So the General Election is ON. But have any of the pennies dropped with our would-be leaders?

So with Jeremy Corbyn now having stepped in front of a camera and said that Labour is now ready to fight a General Election, it appears the game is definitely on.

But will there be any clear blue water from any of the Political Parties from what we have had already?

Regrettably, the answer is probably not.

As I wrote in my blog earlier today, Boris has a final chance now to depart from the pathway he has been taking over recent weeks – and to genuinely do the right thing. His WAB isn’t it, and whether it was always part of the strategy to get here or whether desperate circumstances have led to the same place, the fact that it is off the table and hasn’t been agreed, is, right now a very good thing.

Boris now has a choice. He can fight the General Election based on adoption and implementation of the WAB – and risk stalemate and the return of another hung parliament or worse as the Leave Vote divides between the Tories, The Brexits and the UKIPs. Or he can sue for peace, commit to a clean, no deal Brexit and get an Electoral Pact in place which might mean working with some Brexit MPs in the next Parliament, but will mean he has the numbers to deliver the Brexit that he said he actually would.

It is only in the case of the Tories working with the Brexit Party that anything really different can possibly come from this General Election.

The Labour Party, Liberal Democrats and SNP are all going to stick rigidly to form.

Labour are obsessed with power at any cost and will tell the public anything to get there.

The Liberal Democrats want to dissolve all talk of ever Leaving the EU and with it, democracy by default.

The SNP will do anything to facilitate the Independence of Scotland, simply so they can assume what they believe to be even more power by being seen to be ‘in charge’.

All this adds up to the reality that right now, with no signal that anything is going to be any different to what we have come to see as bing normal, its not going to matter what happens in this Election, because the fools in charge are going to continue behaving afterwards exactly the same way as they did before it.

This Country deserves so much more.




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