and anymore like them in charge, we will soon look back and wonder what was different to simply staying in

This was supposed to be a day when we would all feel happy. When we could see that democracy was and will be delivered. When we knew that the first big steps had been take  to bring those who voted Leave or Remain back together. A time to finally feel happy for all of those who had been involved.

But its not. In fact it isn’t any such thing.

The ‘Brexit deal’ that Boris Johnson has come back with might look different to what Theresa May came back with, but ultimately it has all the right devices for unscrupulous politicians to progressively take the UK right back in.

Yes, it sounds out of kilter to even say this. But with the mechanisms in place within this plan that put political organisations in the driving seat over future negotiations and meaningful steps, the cost of the UK actually walking away from the EU in the future could at the very least be to abandon Northern Ireland, when keeping the UK together was always a key part of the long-term Brexit play.

The devices that have been agreed do not allow the trouble free exit at any time that should always have been any Prime Minister’s key requirement of a pre-departure deal, which itself should never have bene necessary if the politicians in charge had stepped off from the Referendum Result and done exactly as they had been told.

Without the ability to negotiate freely – and that means retaining the ability to simply walk away without any serious implications involved, politicians will now have their hands tied just enough to make the weak minded amongst them see the return of increasing and progressive alignment with the EU a more attractive option to what they will perceive only as the alternative risk when they are always looking for ways to look good for the papers, embracing their need to change things simply for the sake of change and being obsessed with sweeping away anything they consider to be old.

Of course there is little consideration of the question of Scottish Independence here too. And whilst many of us find Nicola Sturgeon to be little more than a walking cradle of antagonism and ambition, there is a reality at work that with the genie of Scottish devolution well-and-truly out of the bottle, sooner or later we will have to indulge a further Scottish Independence Referendum – which will raise serious questions then about two land borders if those who covet Independence in Scotland should then get their way.

This deal is a lousy package of measures that will only appear to break the Brexit logjam and deliver a real Brexit if Parliament were to Vote it through this coming Saturday.

At its very best it is the tool of choice that Boris and Dominic Cummings have used in the convoluted hope that they can still get a No Deal Brexit legitimately through.

However, I am now in no way feeling hopeful. Boris today looks like he is the spitting image of his Remain-obsessed predecessor Theresa May.


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The Brexit we voted for is now in the hands of the DUP and the MPs hellbent on Remain

Watching the news unfold this morning, it is important for anyone who believes in a genuine Brexit not to believe that the DUP are the villains of the peace here. We could already be in a situation here where Leaving the EU might rely on being saved by politicians from Northern Ireland and the MPs who are advocating Remain.

As I am writing, there is talk of white smoke in Brussels and rumours that an EU Official has confirmed that a deal has been done. 

What they haven’t said is whether the DUP are on board with it. There are questions about why the news is coming from the EU (who are not in any way above trying to bounce others into something) and we certainly don’t know if this is the same version being played up at 7 O’Clock this morning, whether there has been further concession or what kind of evolutions might have been involved.

If it turns out that this version is exactly the same, we must hope that the DUP stick to their guns over the reality of how much power this ridiculous plan would gift to Sinn Fein over the UK’s influence over the future of Northern Ireland.

The whole approach to dealing with the question of the Backstop and Northern Ireland employed here is in no way treating the whole UK as a single entity.

What it does do is much of any Irish Republican’s work for them by erecting what might be a slimmed-down border in the Irish Sea from May’s attempt at a deal – but is a border within the UK nonetheless.

It was always a risk for Boris to pin his colours to the mast of Leaving with or without a deal on October 31st – with the situation in Parliament as it is.

The reality that delivering Brexit in these circumstances was always going to be about playing the long game – which is exactly what the Remainers have done.

The rich irony in that is for those who believe that the UK should have the Brexit that the British People Voted for in 2016, it is their obsession with stopping Brexit of any kind in the coming days that might just ultimately ensure that we aren’t sold out by Boris and the bastard child of May’s Withdrawal Deal and that we finally get taken out of the EU properly by a government and leadership yet to come.


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No Boris, this isn’t taking back control on our terms. It’s just about winning with yours

So reality dawns on the Withdrawal Agreement that Boris and the EU have made. And like everything that has the stamp of the EU and it’s negotiators on it, there are multiple levels of bullshit involved.

