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The Brexit we voted for is now in the hands of the DUP and the MPs hellbent on Remain

Watching the news unfold this morning, it is important for anyone who believes in a genuine Brexit not to believe that the DUP are the villains of the peace here. We could already be in a situation here where Leaving the EU might rely on being saved by politicians from Northern Ireland and the MPs who are advocating Remain.

As I am writing, there is talk of white smoke in Brussels and rumours that an EU Official has confirmed that a deal has been done. 

What they haven’t said is whether the DUP are on board with it. There are questions about why the news is coming from the EU (who are not in any way above trying to bounce others into something) and we certainly don’t know if this is the same version being played up at 7 O’Clock this morning, whether there has been further concession or what kind of evolutions might have been involved.

If it turns out that this version is exactly the same, we must hope that the DUP stick to their guns over the reality of how much power this ridiculous plan would gift to Sinn Fein over the UK’s influence over the future of Northern Ireland.

The whole approach to dealing with the question of the Backstop and Northern Ireland employed here is in no way treating the whole UK as a single entity.

What it does do is much of any Irish Republican’s work for them by erecting what might be a slimmed-down border in the Irish Sea from May’s attempt at a deal – but is a border within the UK nonetheless.

It was always a risk for Boris to pin his colours to the mast of Leaving with or without a deal on October 31st – with the situation in Parliament as it is.

The reality that delivering Brexit in these circumstances was always going to be about playing the long game – which is exactly what the Remainers have done.

The rich irony in that is for those who believe that the UK should have the Brexit that the British People Voted for in 2016, it is their obsession with stopping Brexit of any kind in the coming days that might just ultimately ensure that we aren’t sold out by Boris and the bastard child of May’s Withdrawal Deal and that we finally get taken out of the EU properly by a government and leadership yet to come.


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