200 days since we were scheduled to Leave the EU and today nothing looks any different to how it did before

Yes, believe it or not, as we watch intently for word that Boris and the EU have a deal, whilst listening if his promise that we will Leave the EU on Halloween will be broken, the benchmark has been reached of two hundred days since we should have already left.

Whilst observers from the Brexit side of the Leave vs Remain argument have become increasingly concentred over recent days over the direction things have been going and what is actually about to come, some of us still hope that Boris will come through the middle of all the red flags and warning bells and deliver a meaningful Brexit – or a defined pathway to it – and in so doing immediately dispel all of our concerns.

The big problem is that we have been here too many times already before. Nothing looks any different. It looks like our politicians are again on the verge of attempting to sell us out.

And with the DUP and the ERG making noises that are beginning to sound all too familiar and of the and we repeatedly heard under the tenure of Mrs May, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, the messages coming in every direction tell us that on 31st October we will be in exactly the same place as we are now and as we were 200 days before today.


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