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Labour’s plan to impose yet more regulations on business that prioritise wages and employee conditions will help nobody – least of all the employees themselves

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GE2019aOne of the most regular topics that people bring up when we discuss politics is an inherent disbelief in the attraction of Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour Party for many younger people and others who seem to have become intoxicated by the socialist cause.

Sadly, calling people names or making a joke of their beliefs – however much you might question those beliefs yourself – doesn’t actually settle the issue. In fact it can be highly counterproductive and end up doing a lot of damage to your own cause.

Socialism is attractive to younger and idealistic people because everything it stands for is idealistic.

Young people are idealistic by nature, simply because the practicalities of life and reality have not yet got in the way.

There are also many adults who have also been hurt and felt pain from trying to live and make their way in a horrible world that offers very simple and obvious answers to what are actually very complex problems when they are looking around for someone to blame.

Labour and Jeremy Corbyn as their leader have, are and will continue – either by design or through ignorance of the practicalities of the world – to sell solutions to the problems we face that sound very attractive to those looking for the world to be the place that it should be, rather than accepting the world as the place that it actually is.

Idealism, by its nature, doesn’t deal with consequence.

Idealism is an easy tool for cynical politicians to use in their bid to secure power.

Idealism I’m politics peddles the myth that you can simply create perfect outcomes through legislation, whilst overlooking the real outcomes that are guaranteed to come from all the changes that would or will be involved.

One of the policy areas in which Labour have already began playing fast and loose with truth and reality in this General Election campaign, has been with their continuation of their attack on wage levels and zero hours contracts. All without any recognition of what the impact of their idealistic assault on wages would actually involve.

Let me be clear here before I continue. There is no doubt that people in the lowest paid jobs should earn enough – after the tax and contributions that each of us should fairly make – to feed, cloth and home themselves, transport themselves to wherever life requires that they need to be, and that they should be able to do all of this without having to go into any form of debt.

But that is not the result that we will experience from Labour playing politics in this way.

Yes. In this context, a promise to push up wages to a level that appears to reflect a living wage sounds like a great policy – particularly if you are one of the millions of employees currently on about £8 an hour, thinking about what an extra £2 an hour spread out over a week or month in your pay packet would involve.

But what it doesn’t tell you about is what the impact would be on the businesses who employee people who cannot immediately push up their prices to accommodate what would probably be the cost of around at least £100 per week or £433 per month per individual employee.

Most of the businesses involved and impacted by thoughtless policies like these would not be the commercial leviathans that Labour would have us all think.

They are the small and medium sized enterprises run by the self employed, families and perhaps a few partners that form the back bone of UK commercial enterprises.

Businesses that don’t have the impossibly large profit margins that these ignorant politicians think exist within every privately owned company and would in their minds eye make the rise in employee costs very simple to absorb.

The fallout for the businesses which this policy roll-out would impact the most would be the loss of jobs, perhaps even the closure of those very same businesses – whilst pushing all the business they lose or are then unable to service to the very companies that Labour want to destroy with their hate in the first place.

These reckless policies are akin to little more than putting a sticking plaster on a broken leg whilst doing nothing about the cause of the fall.

Yes, we desperately need a Government that can see and respond to the hardship and pain that People are really facing.

But Labour and their socialist idealism aren’t it.

The response from Government needs to be both appropriate and meaningful.

Getting wages to a level where the poorest can be self-sufficient in every way is a much bigger problem than simply paying people more today and then sitting back and watching the usual suspects raise the price of everything in only weeks and months ahead to the point where the wage earner will quickly wonder what or rather who the wage rise was actually for.

The harsh reality and truth underpinning all of our Political Parties today is that none of them are equipped with the policies, philosophy, understanding, motivation or direction to know what having the responsibility of being in government is really there for.

Problems like these are influenced and effected by, and influence and effect many more. They cannot be addressed in isolation and good politicians will appreciate that dealing with any and all of them requires so much more.

These problems will not be solved by clinging to any of the political tribalism or philosophies of the past.

They will not be addressed by the left or by the right and they are certainly not the preserve of the political centre.

In fact, the kind of government that will address and solve all the problems like these is not even on offer in this General Election today.

Until we have top-to-bottom reform of the political system and everything that exists within it, the injustice in our society is simply set to remain.

Boris COULD have taken the UK out of the EU today, but he chose to go his own way

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The General Election Campaign is already well underway and on day 2 – or 42 days until the Polls open, the egos are already puffing up in front of the cameras and the lies, myths and general economies with the truth are now in play with full force.

Of course, today is Halloween. The 31st of October 2019. The second date that we had waited months for and upon which the UK was supposed to Leave the EU.

But we haven’t.

And with the next date for Leaving the EU now set as 31st January 2020, the might of the Conservative political machine is being aimed at refuting any suggestion that Boris Johnson had any choice over the question of further delay, and that our current continuing position of what is beginning to feel like being in perpetual abeyance, was, has been and only ever will be the fault of those who want to frustrate Brexit and see the UK Remain.

Yes, in no small part, the ‘Remain Alliance’ does indeed take much of the responsibility for the position that the UK is now in.

But to say that Boris had absolutely no choice and that the decision over the UK Leaving the EU today was taken completely out of his hands is at best a betrayal of the truth and at worst an outright lie.

As we roll on through a process like Brexit, is is easy to overlook that what we are experiencing isn’t just one, but a whole series of different events. All of them interconnected. Any one of them with the potential to rewrite the pathway of everything that follows afterwards, just like the concept of the butterfly effect.

Whilst it seems like long-term history now, the reason that it is disingenuous of Boris and the spin doctors around him to suggest that there was no way to avoid a further Brexit deal, is that when the new Prime Minister took up his new Office in July, he could have chosen to go a very different way.

It is important not to overlook the difficulties and the challenges that Boris inherited from his predecessor Theresa May. Not least of all the hung Parliament constructed of a majority of MPs who have been, still are and after the General Election – if reelected – will be hellbent on Remaining in the EU.

But challenges aside, Boris’ choice was to either do the right thing, or to do all the things that he has done.

The right thing would have been to accept immediately on his appointment as Prime Minister that without a majority in Parliament of Brexit supporting MPs, he was never actually going to get Brexit done.

Yes, reaching out immediately to the Electorate would have been an imposing task for anyone at that point. But with the frustration, despair and downright anger with politicians, what politicians are and have been doing, and the clear absence of any majority in Parliament of MPs who simply want to do all the things that they should, the Electorate would have been a very fertile seed bed for new ideas, new energy, new direction – and above all, taking politics a new way.

By now, not only could Boris have reengaged a disenfranchised Electorate with a very new kind of inclusive and dynamic Manifesto, he could have actually held and won the General Election that any Prime Minister intent on delivering Brexit would have needed – and today we would have left the EU without any kind of binding deal and BREXIT WOULD HAVE BEEN DONE.

Instead, Boris chose to go his own way.

He didn’t look at the political terrain for all that it was and was likely to become.

He didn’t put the People and our Country first.

He chose to go pretty much the same way and create a Brexit in name only deal like May.

He has repeatedly taken what for him appears to be the easiest way.

And so today, on the day the UK should have left the EU, we still no nearer to achieving Brexit.

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