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Back this ‘Brexit deal’ if you want to. But with these politicians and anymore like them in charge, we will soon look back and wonder what was different to simply staying in

October 17, 2019 1 comment

This was supposed to be a day when we would all feel happy. When we could see that democracy was and will be delivered. When we knew that the first big steps had been take  to bring those who voted Leave or Remain back together. A time to finally feel happy for all of those who had been involved.

But its not. In fact it isn’t any such thing.

The ‘Brexit deal’ that Boris Johnson has come back with might look different to what Theresa May came back with, but ultimately it has all the right devices for unscrupulous politicians to progressively take the UK right back in.

Yes, it sounds out of kilter to even say this. But with the mechanisms in place within this plan that put political organisations in the driving seat over future negotiations and meaningful steps, the cost of the UK actually walking away from the EU in the future could at the very least be to abandon Northern Ireland, when keeping the UK together was always a key part of the long-term Brexit play.

The devices that have been agreed do not allow the trouble free exit at any time that should always have been any Prime Minister’s key requirement of a pre-departure deal, which itself should never have bene necessary if the politicians in charge had stepped off from the Referendum Result and done exactly as they had been told.

Without the ability to negotiate freely – and that means retaining the ability to simply walk away without any serious implications involved, politicians will now have their hands tied just enough to make the weak minded amongst them see the return of increasing and progressive alignment with the EU a more attractive option to what they will perceive only as the alternative risk when they are always looking for ways to look good for the papers, embracing their need to change things simply for the sake of change and being obsessed with sweeping away anything they consider to be old.

Of course there is little consideration of the question of Scottish Independence here too. And whilst many of us find Nicola Sturgeon to be little more than a walking cradle of antagonism and ambition, there is a reality at work that with the genie of Scottish devolution well-and-truly out of the bottle, sooner or later we will have to indulge a further Scottish Independence Referendum – which will raise serious questions then about two land borders if those who covet Independence in Scotland should then get their way.

This deal is a lousy package of measures that will only appear to break the Brexit logjam and deliver a real Brexit if Parliament were to Vote it through this coming Saturday.

At its very best it is the tool of choice that Boris and Dominic Cummings have used in the convoluted hope that they can still get a No Deal Brexit legitimately through.

However, I am now in no way feeling hopeful. Boris today looks like he is the spitting image of his Remain-obsessed predecessor Theresa May.


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