The red lines on an agreement that is either the final deal or just the way that we finally open the door were always going to be that we could walk away from it cleanly without ties at any time, and that there would be no compromise of the integrity of the UK possible now or at any future time.

From the detail entering the public domain today, it appears increasingly clear that Boris has compromised on both.

We do not know if this fudge was always part of a grand plan that would make a no deal Brexit inevitable, simply because the terms would eventually be picked apart again and seen exactly for what they are – as was repeatedly the case with Mrs May’s.

But whether it was or it wasn’t, Boris is treating people on one side or the other as fools right now, precisely at the time when People wanted change and a new kind of leadership from the new Prime Minister- not for things to remain just the same.

All will soon be forgotten if we end up Leaving the EU without a deal and cleanly on October the 31st. But the fact is that Boris seems to be playing a very dangerous game with the future of this Country when the deck is almost entirely stacked against him and he has such a limited level of control.

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200 days since we were scheduled to Leave the EU and today nothing looks any different to how it did before

Yes, believe it or not, as we watch intently for word that Boris and the EU have a deal, whilst listening if his promise that we will Leave the EU on Halloween will be broken, the benchmark has been reached of two hundred days since we should have already left.

Whilst observers from the Brexit side of the Leave vs Remain argument have become increasingly concentred over recent days over the direction things have been going and what is actually about to come, some of us still hope that Boris will come through the middle of all the red flags and warning bells and deliver a meaningful Brexit – or a defined pathway to it – and in so doing immediately dispel all of our concerns.

The big problem is that we have been here too many times already before. Nothing looks any different. It looks like our politicians are again on the verge of attempting to sell us out.

And with the DUP and the ERG making noises that are beginning to sound all too familiar and of the and we repeatedly heard under the tenure of Mrs May, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, the messages coming in every direction tell us that on 31st October we will be in exactly the same place as we are now and as we were 200 days before today.

May’s Withdrawal Agreement was dreadful because it was not what we voted for. Selling it differently won’t make it any better

In amongst all the rampant optimism and the idea that Boris is about to get the deal the nobody else possibly could, there are alarm bells ringing for many of us about how this is all likely to unfold.

Whilst there must be a strong dose of reality for all about what will distinguish anything that Boris delivers from that which was tabled by Theresa May, it would be fair to say that there is growing concern that whatever Boris has done will end up with the same old backstop simply called something different, whilst also selling  out Northern Ireland along the way.

Brexit did not cause the problems that we are now experiencing in Parliament and with our system of democracy. This is all about the quality and motivation of the politicians involved.

We hoped and still cling to it, that Boris is different and can demonstrate that politics can be used for the better in this Country – unlike Mrs May.

Theresa Mays deal was flawed from the start, simply because it was created from the standpoint of Remain, by politicians who have found it all too easy to manipulate the public by playing the long game, telling us one thing on one day, delivering something completely different the next and then insisting that they are exactly the same.

The devil is always in the detail. And as history in dealmaking with the EU had already shown us, the politicians who are committed to the EU project previously found it very easy to tell us that Agreements and Treaties would result in very different outcomes. And they succeeded because even our MPs didn’t bother reading the details and working out what in writing they actually say.

May’s Withdrawal Agreement could have succeeded in getting through, if it was not intended to deliver on the outcome of a democratic plebiscite which would bring any attempt to change the outcome to immediate public view – no matter how clever the wording was.

May’s deal was flawed and ultimately failed not because so many of our current MPs will vote down anything that threatens their so-called jobs. But because it failed to deliver a clean, no deal Brexit either immediately or in the long term, following on from any process that it might then be necessary to involve.

Today, even after all this time since the Brexit Vote was delivered, we might well be on the verge of being handed another so-called Brexit with different wrapping and a few tweaks to the detail here and there. What ultimately sounds like it will be Brexit in name only – and therefore a Withdrawal Agreement that is in principle no different – even if the words and the salesman in charge do not appear to be the same.

Boris’ real opportunity when he became Prime Minister was to be a different kind of leader to the ones who have already been in No10.

He might be screwed by the situation he inherited from May right now, but challenges like these are what would make the grand statesman that he wishes to be remembered as. So if he still wants that glory, he needs to very quickly begin opening some different doors.

