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If MPs pass this Trojan Horse of a deal, it’s going to cost us a lot more than a Referendum to get out of it once we all wake up

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article-2383977-0B66F6C300000578-983_310x466There is still a glimmer of hope that the ‘deal’ Boris has agreed with the EU was only a sprat to catch a mackerel. That it was only ever intended to be a device that would ultimately – by default – bring us to the no deal Brexit that the British People actually Voted for.

But with the big smiles and finger pointing covering the newspapers today – as if Boris now sees himself as latter day Kitchener, merely a century on – it must be said that the glimmer of hope is quickly diminishing with only 24 hours to the vote left in Parliament to go.

Whether its issue fatigue, fear, political expedience or simply an attempt to save their own necks and their jobs on the part of MPs, it looks increasingly like Boris might just get the majority necessary to take this Trojan Horse of a deal through, even if it is literally by just a couple of votes.

Whilst many commentators and members of the opinionati are playing up Boris’ result in negotiations with the EU and telling us that his deal is going to deliver Brexit – having gone a different way to May, the fact is that it isn’t any different in the sense that it still has the same fundamental flaws.

Boris’ deal will never allow the UK the trouble-free exit from the obligations to have agreements with the EU in place, without someone driven by their own agenda holding all the trump cards that are involved.

That in itself is travesty enough.

But there is more.

As I wrote on this Blog yesterday, there will be significant costs involved in the ‘UK’ Leaving this arrangement with the EU in the future. Costs that could extend well beyond anything that we would hope to imagine at this point – if it is passed into Law.

Whilst the self-serving politicians that we have today will hope that once ‘Brexit is done’, things will simply go back to being as they always seem to have been, with them and their kind continuing to run this Country without the political change and reform that we need, we are more likely to see the UK returning to the out-of-sight, out-of-mind process of ‘ever closer union’ with the EU, once the deal and transition process is complete.

I say this because they these politicians are not leaders. They will only ever continue to do anything and everything necessary to shore-up their position and make sure that they win the next vote.

Such pretenders shy away from real, hard decisions. The decisions that mean results and change for the better.

This shying away from responsibility can only mean one thing.

When we do have the political reform that is overdue and that many of us now know is coming to this Country, the miscreants who fill the benches in this Parliament today will have done nothing more this Saturday than to by-pass democracy and at the same time tie our future leaders hands.

The cost of Leaving this shoddy, hollow plan will almost certainly be the surrender of Northern Ireland, which this agreement effectively gifts to the EU and the Irish Republic, unless that is we continue to agree with all the things – now and in the future – that the EU wants – and we can be certain was always their plan.

But the cost could go further still.

With the EU still having just enough of a presence from the point that the dust from Boris Johnson’s deal settles, they will be able to continue drip drip dripping their very clever propaganda that the weak minded charlatans we have in Parliament today will pick up and chew like candy as they return to doing everything that Brexit stopped – the great UK silent giveaway.

We simply do not know what politicians who have shown they cannot be trusted will continue to giveaway behind closed doors.

That means that without the comfort of a relatively strait-forward exit device like Article 50 for this Country to use in future, the only way to reclaim UK Sovereignty and Independence – which is ours and in our hands to take back today – it could only then be regained by the UK fighting outside powers and yes, by going to war.

It is both beyond parody and very very sad indeed, that the people we have elected as politicians to represent us have reached the point where they are the best representatives that the EU ever had.

The only way to deliver Brexit was, is and will continue to be the way that the British People instructed Parliament and the Government to do so in 2016.

That was the democratic decision to Leave the EU without ties, obligations, both cleanly and without any form of Deal involved.

That option to Leave the EU remains on the table for at least the next 24 hours ahead. So we must hope that both the DUP and Remainers in Parliament stand firm.

Sometimes it is a most simple fact, that to get to the right place, we all have to take steps that at that point look very wrong.


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Liberals, socialists, conservatives… you MPs call yourself whatever you want. Your ideas do nothing for anyone other than yourselves whilst you masquerade as public representatives who give a shit

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One of the most startling things that the chaos our MPs causing has brought to light, is not the difference between our elected politicians. It is the utterly wrong way in which they increasingly all look exactly the same.

The rights, wrongs and merits of all the political philosophies is a debate that is blind alley for anyone seeking the best ways to help others – except those who have an interest in finding excuses not to get along.

In any normal part of life behaviour of this kind would be bad enough. But for it to be the de facto approach of all sides in politics today tells us just how badly things have really gone wrong.

The people we have elected to represent us and our best interests hide behind ideas such as Marxism, Neo-Liberalism and any seemingly abstract idea they can affix an anchor to that creates the perception of legitimacy. It provides a veil of credibility and suggests they are driven by values and some kind of greater cause.

The problem is that political philosophies are always flawed.

They are based on historical experience and viewpoints.

They are out of date as soon as they are on paper and certainly long before anyone could look at them and call them old.

Their real purpose today is as a device behind which MPs masquerading as politicians who give a shit about the People who elected them can hide their real motivation and purpose for getting elected – their rampant self interest and doing everything they can for themselves.

Politicians who are committed to doing the right thing and delivering something better for the People who elected them don’t need political philosophies to guide them if they are genuine with their will to get things done.

They simply need ears to listen, just as they need eyes to see. Accompanied by the thoughtfulness and motivation necessary to look through all risk and fear, to avoid the siren calls of opinion and to takes whatever steps and to do everything necessary in order to get the job done.

These are qualities and an approach that will not simply arrive by reading a book. Politicians will never deliver meaningful change by anchoring themselves to any anachronistic world view.

In fact, by trying to impose methods that have worked previously in what are very different experiences and times, these politicians of the old order are attempting to remedy todays problems by using the solutions to yesterdays political crimes which were in fact themselves the cause.

It doesn’t matter what label these politicians use to name something they do. If it doesn’t serve everyones purpose, the results will always end up being the same. 

Liberalism doesn’t work because it functions by being illiberal.

Socialism doesn’t work because no matter how idealistic we are, each of us has an intrinsic capitalist that thrives on aspiration and reward on board.

Even capitalism in its purest sense doesn’t work, and it doesn’t even attempt the effort to impose a system of morality and ethics that guide people to use responsibility the right way as at very least the other broken outlooks do.

None of these politicians have the understanding and wherewithal to appreciate and value taking steps to guide everyone appropriately is exactly what good government should be there for.

Politicians have wrapped themselves in a cloak of propriety, offered by stories told in the days of the politics of old whilst they remain blissfully unaware that everything outside of their Westminster bubble is going wrong.

These idealistic ideas and ideologies are nothing but nonsense to those who know their value. But they have the potential to cause catastrophe – and do so too, for everyone else outside the political sphere of influence when they are revered as tools and placed in idiots hands.

The only way that we can now begin to solve all the problems that this Country and the World beyond our borders has is to do away with affiliations and loyalties to broken ideas such as the only god is money.

We need to be led by politicians who will always remember that our relationships with EVERYBODY should be public policy’s underlying cause.

This will not happen with the Politicians and the Party Political System that we have now.

We the People of the UK must find a new and better way to do politics. So that the issues that are important to and on behalf of us all can be tackled, addressed and politics itself is only used constructively and for the purpose it was intended for – as the means and not the end.

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