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Get Brexit done – but don’t fall into the elephant trap of thinking Boris Johnson’s deal is it

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One of the most surprising things over recent days has been the speed and apparent ease with which the MPs who we had been relying on as the policemen of the Brexit process have fallen in line behind Boris Johnson – it seems, simply, because he tells us that his deal and Brexit are the same thing.

Just for the purposes of clarity, Johnson’s deal is not Brexit.

So by all means, hashtag ‘lets get Brexit done’ as much as you like.

But don’t be under any illusion about what Brexit always was supposed to be (i.e. what the British People Voted for) and what Boris’ deal will mean it is.

They are simply not the same thing.

If we want anything like normality back and the type of Government we deserve in this Country, we need a General Election where none of these MPs or the existing Political Parties can stand again

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Pretty much everyone is now awake to the reality that the MPs and the Politicians that we have in this Country will do anything they believe they can get away with.

Brexit was their opportunity to be different.

Instead they have used it as the beginning of their last stand.

What we can be sure of – now that Boris Johnson’s colours are tied to the mast and there for all to see – is there is simply no combined group of MPs in this Parliament today who are, as individuals, prepared to do whatever would be necessary – irrespective of risk or personal cost – to step up and do the right thing.

This is not how public or elected representatives should ever be.

With a Party System in place that now exists and operates in such a way that it has made entry to Parliament a closed shop for anyone who actually wants to represent other people in a meaningful way and with the integrity that is required, this Country is now facing a watershed moment that reflects on issues much deeper than the pantomime that is taking place in Westminster today – apparently just over Brexit.

This is now about our democracy, governance and how this Country is actually run.

The closed shop appearance of the system can easily lead anyone to believe that there is simply no way that the system can now be fixed.

The Politicians appear to have everything wrapped up and bolted shut in such a way that even The Brexit Party is just another caricature of a system that ensures that anyone elected to public office is destined to behave in exactly the same way as those who have gone before.

But it doesn’t have to be so.

Appearances can be deceiving. All it takes is for People to look at all of this, understand, accept and then to be brave enough to embrace the reality that there is a different way that won’t give us results that turn out to be just the same.

If we want Politicians who are ready and able to fix the problems that we have – whether it’s the climate crisis, housing crisis, poverty, the polarity of wealth, the failures of public services, our education system, Brexit and our relationship with the EU, or indeed our relationship with the rest of the world – we the People must be the ones who stand up, are brave and are ready to instigate and be that change.

The Politicians we have are the relics of this broken system. It is time for them to go.

To be the change that we want, need and deserve in the UK, these politicians need to be removed from their posts or at the very least be prevented from standing in an election ever again. And the Political Parties must be prevented from fielding any Candidates – as without change and reform of the Parties that monopolise the system and select them, these new politicians will surely be just the same when they have been elected as all those we have had before.

Just because there doesn’t appear to be a mechanism for this to happen doesn’t mean that it isn’t a situation that cannot or will not come.

If we do not open ourselves to the possibility of doing things a very different way and are not brave enough to take the risk necessary to be that difference too, we will only have ourselves to blame when this injustice simply continues on indefinitely whilst we all miss out in some way and some how end up getting the blame.


Gove threatens the DUP with the exit of Northern Ireland from the UK if they don’t support the same deal which makes it all but inevitable anyway

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Never underestimate the ability of our current MPs to reach deeper into the depths of unscrupulousness in order to achieve their own aims.

Whilst none of the media outlets or MPs themselves are playing up the reality of the outcomes that would underpin the implementation of Boris’ deal, it is clear that the DUP have refused to back the Prime Minister in no small part because it will make it all but inevitable that Northern Ireland will break away and become part of the Irish Republic and by default, part of the EU.

It is with no small hint of irony then that Michael Gove appears to have been threatening that very same outcome, if the MPs from Northern Ireland do not fall in behind Boris’ Trojan Horse Brexit deal and vote it through all the same.

This is just one aspect of a deal that is nothing less than a complete sell out of Brexit. It’s Brexit in name only. It’s worse than May’s deal and worse than Remain.

And that we now have Cabinet Ministers attempting to push the only MPs in Parliament who are doing the right thing into being the turkeys that vote for Christmas just goes to show how seriously broken politics in this Country now is.

These MPs like Gove do not realise it yet, but the People of this Country are in despair.

As what was one of the worlds leading democracies, there is simply no way that things should have ever been able to get this bad.

But that’s what happens when you have people running the Country who prioritise themselves rather than all the needs of the People they represent – as they should be.

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