Whether it takes weeks, months, years or until June 2022 to finally get one, it was already in July and today remains the case that only a General Election has the potential to give Boris the Parliamentary numbers necessary to deliver and maintain the Brexit that the British People Voted for.

It doesn’t matter how much the Remain-collective-opposition and the Remain obsessives protest. You cannot simply erase the existence of an historical democratic event of the magnitude of Brexit by telling the People who voted that you are delivering it in words, whilst with actions and on paper you are doing an entirely different thing.

Here’s hoping Boris actually gets it right.

The political landscape in this Country must now be wiped clean

Many of our MPs talk about Brexit as if it is the cause of all the problems that we are experiencing today.

They should know better.

Self interest has been the driving force in British Politics for many years and probably decades too.

The Political Party system has developed around it and to all intents and purposes the three main Political Parties hold a virtual monopoly on access to Parliamentary seats, holding the keys to what has become a closed shop.

The Political Parties are set up and have been developed to propagate and maintain their own existence. They are there for nothing more.

They do this by religiously recruiting candidates in their own image. People who conform to their ideologies and ideals. People who are ruthlessly ambitious but do not possess independence of thought or the obvious ability to rock the boat. The system removes them as soon as they do.

The products of this enclosed political ecosystem have now began to reach the top. With the tenure of Theresa May and David Cameron already gone before, we are now witnessing in real time what happens when careerist politicians take over the reigns of government, when they have no knowledge or understanding of anything meaningful in the world beyond Westminster and what it takes to ‘get on’.

Brexit was the symptom of this broken political system.

It was not the cause.

Brexit was the act of lifting the stone which had been covering up everything that is wrong with British Politics. It exposed all of the crap and brought the creepy crawlies to sunlight. Brexit has opened up and shown the rot and disease that infests Westminster and Government to us all.

What has become clear after 3 years of this dreadful malaise is that we have never needed change in politics more than we do right now.

But with this broken, self-perpetuating system still in place, even if we have a General Election and have new MPs elected to Parliament, they will simply turn out to be worse than the representation we have now or at best exactly the same.

Just because we cannot see a way for politics and the way we are governed to change, it doesn’t mean that the system can’t change or that it wont.

Yet because change doesn’t seem possible, the MPs who have seemingly barricaded themselves in Parliament and refuse a General Election that would only be a first step the process of removing them feel indestructible, immovable and in all likelihood invincible too. All because of what they see to be a lack of other options or a choice in the way we are a governed when they believe only those who govern can control reform.

There is no doubt that the only way this Country can move forward now to embrace our future will be for the whole of the political system to be cleansed and completely wiped clean.

The existing Political Parties – whether Conservative, Brexit Party, DUP, Green, Labour, Liberal Democrat, Plaid or SNP – are not capable of driving and delivering the necessary reform of the British Political System and giving us the change that we need.

Indeed, rather than improving their behaviour and actions in response to what has been happening since the Brexit Vote began to bring all of this hideousness to light, the behaviour of MPs and politicians is simply getting worse.

These MPs are creating the perfect ground and fertile environment for a revolution or coup.

Yet there is nobody behind the wheel of the change that we cannot yet see, but is nonetheless crossing the horizon. Change that could as easily lead to a dictatorship in this country, as it could to government in a different form.

Dictatorships seldom turn out well for everyone. Few if any dictators can stay on message once the power they have suddenly found themselves with has gone to their head.

The best thing would be for us to create a new movement for change whilst we still have time to use the opportunity to do so.

A new approach to politics in this Country that reaches from the Left of politics to the Right. Carries those who supported Leave and Remain. But above all appreciates that quality of life and opportunity for the poorest is the benchmark upon which we should measure our success, not simply the generation of material and financial wealth.

The Brexit Catch 22 illustrates the point Of how bad things really have become only too well.

We won’t have a real Government until we have Brexit and Brexit won’t be delivered until we have a real Government.

We cannot continue with MPs who have such poor moral standards and questionable motives running this Country, whilst preventing politicians coming forward who have the ability and will to actually do something good.

To move forward, the political landscape in this Country must be reformed and all those damaging it must be removed.

The only question now is where the reform will begin?